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iggychan89 chapter 28 . 12/29/2017
God it took me FOREVER to finish this story of yours, but I loved it nonetheless.
jeffreyltarrant chapter 1 . 12/22/2017
I confess; I had to take a peek at the ending.

This is my first experience with fan fiction period. I was on a HA! bender after the Jungle Movie and delved into the internet to satisfy my appetite for something more fleshed out in regards to Arnold and Helga's future, then stumbled across this story. I was so happy to see Arnold with Helga that while I realized there was a part one I'd missed, I didn't want to leave them to go catch up (I did eventually hit pause and go blaze through Tutoring Arnold).

I've now spent about 6 hours a night for a week and a half savoring this story. Sometimes I sprint through on the edge of my seat, sometimes I practically meditate on a chapter, letting their happiness wash over me. So when I clicked on the reviews on a whim after chapter 16 and saw references to "time they spent apart" and "broke my heart" I just about lost it. I couldn't bear the idea of them not working out, and the fear that something bad was about to happen was preemptively filling me with despair.

So yes, I'm weak and caved and flipped to the last chapter. I kept my eyes out of focus and tried to barely flit my eyes around without dwelling on anything, and thank God I managed to see "Arnold and Helga's wedding". Those words are enough to keep going. I should have had faith in the author, and I'm sorry, but this story has become an unexpected sanctuary of happiness and I just needed reassurance that this wasn't about to take a harsh left turn. I'm still bracing for whatever hardships come next, but I can handle it now.
TKirakusho chapter 28 . 10/22/2017
Over the course of the last few months I’ve read TA and LTBH. I have to say I love os very much your writing, it is amazing! I thank you for giving us this incredible stories and for all the effort, time, dedication and love that must have taken. Thanks!

Also, I have but one doubt about Brainy and the girls... they are stepsisters to Brigthy? That was not clear enough.

But seriously now, I loved this story and thank you for it, how the characters develop and change over time is great! It feels in tune.

Thanks once more.
ariannaemilse chapter 28 . 10/1/2017
No se si es la primera vez que comento en tus historias, siendo sincera, no lo recuerdo, pero debo decir que "Instruyendo a Arnold" y "Aprendiendo a ser Helga" son los mejores fanfics que he leído EN TODA MI VIDA! y eso que estoy en muchos fandoms XD, incluso superan a los fics de mi OTP! es increíble tu creatividad, el como manejas los personajes, las situaciones, los escenarios,los sentimentos transmitidos en los capítulos (En "Separación" me hiciste llorar, lloré desconsoladamente, cuando me calmé seguí leyendo) SIMPLEMENTE MARAVILLOSO!, me encanta tu forma de escribir, me animaré a leer tus otras historias, estoy segura que serán sorprendentes!
Relaxing Pikachu chapter 19 . 8/14/2017
Sneaking into the theater. lol Arnold's reaction is funny here, given how he's snuck into the theater before in season 1. He saw an opportunity and seized it that time. It was the ep titled the List if I remember right.
Relaxing Pikachu chapter 1 . 8/14/2017
You know, I can't help but wonder why Helga or Arnold don't lock the door. lol
Relaxing Pikachu chapter 1 . 8/10/2017
Wow. This is interesting so far, but I'm surprised that Arnold's body isn't reacting to those kisses to cause both to slow down or implying it (I thought that was going to be the issue when Arnold didn't want to kiss Helga in her room for the last story). They are moving too fast.
aladelanoche chapter 4 . 7/4/2017
bookishinohio chapter 28 . 6/14/2017
I know I'm 3 years late to this party (or maybe 8 years based on the author's note about it taking 5 years from the beginning of TA to the end of LTBH... I applaud your devotion, my friend, and I am infinitely grateful that you finished this fic through to the conclusion.) But I have just spent the last month reading every word of those two stories, like every night before I go to bed staying up later than I should because there's SOME aspect of the story that has me hooked and I want to find out what happens. It ever so slightly consumed my life, to be honest. I feel like it shouldn't have taken me so long to read this, but it was so good and I was savoring every word.
I have been on a Hey Arnold kick in general the last six months or so. It was one of my favorite shows when I was a kid, and I always related to Helga and her inability to share her deepest feelings, her insecurities, her obsessions. I mean heck, I've been married seven years and I didn't even tell my husband that the thing I've been reading every night for the last month was a Hey Arnold fan fiction about Helga and Arnold finally getting together, because that seems like a slightly random thing for a 30 year old woman to be reading so obsessively, not that he would judge me, I mean the man has like a thousand action figures, most of which have been bought in the last year... but I digress. The point is, Helga G. Pataki is one of my favorite fictional characters of all time, and six months ago I woke up one Saturday morning thinking about the show, and I started watching it again from the beginning. From that point forward I've been consuming both official and fan-based HA information, starting with interviews with Craig Bartlett and Francesca Smith (is it lame that the only thing I'm looking forward to coming out of Comic Con this year is the official Jungle Movie trailer?) moving on from there to fan art and comics, and then delving into the world of fan fiction (a lot of which is kind of garbage, unfortunately, so I decided to search which fics have the highest ratings on here, and that led me to Tutoring Arnold.) Basically anything to tide me over until the Jungle Movie comes out, and your stories have fit the bill very nicely.
I thought you captured the characters so well. Nothing is worse than when someone acts contrary to what they would have in the original material, or has some knowledge that they shouldn't, or doesn't have some knowledge that they should. And I thought you masterfully combined almost every episode of the show together with your new material, staying true to the characters and giving all of them their due in some way or another. And of course, especially giving Helga and Arnold their due, and really laying out how they would fall in love, what their relationship would be like, and what their lives would be like, both together and apart. It seems like you were insecure about writing about them as adults, but I thought this last chapter was beautiful and very nicely increased their maturity level while still keeping their core personality traits the same. And like I said before, you did very well withholding just enough information to make me excited about what was going to happen next. I thoroughly enjoyed this fic and once again I thank you for finishing it!
Guest chapter 28 . 3/6/2017
Honestly this is one of my favorites fanfics ever :') I loved it It was a totally an emotional roller coaster I really think you really captured all of their personalities I really really enjoyed it I can't tell you how much I loved and enjoyed reading it, I'm looking forward to read more of your fanfics.
Please keep writing :D
Jagecage chapter 28 . 10/3/2016
One of the best I've read from any HA writer. I've been reading yours since 2010 and it especially was a great piece to finally finish. Made me laugh and cry and stay up till 3 am each night. Thank you for this story and your others.

