Reviews for Goodnight, Harleen
Miss Savvy chapter 1 . 3/29/2012
I liked the ending of TJB, but I LOVE this!

You definitely have a firm grasp of these two characters, especially considering their psyche. I adore your characterizations and appreciate the fact that this piece is more along the lines of what I would consider to be a more realistic perception of the two. This dark, final goodbye is quite amazing.
YinofYan chapter 1 . 1/6/2012
Nice fic you had there, though I'm not trying to argue on your points but I just wanted to point out that the reason Harley shot Batman is prolly cause she thinks that The Joker's madness and mishaps are his fault, if you watch the clip from Batman the animated series where she turns into Harley Q you'll see what they were going at. :) Besides, there's a sequel coming up soon so nothing is final about her development.

Otherwise I enjoyed reading this, keep up the amazing work!
Sasonie chapter 1 . 9/24/2011
So that's the interpretation you got from the end? Hm, I can see that. I never thought that the Joker actually did anything because he wanted/loved Harleen, I got the impression he did everything simply to break her, change her into something more like himself because she had the gall to think she could 'cure' him. Plus, I thought their take was more believable, people don't just flip, it takes a tramatic event and time. *shrug* That's what I got from it, but I enjoyed your ending too. i started reading thinking it was going to end with Harleen running away with the Joker or a kiss (-_- bleh), but I was pleasently and disturbingly(it's a compliment) surprised. It's very dark, in-character, and well written(thank god, so many poorly written fics on here, it's an epidemic). With as unpredictable as the Joker is I could easily see him doing this. *thumbs up* Great job.
Calamity in Motion chapter 1 . 1/24/2011
As far as the last episode, I can see your point, but you must keep in mind that TJB are based in Cannon too. They were following the comic background between the characters.

The Joker wasn't after Harley because he wanted her or loved her, he had no romantic intensions. Remember also that nearly everything he says is a lie, or some twisted half truth. He might have SAID he wanted her, but it was more about breaking her down.

Harley has made it obvious that she wants to make a name for herself through him (the interviews where he mentions her eyeliner) and she is a bit full of herself thinking that she, a young up and comer could cure HIM.

The Joker could also see how tightly wound she is, following every rule and marrying Guy because it's proper rather than because she WANTS to. Basically she needs someone to show her the exciting side of the world again because she's drowning in hers, and that puts him in a position to take advantage of her. She’s his newest plaything since Harvey Dent went split, and he wants to see how far he can push her and is she’ll break.

I've been doing character study over the Joker since the 90's, even had a psyc class or two where he was the subject (best day ever), so I hope this helps put their blog in a better light. I wouldn’t be able to stand a Joker who falls in conventional love either. Just isn’t him. Thankfully that wasn’t the case, even if it might have seemed that way.

Sorry this was so long...kinda got away from me. I'm just incredibly passionate about this subject.
lizzytea chapter 1 . 12/17/2010
I completely and totally agree with you on this one!
smile-for-theswitchblade chapter 1 . 8/24/2010
Oh man there are so many things about TJB that BUG me I cannot even begin to separate them. First off, I do remember the creator saying how they did base this off Nolanverse, so wtf is Harley doing in it?

Hypocritical much? The actress was completely clueless and vapid as to what was going on, and I totally agree. If that were me, things would have got real ugly , real fast. She just sits there, like a Mary Sue, "oh please, look at me! Look at me!" Whatever.

All. This. Violence. Makes. A. Statement. XD

It certainly does and TJB should take a tip from Tell Gordan Hello and delve in deeper into the darker aspect of what Joker's true character really is. Even now, the more I write him, and have grown to understand his character more and more, I am starting to take that plunge.

Well done. It should have ended exactly like this.

I like it! XP
Hushabye chapter 1 . 7/25/2010
Wow. This was definitely NOT what I was expecting (though the thought of what I HAD been thinking seems to escape me now... Hee hee).

VERY intense and VERY disturbing. Especially when Harleen's eye gets cut out.

This was a MUCH better ending to TJB. They should take lessons from you, if you ask me. They made a slightly boring pair slightly more boring, but you definitely shook things up. (:

Laurie Jupiter chapter 1 . 4/17/2010
I. Completely. Agree with you.

There was no basis for the Joker's obsession with Harleen AT ALL in the entire series. There was nothing that indicated a deep-seated interest in her, sure they had their little chats during their sessions and the conversations were very titillating but there wasn't anything in them that set Harleen apart from the other doctors. I don't believe that they showed a much darker side to her, apart from her questionable motives (but who, in Gotham, doesn't have that?). So I really didn't get why the Joker would be so interested in her. She wasn't even in the series all that much so we didn't see any character development (you're right about that). I think that they should have just filmed more scenes with a lot of Joker-Harley interactions. Then it would have been more believable. I also agree with the "message/moral" point that you made. LedgerJoker, at least, would have bigger things to do than just chase after Harleen the way he did in the final episode. Everything he does is a statement to Gotham and to Batman, like with Harvey Dent, he was proving that even the purest men at heart can be capable of corruption and evil. In the series, he barely interacted with Batman, which is totally OOC for LedgerJoker (or just Joker in general) and instead panted after Harleen. If it was their own version, I might have bought that but they said that it was based off of Ledger's Joker so that gives them no excuse. The earlier episodes at Arkham were much more enjoyable, it showed Joker's skewed beliefs and his manipulative personality. I think that they focused more on the action and suspense rather than on the characters themselves. The only other Joker film that, in my opinion, has better character development would be the Call Me Mr. J series by BlinkyProductions.
ForeverACharmedOne chapter 1 . 4/13/2010
Ah, nothing starts off a good evening like reading a good fanfic. :3 I tip my hat (if I were wearing one) to you. Omg, your imagery with every fic just gets better and better. All your studying of the Joker is so obviously seen. :)

