Reviews for Cigarettes and Cinnamon
tastewithouttalent chapter 8 . 5/31/2015
I love this epilogue. It really is a wonderful addition to the main story, and it's not necessary to the main plot but it is /so/ satisfying to get this little touch of domesticity after everything is settled. I love the addition of the pets, it's a great nod to canon and really sets the tone of settled committment you're establishing. I'm so charmed by Gokudera's early-morning grumpiness and his unwillingness to move from his blanket cocoon.

'A sort of human shaped lump' made me laugh, Gokudera is so so cute in this chapter. I love his grumbling cursing, especially combined with the unspoken invitation of the blankets, and that Yamamoto takes advantage of that to steal Gokudera's body heat. 'Obviously half-hearted' is /so/ cute, I'm just smiling helplessly about this, it makes me so happy. "I am embarrassed to be in love with you," aww, that's it, that's so perfectly in-character. I love that Yamamoto calls Gokudera by his first name here; it's especially lovely in conjunction with the earlier chapter when Gokudera snapped at him for being overly familiar. 'Around him so he's protected,' god, my heart, I love it. 'Gokudera couldn't get his hands on every part of his body that he'd missed fast enough' is so evocative, I love the idea of Gokudera being really particularly desperate for closeness, and this little aside about other, more rushed interludes is beautifully done.

'He'll never have to stand in a dark hotel room and watch Gokudera walk away from him ever again.' This is such a great line, perfectly reminiscent of the bittersweet of earlier chapters and easing away all the lingering angst of those.

"At least kiss me" made me smile, fuck, I love your Gokudera characterization so very much. 'He has become wise in all things related to Gokudera,' god, I love this, I love this chapter and this story and everything. The way you describe Gokudera jerking Yamamoto off is amazing, honestly; I can't even detail a specific part that is the best because it's all just fantastic, your description of Gokudera's hands and action and position is all just so, so good. And that line about 'lapping up his own cum like frosting off a cupcake,' good god, this is actually the line that the person who recommended this fic to me quoted and it is. *coughs* It's fabulous, is what it is, bless.

I love Yamamoto teasing Gokudera, holding him down so he can take his time without any kind of rush. 'Digging half-moons into Yamamoto's skin' is wonderfully evocative, that's really gorgeous. 'Loves making him incoherent in his pleasure,' ah, wow, this is such a nice description and really wonderful characterization. 'That sounds more like a drunken slur than an actual word' is fantastic, I love that Gokudera being unable to curse is as good an indicator of his current state as anything else. And oh man, Yamamoto reaching up to press against Gokudera's stomach is a whole thing, I am so delighted by this entire scene. "What...what?" is SO CUTE, it's charming and adorable and god, I love so much.

'A lazy smirk a normal person probably wouldn't even notice' is charming, too, the implication of Yamamoto's focused attention and, indeed, understanding of all things Gokudera is heartwarming. 'He likes to cuddle, as long as Yamamoto doesn't comment on it.' God, my heart is melted, I'm so content, this is such a wonderful addition to a fantastic story. Thank you so much, for this epilogue and for the entirety of this story; it's wonderfully structured and has really fantastic characterization, to say nothing of fabulous sex scenes :D Definitely one I'll be rereading frequently. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
tastewithouttalent chapter 7 . 5/30/2015
Ah, I love this conclusion. You resolve everything really nicely - and it's charming how long it takes Yamamoto to actually process what's going on - right down to Tsuyoshi being utterly, charmingly quick to figure out what's going on between Gokudera and Yamamoto. I especially like the conclusion; you kept me in suspense right up until the end about whether they would actually end up in the same location or not, which made the final resolution all the better (and the more so because it's /Gokudera/ who moves to be with Yamamoto, that's charming).

I really, really love the beginning of this chapter, that you wholly acknowledge that living on different continents does not /actually/ mean a complete cessation in communication like it is so often treated. I also love that the first line: 'Japan is home' echoes the first line of the first chapter: 'Italy is different.' It's a nice and subtle reference back to the beginning of the story, which is wonderful. 'Somewhere where he knows right from wrong and up from down' is very evocative, too, really highlights how adrift he was in Italy.

