Reviews for Come Take a Walk With Me
ChristyWIX chapter 33 . 1/21
That was absolutely breathtaking. The whole chapter. So glad to see that his own gift is still very much working and at the range it should. I misunderstood and thought it didn't work at full capacity any longer. Just short range. So thank you for that. Also, thank you for letting us know the wolves did capture Laurent. Emmett loving on Charlie was great as well. I hope that Emmett goes to Charlie's house often during the time the family is still there, but BxE are gone. They seem to have a bond with one another. The conversation between Carlisle and Edward having him officiate, as this WILL be their actual wedding in the eyes of family and themselves, was beautiful choice. I love that they decided this . . . and that Bella was so happy about that. Paperwork schmaperwork . . . it can be done later and won't change the date for them in the least. The shooting stars for him and her, both wishing on forever together, separately . . . swoony-sigh. That conversation she had with her father before walking down the aisle, absolutely delightful. It was what they both needed and was loving and funny. Gah! Your words, I love them. When you switched over to Charlie's point of view . . . the happiness he had in knowing how in love they are and that she will be safe . . . so poignant. Then his heartbreak . . . I'm all sad panda for him. I am glad he knows she is still 'alive' and that she is well taken care of. He can always talk to her on the phone and they can even Skype. I hope they do.
ChristyWIX chapter 32 . 1/21
You freaked me the fuck out when you sent Edward over to the rest of them. Good thing you did though, as Laurent was not going to stay quiet. I really, really hope that the wolves got him. I also really liked that the wolves had fanned out so that Edward could see what was going on with the family. Clearly, they are all working together to keep Bella and Charlie alive. I loved when Emmett asked if they could keep Charlie too . . . I would love that . . . Charlie wouldn't, I don't think. I have read a fic where Charlie and Bella both are vampires. Don't remember the name or author, just that they were vampires. Good ones, not bad ones.
ChristyWIX chapter 31 . 1/21
I had a feeling that when she had commented that the pizza tasted like sand, that somehow with all of the melding together the BxE have done, both mind and body, that the transformation may be happening without their knowledge. Bella, Charlie and Carlisle all did a great job . . . even Edward, in giving the school and the teachers a great show. Kudos! I am beyond glad that Edward denied leaving to help the others to both Bella and Charlie. That would've been very dangerous with the nomads now intrigued with Alice and Jacob still on the loose. Wondering if the faux wedding will still happen. It should happen very soon . . . I don't think this thing with Bella will stay at bay much longer. Especially with all these threats lying in wait around them. Very glad that the wolves followed, yet did nothing but hang back in wait to see what was happening. I hope that they now realize she will have to be changed in order to survive . . . even if they consider her dead in their culture, they would know she is still living in some capacity. Worried for Alice . . . especially if this is James, the tracker, coming 'round the bend.
ChristyWIX chapter 30 . 1/21
I really don't like that Alice is no longer seeing BxE, as it makes me incredibly nervous . . . YIKES! Alice idea was so very kind and wonderful. Having the mock ceremony for the sake of Bella, Charlie and Renee, well Renee via video. So very nice. The part with Bella and Charlie crying . . . my heart. Sigh. Why can't Charlie leave his home, once Bella is okay with humans, claiming too many sad memories? Then meet up with the rest of the family. Hey for that matter, Renee could always go there as well, and use visiting Charlie as the excuse. Meh, it's a thought. The students and their pettiness was funny and typical at the same time. I know they can't, but I would LOVE for them to come back later and freak those teens out. That they are alive and that Bella is even more beautiful than she was as a human. Again meh, just a thought. This show should be good . . . too funny that they have to act it out in front of the whole crowd. Oh, those teens thoughts will be vicious! Looking forward to Charlie and Bella squirming under being the ones thrust into the spotlight . . . as neither likes it and hate being the center of attention. Then they get to all regroup and pretend to wed . . . that makes me laugh for the extreme opposites in one afternoon.
ChristyWIX chapter 29 . 1/21
Broken record number 4,798: This was a wonderful chapter! I loved it. The family was calm and inviting. The spread of choices she had for dinner, was funny . . . at least it led to the discussion of Esme feeding Charlie and checking in on him often. That will hold up the ruse as well . . . with her visiting Charlie in both of their 'time of need' due to the shared loss. Great idea on your part! The whole proposal part was funny and romantic all at the same time. Him being shocked and finally getting his head on his shoulders, getting down on his knee and pouring his love out . . . simply . . . it was beautiful. Then the shared touches and kisses in that shower . . . I really loved it. My bad on thinking he had to talk to her about something sexual . . . when it turned out, he needs to speak to her about leaving sooner than expected. I'd forgotten that completely.