THIS is what canon should be, y'all! Kiss it! 3
olivia chapter 1 . 4/13/2010
i'm reviewing because i fully agree with ...the fact i noticed in your reviews that people were writing in what you told them not to was a little maddening to me that this joker was said to be based off of TDK,because for me he was just too silly and i just really didn't feel full reason i kept watching them was for jeremiah arkham,hugo strange,and .and lastly,i've never from the start,liked the joker/harley pairing{hides for cover}.never got it,nor how people act like harley's {sorry if you like her}so sweet{when she loves,maybe,a man who kills people for fun!}.alright,i'm done,sorry for the ,i liked your story for it was darkly a good day!
RDJfan chapter 1 . 4/12/2010
You seriously didn't like the ending of Joker Blogs? I thought it was amazing! There were so many funny jokes in it for die-hard Batman fans. I laughed so hard when pam..poison ivy...calls Jack Ryder a ironic. LOL.

But anyways..I enjoyed reading your story!
TheImmortalChaplin chapter 1 . 4/12/2010
Great story! But I don't think that hating the ending of the Joker Blogs is really justified. And with regards to exploring the Joker character, you can't just look at Heath Ledger's version. Although I do say that he did a wonderful job, there have been SO many adaptations of the Joker, ranging on all different levels of the crazy spectrum. While the Dark Knight H.L. character is rather violent and malicious, it contrasts greatly with say, (for example), Cesar Romero as the Joker who I see to be more like a humorous/mischivous clown. So I really think the Blogs are entitled to take their Joker in whatever direction they choose since he has already had so many different personalities and versions over the many many years.

Personally, and this is all just my opinion, I think the Blogs really did some great production. And I loved how the wedding had so many hidden characters from the batman series (Poison Ivy, Riddler, Hugo Strange, Quincy 'sharpie' Sharp, Thomas Elliot, and even Jack 'the creeper' Ryder! Haahaa! Made me giggle seeing the adaptions of some of the charaters.
Mad Madame Me chapter 1 . 4/12/2010
Oh wow. This. THIS should have been the ending.

I commend you for actually making Harleen really quite likeable, especially since she's in shock/dying the whole story. I absolutely adore the thoughts about the wedding dress being ruined. It's realistic because, when people are in serious shock, their minds shut down to a lot of the world and they can concentrate on something trivial.

J's characterization was really gorgeous. I especially love the "I really hate being ignored" and "how'd I do? I've never crashed a wedding before".

The eye keychain was, of course, brilliance.
HoistTheColours chapter 1 . 4/12/2010
Interesting ending. I was cringing at the part where he carved out her eyeball, but, yeah . . . it was intense.

I think, for the most part, I agree with what you said during your author's notes at the bottom. While I did enjoy the *real* ending of The Joker Blogs, the thing that offset me the most about it was the actress/girl who played Harleen Quinzel. She was a very beautiful girl, no doubt, but her acting was horrible. Was I only one who thought she did not show any emotion at at? I mean, her face was BLANK as she watched the Joker kill Guy. I was really unimpressed with her performance, and it honestly ended up ruining the whole thing for me.

Anyway, as for this alternate ending scene of yours, I really enjoyed it. You write the Joker very well, and I loved his dialogue, it was extremely well written and also very in character. Well done.
The Illegible chapter 1 . 4/12/2010
Hm...I actually really liked the end to Joker Blogs, but that doesn't mean I didn't enjoy your interpretation too. I loved how unashamedly violent you made J here, particularly that you brought back the eye keychain (though I'm slightly dubious of his ruining her sight rather than giving a Glasgow smile, when the latter could mark her as his woman/property and he could continue messing with her psychologically) and emphasized his need to be the center of attention ("I really hate being ignored" etc). Crit wise, didn't really get a strong sense of Harleen's voice-understanding of course that she's upset and traumatized, but had a tough time identifying her as doc Quinzel or Harley Quinn. Came across very "damsel in distress". It was also kind of tough to build empathy because some of the descriptions slipped into tell over show a smidge. "With a vengeful cry, Harleen propelled herself forward and tackled the Joker amidst her blind rage, his gun going off and shattering one of the overhead lights in a shower of sharp, scintillating glass," is a pretty good example of the sort of thing I mean-what does a vengeful cry sound like, feel like? What is blind rage, exactly? More sensory exploration might have built that up more, perhaps body language or internal monologue. That line does use a BRILLIANT bit of sibilance however, so good job with that. :-) The fact that Harleen was upset over the ruin of her mother's wedding dress when her fiancé just died was also an awesome touch-suggests she's not all there mentally, or that her priorities are super skewed.

I do agree with you on Jeremiah Arkham though. He was /WONDERFUL/. Made me extremely sad when he died-the actor sounded genuinely upset whenever shit hit the fan, and his snark was fantastic.
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