I love the way you characterize Tsuyoshi, and how pleased Yamamoto is at being treated just as he always has been, because his fame 'didn't make him a different person and his old man knows it.' I like, too, the way you equate Italy with Gokudera: 'Italy didn't end the day he left it.' I adore that he just sends his contact information to Gokudera, nothing else, and that Gokudera then doesn't make use of it for a /month/. It warms my heart that Gokudera responds so quickly to Yamamoto's text, that is adorable, and then 'because I'm not a liar' is so perfect, such a roundabout way to say he /does/ miss Yamamoto, of course he does.

'His heart is chain smoking somewhere in Europe' is a /fantastic/ line, maybe my favorite of this entire story. It's so evocative and so bittersweet and just perfect, god.

I love how Yamamoto rationalizes all these moments when he /could/ mention Gokudera to Tsuna or anyone else who could clue him in to their history, that he keeps dodging this revelation again and again: 'a mysterious Italian composer that no one there will even have heard of.' And I love that he has these lingering memories, 'sensory perceptions overwhelmed by other events' so he has the outline of this memory of Gokudera but not the details. 'The smell of smoke makes him think of Gokudera,' god, and 'he likes thinking of Gokudera, but he knows that it's never going to be him' breaks my heart, it's lovely. 'It's not going to be Gokudera' is gorgeous, such a good case of Yamamoto resigning himself to what he thinks is reality while the reader knows, completely, before he's even turned around that of course it /is/.

'Nothing he can drop except his jaw' is really beautifully phrased, I love it, and 'like something out of one of his late-night fantasies' is so evocative. I love that Gokudera is half in the shadows, that you refer to the glow of his cigarette, and that little detail about Yamamoto jerking off to this fantasy is amazing, quick and elegant and giving pages of setting in just a few words.

'The smattering of faint freckles across the bridge of his nose' about killed me, thanks for that detail. 'Warm and twitchy' is such a good description for Gokudera, bless this, and then the gum, that Yamamoto snags it from Gokudera's fingers is perfect, such a great reflexive reaction. 'A second for his synapses to finish firing' is a great phrase too, and I love how fast Yamamoto reacts, and how willing Gokudera is to submit to his action. 'Now that he's got Gokudera in his arms, he realizes how empty they were before.' I'm dying, this is perfect, this is amazing. I /love/ love love how aggressive Gokudera is too, that he's pulling at Yamamoto and trying to drag him closer and that they're perfectly in sync in this, it's so very satisfying.

'Like he's just run a mile or smoked an entire pack of cigarettes in one go' is great, a really nice twist on the usual running simile. And I love that Gokudera wipes his mouth, that he can't hide his happiness, that 'it's as good as a smile, it's a good as a confession,' this is so so satisfying.

'Besotted with even the glint of the sunlight off of his hair,' oh. Just. Wow. That's gorgeous.

'Questions answering themselves in rapid succession' is such a good line, and 'things he needs to ask just to make sure he's right' is perfect, and god, this is so wonderful, even if they have to wait longer to sort everything else out.

'A few seconds to leave a fleeting kiss on Gokudera's lips,' ah, god, this is so sweet. I love the Lambo/I-Pin there too, I'm so charmed. And god, 'he can love Gokudera so much better now than he could have when he was fourteen,' kill me, this is perfect, I cannot believe.

'Suitably shocked' made me laugh, and I squeaked like a complete idiot about Gokudera being there when Yamamoto gets up. My heart is breaking about Gokudera's careful smile and Yamamoto's huge one and god, I'm melting, this is so great. And Tsuyoshi is so onto him, "You bring him to the wedding?" is perfect, Yamamoto is so caught out and he doesn't even realize it. "The way he looks at that Kyoko girl" made me smile, that's adorable, and then! "The way you looked at that boy right now, that's how I used to look at your mother," god, "I know you, even the things you don't tell me, I know." I love Tsuyoshi, I love how you've written him and how you establish this relationship, god.