ChristyWIX chapter 28 . 1/21
That was really a lovely conversation and I know I sound like a broken record, but really it was a great conversation. Filled with honesty and love. Getting to know one another better and sharing their desires. Really wonderful. I know you have children and I think I've told you before that I chose the childfree lifestyle. You really can be blissfully happy and not have children. I love kids, I do. However, like your Bella, I knew very early on that they weren't for me personally. I will borrow my nieces and nephews and then give them back. I enjoy the crap out of them, but I'm glad it isn't a full time thing. Thankfully, my husband was okay with not having kids. We would have been fantastic parents too. I'm glad you are letting her have her wish and not have children. Although, if it happened with them, I'm sure she would be delighted to have it anyway. I'm wondering if Carlisle suggested breaking her hymen before the change? Was that the 'thing' he suggested, that was for 'another time'? It would make sense.
ChristyWIX chapter 27 . 1/21
This chapter was soooooo yummy. I loved the startled gasp from Charlie. Loved the conversation with her, during his run there. Loved that you mentioned that he has fed, gorged on animal blood, during this chapter. Merely mentioning it, but not having to read him doing it. Meaning, we already know he needs to feed and we know he doesn't want to be away from Bella at all . . . so, simply putting in there, that he has had sustenance was a nice thing to put in there. Can't wait to read them hunting together . . . if you even add that in here at all. Loved the reaction she had to him in the meadow . . . and learning she already saw the others through his memories, just not him. I liked that he told her of being in her room that night and seeing her chest. That was a good thing to admit to. Her saying she wants to be nowhere else but beside him was lovely to hear. Especially after what she had witnessed. I would even say it was one of many, many reasons she wants to be near him. Her question at the very end . . . 'Did you like what you saw that night?' . . . pfft, how will he answer that chivalrously . . . hehehe.
ChristyWIX chapter 26 . 1/20
What a very enjoyable chapter! I think you're lulling us into a false sense of security . . . LOL. No seriously, this was quite a fun chapter. Them arriving at school together, smiling and laughing . . . whispering and kissing. All of it was wonderful. His reactions to those at the table was even fun to read. They are very shallow high school kids, and they only think of themselves. He better get used to it . . . this'll happen through the years, from now on out. Well, if they keep metriculating it will. Thank you for the fun in this chapter. Yay!
ChristyWIX chapter 25 . 1/20
My heart just breaks for Charlie . . . I've got all kinds of feels for him right now. I loved when he asked Edward to get her away sooner rather than later. Charlie gets it, just as much as Edward and everyone in his family does . . . this is not a child's game . . . but, there is an overgrown, dangerous child playing it. Love that Sam is still working with them, as that is a really nice change in these fic's. Coming that morning to report that Jacob passed the Canadian border, heading north. Very nice of him to do. Knowing that the other wolves won't attack, unless one of them bite, must feel like a weight is lifted. Temporary as it is, it is a nice change. I really don't like that Alice can't see ExB anymore. That makes me crazy nervous. I know you are a HEA kind of author, and that gives me hope for Alice's power as well as BxE.
ChristyWIX chapter 24 . 1/20
Hey, you finally addressed the nomads that 'passed' through . . . whoop! Although with it, you mentioned they could swing back through, so I shouldn't get too excited. The sooner they change her, the better. She is rapidly deteriorating health wise. Plus, they have mentioned that her body may fight the change completely or, the very least, slow the process. She even coughed in this chapter, which is a new development. I still think that the wolves may not be onboard with the changing idea . . . but, if they explained how they 'mate' stronger than they 'imprint' . . . and that both Charlie and Renee are fine with it, not to mention, most importantly, Bella wants to . . . why wouldn't they see reason? Why can't they make sure Jacob stays away? They must still be able to hear him . . . as crazy as he is . . . being the true alpha, they wouldn't be able to revert back to Sam, right?
