Reviews for The Legend of the Wandering Pair from Vault 101
B.E.A.T.N chapter 17 . 10/16
Sad to see Sergeant RL-3 not join the group... YET!
But it's nice to see him appear.
Like WadsWorth in the hospital. I'm just hoping we get to see Clover, Fawkes and Butch soon.
Also, smart move skipping Andale. One of the creepiest towns in video games ever.
I nearly teared up at the conversations between Lloyd and James. And oh boy, I'm excited to see what happens next with the Enclave. Until then, have a great day/night, and stay safe.
B.E.A.T.N chapter 16 . 10/16
Lloyd and Amata enter Tranquility Lane.
Lloyd is a ghost in the machine and uses Timmy as a vessel.
Also Awesome.
Lloyd confronting Braun and Old Lady Dithers pushing the failsafe.
Even more Awesome.
Lloyd finally sees his dad again.
Referencing Tron.
Shut up and take my money!
I continue to read an amazing story.
Have a great day/night, stay safe, and see ya soon!
B.E.A.T.N chapter 15 . 10/16
The huge battle against the Raiders, Talon and Super Mutants was a pure adrenaline rush!
And we finally get more character development for Jericho, when we finally meet his son, and the two of them work things out.
And Charon finally explaining his past and such was so emotional.
More of the Mysterious Stranger is always a win.
And now that Jericho has left the group, I'm wondering who will join up with them next? I'm hoping Clover joins, since I'd love to see your version of her. Anyway, thanks for another amazing chapter.
B.E.A.T.N chapter 14 . 10/15
Harkness is such a badass, and I'm surprised how much I enjoyed Lucy and Harkness as a couple. And how awesome the moments against the vampires and such were. And that twist, with their being two groups of blood suckers was such a cool deviation from the original storyline, and I was on the edge of my seat when Lloyd and the others got captured and rescued by their friend's and Vance. And the final moments with Vance and Malika were very interesting. I look forward to what comes next for Lloyd and his ever expanding group.
B.E.A.T.N chapter 13 . 10/14
A giant ant, A Thing reference, the return to Megaton, The Mysterious Stranger killing Sam Warrwick, and now we'll see Lucy's quest next chapter?
I'm excited!
Can't wait to read more!
B.E.A.T.N chapter 12 . 10/14
He he. Electric sheep. Also, I was NOT expecting the Enclave's plan to take Vault 101, the group arriving at Dukovs, the Fire Ants and such. The stakes keep rising, and I'm happy to be along for the ride.
B.E.A.T.N chapter 11 . 10/14
I'm amazed with how much you managed to pack into this chapter. Amata trying to get Diego and Ashely together, them finding out about Harkness, Charon and Jericho bickering, another encounter with Talon and one of the Rangers, and now adding Harkness as a member of the group, (which isn't in the game), you managed a lot in this chapter. Can't wait to see them return to Megaton, and head off to Vault 112. And I'm excited to see when you manage to bring in the other companions to join in. See ya then!
B.E.A.T.N chapter 10 . 10/14
The Rangers are safe, the DeatClaw fight, Three Dog's interview, the crew dealing with Talon, the group finding Rivet City and Project Purity, and Lloyd knows more about his parents. A lot of amazing stuff packed into one chapter. Well done.
B.E.A.T.N chapter 9 . 10/13
Charon has joined the group, and I couldn't be happier. I can't wait to see how Clover, Fawkes, etc, will join. Lloyd is super badass, saving the Rangers and fighting off Talon. Can't wait to read more.
B.E.A.T.N chapter 8 . 10/13
Hopefully Lloyd can buy Charon's contract after he saves the Rangers. And find a way to help Three Dog, after the situation with the monument. I'm hooked on every chapter!
B.E.A.T.N chapter 7 . 10/13
What an epic chapter. Teasing Charon for later, the Super Mutant Gargantuan being crushed by the Washington Monument, (also, I had no idea the SMG was based off of a mod), the reveal of Lloyd being able to heal quickly from very dangerous wounds, etc. Such an epic chapter, and I just gotta keep reading.
B.E.A.T.N chapter 6 . 10/13
Nice work, giving both Lloyd and Amata a moment of victory against the larger Super Mutants. And giving some insight into Jericho's past, and seeing Uncle Leo. And I'm excited to see Lloyd and the gang meet Three Dog. I continue to read now!
B.E.A.T.N chapter 5 . 10/13
So, DogMeat, (Russ), and Jerischo join Lloyd and Amata on their journey as they head off to kill some raiders, and head to Galaxy News Radio, and now have to leave Megaton for awhile, until they can make things right. This story just keeps getting better and better.
B.E.A.T.N chapter 4 . 10/13
A lot of great stuff for into the chapter. Jericho being offered a job, Lloyd and Amata trying to get what they need to continue their journey, etc. Great work.
B.E.A.T.N chapter 3 . 10/12
Thank God spiders aren't in Fallout. I'd stop playing if they were. The Mysterious Stranger popping up was badass, and it's nice to see Lloyd's good deeds be appreciated. Another great chapter.
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