I'm so charmed that Yamamoto is afraid Gokudera is going to be gone, and that he's there even if 'he's red in the face and his grip on the tea cup is white-knuckled.' 'There's no use being surprised by anything anymore,' aww, and Gokudera not pushing Yamamoto away is killing me. 'The softening lines around his mouth and eyes,' I'm totally a mess I will never recover. "You ever going to say it?" and he's so nervous, I'm gone, I'm checked out forever, this is too much for my poor shipper's heart to take. 'Just fond exasperation,' hhhh, and god, 'he wants to hear everything, forever,' I'm. I hust. I cannot, good god. "I've been in love with you since I was fucking fourteen" oh my god oh my GOD I'm. "Even when we were kids you barely paid attention to me" ohhhh my GOD FUCK I just. Gokudera pining for Yamamoto is destroying my heart I cannot stand any of this at all. I love, I love everything about this.

And this last section, god. 'Gokudera is never more than two feet away from him the entire night,' ah, this is so sweet, I'm so blissfully happy. 'He doesn't think he can handle his heart breaking again,' oh Yamamoto, child, poor thing. And I love Gokudera, "You're acting like you're afraid of something," just cutting right to the problem immediately, and then solving it in classic tsundere style. I love this ending, this last line, the last phrase: 'the smoke on his skin, the cinnamon on his lips.' This is such a spectacular last chapter, such a good end for such a good story, thank you so much for sharing this.
tastewithouttalent chapter 6 . 5/29/2015
Wow. This one might be my favorite chapter to date. This is the first point I started to suspect that Yamamoto and Gokudera knew each other from before, right from the heart-stopping thrill of "It's always been you" through Yamamoto's hazy recollection of that unknown transfer student and Gokudera going tense about Tsuna's name. And the sex scene really stays with me; I love your use of Gokudera asking to bottom as a way to indicate how open he's being, that it's about the trust he has that Yamamoto won't hurt him more than anything else and that Yamamoto takes it that way. This chapter is so great, and so sad, and just lovely in every regard.

I love how tender Gokudera is throughout this. Right from the start: 'sighs long and low and broken,' 'affection and a little bit of sorrow,' 'nuzzling at Yamamoto's fingers,' god, it's really heartbreaking and perfect and sweet to have him being actively affectionate here, on their last night together. I'm also perpetually charmed by how you describe Gokudera, specifically how skinny he is: 'the individual knobs of his spine,' 'the sharp edges of his ribs,' and that he's wearing 'just a t-shirt' instead of the whole complicated array of clothing he usually wears. 'Obscenely low ride of his pants' is just hella hot, you're not wrong, Gokudera's pants are a whole thing. And his 'always snarling or smirking mouth,' fuck, yeah, that's so completely Gokudera, you have him down so perfectly. "Don't second guess me, idiot, just fuck me" made me laugh, oh my god, it's so on-point. 'A softness there that Gokudera doesn't mean to show,' oh wow, god, yeah, 'like Gokudera's own feelings scare him.' This whole description is just so evocative and so painful and it's the best, truly.

'Clear as glass without having to be spoken' is such a lovely phrase. This whole chapter is beautifully done, painful and lovely and bittersweet, where you segue from this gorgeous description of Gokudera and into 'after this night they'll never see each other again' to keep the reader from forgetting for long at all how final this moment feels. 'Lip-bruising kiss' is a lovely description too, and I love that when Gokudera shoves Yamamoto away Yamamoto thinks he's being rejected for a moment. 'That can't be bothered with details like love and goodbye,' ouch, wow, that hurts in the best way.

The way Yamamoto touches Gokudera is so tender, too, as it always is, and it breaks my heart and I love it so very much. 'He kind of likes the idea, likes that there will be marks that he left' this is it, I'm broken, I'm gone, this fic is going to be the death of me and I don't even mind. 'Found the one thing he hadn't even realized that he'd been missing,' god, and that Yamamoto starts talking in order to draw Gokudera into the conversation he needs, I love this so much. 'Gokudera probably didn't even mean for Yamamoto to feel it,' hhhhhhhh I'm broken I will never be okay again. 'It's not the most important question he needs to ask but it's easier.' Wow. This whole conversation is so spectacular, them sharing the details of their lives ends up being such a perfectly intimate resolution to this last night they have together.