Strongly suggest to read and take your time with it. Once it's done you won't know what to do with yourself.
Captain Kristos chapter 28 . 7/6/2016
I understand that this story was written over a considerable amount of years. Knowing that, one could tell that the author was slowly maturing over those years. The first 27 and a half chapters are a really SLOW burn and build. It's super cute and sweet, don't get me wrong, but I have to admit that even though I do love this story, most of it is overly detailed and very long winded. I skimmed through a lot of chapters and even skipped a couple. Only because there is a lot of repetitiveness and some characters, later on, recalled earlier details anyway. Not that any of this is necessarily a bad thing, I'm just not a fan of dragging things out.
I have no doubt that the author worked very hard on this and I don't want to diminish that but I feel like a lot could be pared down. But other than that, I was really not expecting the last chapter and a half. It's like the writing style completely changed. While the characters stayed consistent and the sweetness lingered, it was a shock (but very much welcomed) when they started growing up. I LOVE so much that Helga and Arnold spent time apart. That Helga didn't like the fact that her life had been all about Arnold. I feel like the last 2 chapters could have been its own story and I would have enjoyed reading more about this time in their lives.
In a way, I liked spending so much time with them as 10 year olds. And my dear author, you captured that innocence beautifully. The shyness, the mystery, the fear, the unexplored want, the things that as adults seem so innocence but are beyond risqué when you're a child. It was all very perfect and definitely transported me back in time. And spending so much time in that lovey dovey, first love and discovering passion together period for so long then being jerked out of it as they were growing up and growing apart honestly broke my heart. So much sadness, angst, longing, and confusion. Again, you captured those pivotal growing up moments beautifully.
Mithril Molar chapter 28 . 1/24/2016
TLDR: 10000000 out of 10, stop reading reviews and open the fic. Abandon your social life and enjoy losing the rest of your week reading. Great even for non-fans if you're willing to hit a show wiki every couple chapters to check for episode references.

Lengthy version:

Holy Cow!

I've read dozens of books by respected authors who couldn't coax out a tenth of the emotion you drew out of me with this fic. Over the course of a 4-day binge reading (including a few sleepless nights) I loved, laughed, gripped the screen in frustrated fury and shed manly tears of joy and/or grief.

Although it probably isn't for everyone the slow buildup of the relationship between the two of them was easily the best part of it for me. It was nice for an author to actually dive deep into what both Arnold and Helga were thinking, even about small or inconsequential things (i.e. the 101 different times they became awkward for a minute or two over a comment) in order to really build up some payoff for those big moments in the story.

Before I gush too much more, let me sum up my POV and reaction based on it:

A. Never liked HA! as a tv show when I was young.
B. Very little patience for stupid sappy crap.
C. Usually find stories without fantastical elements or serious and frequent action rather droll.

Basically this fic was the polar opposite of everything I love in literature. Despite all of that, I found this story to be masterfully written, engaging and well-paced considering the chosen style. Also I may or may not now be totally obsessed with the show and its characters purely because of this fic. If it was sold in book form I would buy it in a heartbeat!

As I always want to leave at least a little constructive criticism for any author (particularly one who demonstrates such talent!) I had two primary issues that came up during the story (WARNING SPOILERS):

Firstly, some major character revelations happened very early in the fic but might have been better sprinkled into the middle, perhaps during the courtship chapters. Honestly even as engaged as I was in the story I still felt that those drug on a bit long without a major conflict point and a longer-building twist (perhaps related to the closet shrine which wouldn't have been dealt with so early) might have spiced them up somewhat.

Secondly, the gradual improvement of Helga's family out of their dysfunctional mess. Although I loved that and thought it actually added a lot, it would have felt more meaningful for Arnold/Helga to have had a greater hand in fixing those familial issues. After all, it means just that much more if the couple can overcome adversity beyond themselves with each other's help, right?

Thank you very much Azure129 for your masterfully told story. I look forward to reading your other works as soon as my heart recovers from those last two chapters.
1 HEY ARNOLD FAN chapter 21 . 5/12/2015
MikeWeezy1323 chapter 28 . 4/1/2015
I finally finished both TA and LTBH! It was an amazing experience and one I'll remember. It took me the better part of 4-6 months to read both stories with the little time each day I have to read but it was worth it. These 2 fics had it all. Funny parts that made me laugh. Intense parts that brought me to the edge of my seat. Loving parts that made me read more. And sad parts that I'm not ashamed to say, brought tears to my eyes. I've liked and favored other fics before but these have to be my favorite ones made yet. Keep up the great writing!
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