ChristyWIX chapter 23 . 1/20
Thank you for giving us some alone time. They got to speak and just, love on each other. Her letting him know he was beautiful when he killed that man, for what he'd done to her, was magnificent. This Jacob thing is just not going away. And, I really, really wish it would. Edward and Jasper are right, if he will not have her for himself, then she will die at his hands, paws?, just for spite. You have so much other story to tell, yet that idiot dog is in every single freaking chapter. This really is a fantastic story, just get rid of Jake, so we can get to everything else. We're halfway through and PxC and the nomads have not even shown up yet. They were due a hike ago. With all of those wolves out there, are the others already dead before they even made it to Forks? Bella herself needs to go to the treaty line with the others and make them see reason. Asking them if they have a choice with imprinting? Because she'd have them there and we all know this. You can't help it when you're a vampire either . . . and, it's stronger than the wolves.
ChristyWIX chapter 22 . 1/20
These two need a full chapter of just the two of them enjoying each other alone, with no threats or worries. They haven't even had time to just be. She liked him at first, and he fled. When he finally thought he could handle her, she turned him down and walked away, because he couldn't be honest with her. Then all hell broke loose and has not stopped for a single flipping minute. Both have an unbreakable bond with the other but, haven't had two minutes to think about what that means to the both of them. I really love that she said she would've done the very same thing Edward did in the same situation. That she would've killed and thought very much of killing Jacob. Alice was great in this chapter as well. Having his clothes ready for him and taking everything to burn. I don't like that psychopath running around out there, completely unhinged and thinking Bella is his . . . when he should be dead at least four times over by now. Looking forward to the talk with Charlie, but would rather have BxE talk to one another as I mentioned in the top of this review.
ChristyWIX chapter 21 . 1/20
Clearly Bella still trusts Edward enough to shield him and to take his hand and drop her shield so that they can converse without speaking. Then going with him up the wall. Yes, she trusts him. She won't blame Edward for drinking from the thug. She has to understand, contrary to what he believes himself, it was for self preservation . . . having to give her strength to heal herself and keep the shield up to keep Jacob away . . . takes energy and she knows that. We ALL know that. My question is, why the hell hasn't Jacob been killed yet? He should've been killed by Charlie when he fired the shotgun in the chapter with them in the patrol car. He should've been killed by Edward in that alley. He should've been killed by all of those cops that ran into the alley shooting at him. Yet, for some inexplicable reason . . . he lives . . . grrrrr.
ChristyWIX chapter 20 . 1/20
So much happened in that chapter. Goodness. Collin wanting and not wanting to let go, wanting and not wanting to be part of this but, forced to obey the psychopath due to being his alpha, was heartbreaking. Then he gets shot as a result of obeying said order . . . not fair. There is being an alpha and being a psychopath . . . clearly this is NOT the first time he has gone crazy, as Sam alluded to Jacob hurting quite a few others at the rez. I think at this time, he just needs to be put down, as there is just no getting through to him. Blinded by fury and hormones, he's useless. It was sad to read Bella and Edward making the painful break . . . like they can be separated from one another . . . pfft. It was still sad to read him devastate the forrest and feed blindly. As if there wasn't enough in this chapter, you have her wander off once they get Renee safely on the plane, separating from her father. She has absolutely no sense of self preservation. She knows the wolves are out there and that they have been ordered to attack her, yet she goes out of her way to leave her father in Port Angeles. At least we've made it to the prologue portion of the story . . . I had a feeling when then parted earlier, this chapter would somehow hold that portion. And, why is her gift not working here? Shouldn't they have been quite easy to thwart considering they are not supernatural, just stupid? I have a feeling Edward will do some serious damage and Bella will be scared of him. Or, the opposite, and she'll demand more answers from him. I am hoping for the latter . . . as it's time they sit down and talk. Once he spits out that the brain capacity is far superior, she may reconsider . . . being there are twenty-six chapters left and you haven't even brought the other vampires in yet . . . Peter, Charlotte and the nomads . . . she better be turned soon . . . or, she may kill the population of Forks trying to protect her and Edward.
ChristyWIX chapter 19 . 1/20
OMG! These freaking petulant childish wolves are working my very last nerve. I really do NOT see any reason for them to be in this story. They have no idea what is happening to themselves, let alone deciding a woman's fate . . . because the testosterone flowing through Jacob has his freaking mind fried beyond repair. He is being so stupid and he doesn't care an iota for Bella or he wouldn't snap, snarl and growl at her. What an idiot. And, now another child is charging Bella. Fantastic. Grrrrr.
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