I love how casual Yamamoto is about this memory: 'like it wasn't a significant aspect of his personality,' god, what a doll. 'But that's not what happened' is such a great line, too, I love that you acknowledge what he would have done in a romance novel versus what he actually did, it gives it a fantastic sense of reality right along with the suggestion of that hyper-romantic setting if not the truth.

'He remembers the smell of smoke, though, and maybe of cinnamon.' I swear to you I screamed aloud at this line, I really very suddenly couldn't breathe for emotion. This ties in so well with the first chapter, when he thinks he knows what Gokudera will taste like without any reason for it, and again a few chapters later when Gokudera tastes exactly as he expects, I'm crying, it's so hard to be coherent about this it's just SO great, beautifully done and beautifully executed.

"I'm not fucking cute, I'm dangerous!" made me laugh, oh Gokudera, "Yes. You are that too" exactly.

'Putting off Yamamoto's inevitable departure' I'm in so much pain, this is so upsetting. 'Watching Gokudera who's watching out the window,' ah, this is really well-framed, I love it. 'Hopeful and innocent and so /broken-hearted/,' /god/ this is wrecking me. That last little contact: 'like it's an invitation to follow even though he knows it's not,' oh, oh gosh, this chapter is beautiful and so painful and so well-done I cannot praise it enough.

And the last of Gokudera's lines. It's making me tear up in anticipation all over again, god, you have done such a superior job with this story.
tastewithouttalent chapter 5 . 5/28/2015
Wow, I love this chapter too. Shamal's choice of disease is kind of funny, I have to admit, but even around that Yamamoto's complete misery is extremely well-done and actually very stressful to read, it's really beautifully handled. And his inadvertent confession, oh my god, my heart, it is broken, I'm so shattered. I can see the rough part coming for these two and it hurts in the best way, you've constructed such a beautiful plot that this feels as inevitable as it is heartbreaking.

I'm super charmed that Gokudera spent the night, especially since this is the first time he has done so, as far as I know. Gokudera in general is so sweet in the first half of this chapter, from his panicked concern for Yamamoto to soothing him into the relief he needs so badly, I just find his careful treatment of Yamamoto gorgeous and heartwrenchingly sweet. I wouldn't have expected this scenario to be as touching as it is but you pull it off really well, it's stunning. Gokudera just coming in across the floor to curl around Yamamoto really does a thing to me, and his running stream of insults is adorable, honestly, he gets so defensive on Yamamoto's behalf for the state he's in.

You also do a really alarmingly evocative job of describing how sick Yamamoto feels. 'That's a tentative term' is so telling, I know exactly this feeling, and that brushing his teeth is 'a far-fetched dream,' poor baby. (I did laugh about 'really smutty gay romance novels he reads,' oh Yamamoto, you so would.) And god, the way you describe his hard-on is /actually/ painful, as he says himself, not sensual at all as much as pure agony. 'He whimpers and tries to follow them,' god, my heart, it is shattered and I love it. I really like this scene, it's something between caretaking and sex with an emphasis on the former and I love the way you describe Yamamoto's situation, that he /passes out/ when Gokudera touches him, that his reaction is so violent it's more pain than anything else. Gokudera apologizing breaks my heart, god, and 'terrified purr,' oh man, this is so evocative, and 'the most spectacular and excruciating thing he's ever experienced,' jesus, your phrasing is so, so good here. AND THEN THE CONFESSION god and it's clear what it is, perfectly obvious well before Yamamoto confirms it in the next section, these two are always at such odds with each other it's shattering.

