Reviews for So You Want to Be a Sith?
Hrimige chapter 1 . 9/21/2015
Great buildup for a nice payoff. I laughed. (Did they ever use 'nerd' in the EU?)
wandering jedi chapter 1 . 4/7/2015
Nice. It might have been funnier if you had Darth Glummox focus even more on the statistics and importance of midi-chlorians, just to lampoon GL's ridiculous idea. Also, Glummox reminded me a bit of Scott Evil, another humourous twist on the evil apprentice who just isn't that scary, or even evil!
aurebesh chapter 1 . 8/8/2012
Well, I love it! :D
It's really good, and I love how you make the usually-menacing (and good with words) villains struggle to make a simple threat to his 'opponent'. Keep writing! :)
pronker chapter 1 . 8/1/2010
This was a parody worth faving - the teaching techniques that we've all wondered about, laid bare. I was waiting for the girl to be a nerd herself and say, "You betcha! Lead the way to your room!"

Also, that's an intriguing idea about the fluctuating midi-chlorians. It does show the weakness of the exposition regarding them, as so many questions beg to be answered: "When they 'speak' to you, do you actually hear them or Sense them or what? Do /they/ ever get sick? Can they wear out or get strained and are they present in each and every cell, such as muscle and nerve cells, or are they only in blood?"
Abandoned.See new ZefronsAngel chapter 1 . 6/14/2010
The beginning paragraph was strong and well-written. I liked the use of powerful words such as broad, drap, and intoned. I know they don't seem like much, but using words like that sound a lot better than if you would have used something like wide, plan, and sounded.

"You have your orders, worm. If you fail me again, I shall kill you. If you try to hide, I shall . . . hunt you down and kill you. And when I kill you, I shall take my own sweet time about it, making sure you wish my enemies had killed you instead, in the very moment of your failure. They would have been far more . . . merciful . . . than I."

I liked how, since you were making Glummox stretch out his speech, you spaced out the periods showing the pauses. That illustrated the speed of speech.

The ending sentence was okay, but it didn't have as strong effect like the opening sentence. I think you could have made a stronger ending. I know endings are really hard to write, because I have trouble with that myself.

Also, this story was supposed to be humorous, but the first few paragraphs weren't. That's fine for a chapter story, but for a short oneshot, the humor has to go throughout the entite thing. I felt like that last sentence was ending it in humor, but that humor wasn't consistant with the beginning of the story.

I hope I haven't been too harsh. This was a pretty good fic:)
delightfully-so chapter 1 . 4/14/2010
Interesting idea! I guess the teacher, even a Sith, must have some level of tolerance to the, erm, learning phase where students invariably make mistakes. Avernalle's reaction to Glummox's pick-up line was hilarious.

Well done! Thanks for sharing this.