'Yelling for all he's worth' is really stellar too; I can hear it clear as day in Gokudera's full-on shout, it's great. 'Such a disdainful tone paired with what should be a beautiful word,' ah, this sums up their relationship and breaks my heart. 'No one should be sanely entertaining thoughts of love about someone they've only known a few days,' oh child, Yamamoto is such a wreck and I love it so much. 'Just as clearly as he knew it when he first saw Gokudera standing at the mouth of that alley,' god, I'm ruined, I'll never recover. I love the way they interact here, that Gokudera doesn't speak to Yamamoto but does touch him with all the tenderness he lacked that second night together, and speaks in English so Yamamoto will know what they're saying. 'Working his jaw like his next words are going to be painful to say': this is such a great phrase, really evocative in the best way. And I love that Shamal speaks in English, deliberately, at the end there, god, it's so perfectly pointed.

I love Bianchi and Haru so much, god. 'The kind of fearsome intensity only women can manage,' ha, this is perfect, it's so them all over and I love it. Yamamoto's little piece of logic about not asking Bianchi where Gokudera is is fantastic too, funny and bittersweet and really sad, this whole chapter is just painful and sad. 'Ignorance is bliss and he knows that better than anyone. He's Yamamoto Takeshi.' Ohhh god I'm broken I love this so much, wow. 'Even though Haru isn't Gokudera,' oh man, this is great and painful and sweet. I adore that Haru knows him so well, that she's managed to learn all these details about him without visibly trying, I just love Haru and I love your characterization and I love this relationship, even if it is by necessity platonic.

And then the end! God. 'Gokudera's snarling but he looks as painfully awkward and uncomfortable as Yamamoto feels,' these two, istg they will be the end of me and I will be happy to go.
tastewithouttalent chapter 4 . 5/27/2015
I continue to adore the interactions you write between all these characters. Haru and Yamamoto is a great way to start the chapter, and it's wonderful to see Haru being intuitive as she sometimes is, even more so than Yamamoto himself expects. I love that she's too loud, that she drops her fork and talks more loudly than Yamamoto would like, it's so perfectly Haru in tone. And how easily Yamamoto admits to it, like once asked directly he doesn't make any attempt at all to dodge the question; it's so in-character for him too, I love.

'He's pretty sure he fell in love with Gokudera the second he laid eyes on him.' Oh, Yamamoto, I'm pretty sure of that too. It's sweet that he just...kind of...ignores the information Haru gives him, that he would rather believe the best rather than the worst. It's very in-tone, again, for his character, and very endearing as regards his feelings for Gokudera. And 'that warm welcoming grin that always seems to get him out of trouble,' I know that smile, this is perfect evocative.

'The 3,000 he didn't spend on Gokudera,' this is such a great evocative line, I love.

I really like Yamamoto turning the information over in his head, considering all the things he doesn't know and all the things that don't make sense; it's perfectly reasonable, and his desire to hope for the best is clear even in the face of the evidence. And I adore his reaction to Shamal, how instantly furiously jealous he is; it's really wonderful to see you work in that burst of killer instinct in him, that it's like a switch flips and he's ready to actually murder someone if he has to. 'When Yamamoto didn't know his name' is a great way to set the timeline, it says a lot about how Yamamoto himself is tracking time and is a lovely touch.

I love everything about your description of Shamal. 'Something that looks very much to Yamamoto like affection,' is great and then 'leans into the younger man with an open ease,' 'presses a sloppy kiss to his forehead,' this is just so Shamal all over it. 'Shifts with gravity' is a lovely line, as is 'Yamamoto's gut kicks'; this whole scene is super evocative, I adore it. 'Forgets how to breathe,' wow, it's hard for /me/ to breathe with how panicked Yamamoto is.

'Tries to melt into Yamamoto's side' is such a great description, you do so well with these lines. I love Yamamoto's uncertainty about what to call Gokudera, now that he's not sure what he is, exactly, and I love that Shamal speaks in English and that you are actually keeping track of the languages that everyone speaks, it's a really nice touch. 'Mentally debates the pros and cons of knocking him out' made me laugh, even with the tension in the scene, and I love that Yamamoto lashes out but then reverts to his friendly instincts a little, it's a nice dichotomy he's dealing with.

I'm dying about Gokudera correcting Shamal on Yamamoto's height, just. That is my favorite part of this chapter, honestly, extremely closely followed by that 'boyfriend' line, oh man, I squeaked the most delighted noise.

"You can't just go around opening doors looking like that," god, I love how flustered Gokudera is by this, it's really nice to have him being a little bit possessive in his own right. I love how jealous Yamamoto is, I really do, that he licks against Gokudera's mouth to check for something 'that shouldn't be there,' that he just gets more aggressive instead of less. "You look like a /whore/" is such a great line, I got shivers. The description of Gokudera's jeans - specifically how low they sit - is /genius/, brilliant work on your part. I love that Gokudera doesn't even really get mad about Yamamoto asking him if he's a whore, that he's too distracted by what's happening, and /then/ he calls him Takeshi, oh my god, I really love this chapter. I adore Yamamoto demanding that he say it again, that he bites Gokudera 'just above his heart,' that really sticks with me. 'So mad and so horny and so desperate,' wow, god, I really love the tone you set and maintain here, it's noticeably distinct from the other chapters and really intense in the best way. I love that Gokudera likes how rough Yamamoto is with him, that Yamamoto wants to use the sex itself as a means of possession, that Gokudera just /caves/ to everything Yamamoto asks or demands of him without more than token resistance. "I'm yours!" was really. God, just so great, so fantastic to have between these two, and so, so much more true than Yamamoto thinks it is. And I adore that Gokudera takes back control exactly as he matches Yamamoto's challenge, that he insists he's clean and that's it, he's back in charge again. God, this is such a good chapter and such a good scene and I am so endlessly grateful for the existence of this story. Thank you so, so much.
tastewithouttalent chapter 3 . 5/26/2015
Oh my god, I love this chapter so much (and not just because of the sex scene although I am /definitely/ appreciative of that too). The very first line is charming, made me smile even through my sympathy, poor Yamamoto, and I love the way you establish the setting, with Yamamoto working through his physical discomfort and the pleasure of the setting and then Gokudera just appearing, like a shadow coming clear. Your description is amazingly evocative, from the little coughed noises Gokudera makes to the way he looks standing in the window without a shirt on, and god, I don't blame Yamamoto for completely derailing.

I love your phrasing here as in the other chapters: 'an empty, silent vow,' in keeping with hangovers everywhere, yeah. And I adore the line about 'Yamamoto doesn't know how to categorize him anymore,' like he's just completely at sea except for knowing how much he wants Gokudera. The description is spectacular, all the sharp lines and jutting angles ('his skin stretches across his bones') that make Gokudera who he is, combined with the everpresent tangle of jewelry he favors. 'The storm in his eyes' is perfect, a perfectly apt description, beautifully done.

I love the way they talk to each other. Gokudera's snappishness: "Don't say that like it's such a prize" and Yamamoto's unaffected delight: "But I /want/ to kiss Gokudera" pair so, so well together. I love that Yamamoto gains comfort as he goes, that even as Gokudera lashes out at him he just keeps pressing for more without recoiling. I laughed at the 'somehow managed to mistake an apparently well known composer for a prostitute,' oh Yamamoto honey. It's nice to see when Yamamoto does kind of recoil a little, that he wishes 'just a little bit' that he weren't here.

"Yes mine. Fuck, I just said that." This is so great, so in-character and on-tone and just fantastic. And then 'something spicy that burns your mouth but tastes good, too good to stop,' ah, this is amazing, a perfect description of cinnamon but also Gokudera, of course, god, I love this so much. And Gokudera getting flustered, ah, this is adorable and sweet and so charming, I love the way you write them both so much.

The interrupted kiss is great, really well-timed and well-handled, and I love the conversation through the door; you make all four voices wholly distinct, it's really well done. And then finally getting that stalled kiss, god, I appreciate it so much, having them together when they both know who the other is, and I love that they don't really talk about it, they just jump right to the physical attraction because they both /know/. 'Gokudera tastes exactly like Yamamoto thought he would,' god, this is so great. 'Beveling' is such a good word, too, A diction there, wow. The entire sex scene is really fantastic, really detailed and /really/ hot and man, Gokudera just worked Yamamoto completely incoherent before he fucks him senseless is my exact aesthetic, thank you so much for writing this. 'The time they feel they're allowed to spend' is really nice too, very evocative and a nice reference to the first time when they /didn't/ have that time. And I really like that Gokudera presses his face in against Yamamoto's shoulder; that's a really nice detail and really affectionate compared to what he's let himself show thus far.

'Yamamoto doesn't really think he should have expected more.' Ah, this hurts but it's so great, it's so on-point, and Gokudera winding their pinkies together, my heart is breaking in the best of ways. Another fantastic chapter, thank you so much.
tastewithouttalent chapter 2 . 5/25/2015
I love this chapter. The reveal for Yamamoto that Gokudera is not, in fact, the prostitute he took him for is very well done, and I love how completely abstracted he is before this, just enough to completely miss all the relevant pieces of information that might have tipped him off sooner. Your tone for Bianchi and Haru is spectacular; I can hear both of their lines in the character's voices, Haru is a total ridiculous sweetheart and Bianchi is just purringly dangerous, I love it. I love, too, how fast Bianchi seems to see through Yamamoto and Gokudera both; neither of them are being at all subtle and I appreciate that she just sweeps in immediately.

I really love your repetition of the 'not a prostitute' line: 'maybe not a prostitute' at the beginning, 'probably a prostitute' as he starts to convince himself back around, '/clearly not/ a prostitute' and finally the satisfaction of 'never was a prostitute,' it's so so beautifully done and feels poetic, like a refrain.

Your description of Gokudera is striking, too. 'Acid eyes' is perfect, you hit exactly the right level between beauty and the nasty streak he has, it's fantastic. I love Yamamoto's phrasing: 'this man, this Gokudera Hayato,' it's got such a nice repetition to it, and then 'the shadow of his wing bones beneath the light,' wow, actually breathtaking, I love.

The description of the glass of amaretto is amazing, intensely evocative and speaking to Yamamoto's complete inattention to the conversation. 'Because he does not have any idea what a metronome is' made me laugh, oh man, and 'Yamamoto thinks it would be terribly romantic...and so he leans back' is genius, fabulously constructed and very, very funny. The entire way you construct this conversation really deserves applause; you make the relevant information perfectly clear for the reader even as Yamamoto completely and plausibly fails to put the pieces together due to his lack of attention. 'He doesn't know how to deal with that either' is really striking too, helps to set off Yamamoto's faintly desperate anxiety and makes me really sympathetic for him, poor thing.

'Stops revolving so suddenly that Yamamoto loses his balance.' This is a perfect description, this is a perfect phrase, this is amazing. And the follow-up, 'with a crash and a rush of wind that Yamamoto can almost feel,' this entire momentary interlude is amazing.

I am also more relieved than I can say that Bianchi clarifies her relationship to Gokudera immediately; you neatly sidestep the usual miscommunication issue, which I'm very happy for. And I love this conversation she has, that she's asking the right questions and knows the answers already but is trying to draw Yamamoto out because he's 'too afraid of his own emotions to speak.' And the line about Yamamoto's relief, 'it's entirely possible his heart may give out from how large it seems to have swelled,' what a beautiful line, you have all these turns of phrase that are particularly evocative and really help set the emotional intensity of the story.

Poor Yamamoto. He'll learn very soon not to accept anything from Bianchi. Another wonderful chapter in a wonderful story!
tastewithouttalent chapter 1 . 5/24/2015
I really, really love this fic. I got it recommended to me by a friend and when I started reading it I read the entire thing start-to-finish in one sitting, which was...more time than I had intended to spend but well, well worth it. I'm doubling back now to leave the reviews it deserves because this is a really fantastic story, truly.

I love your characterization throughout, but especially how rapidly you establish it in this first chapter. Yamamoto is on-point, sweet and smiling but instantly, painfully into Gokudera, which is my favorite variety of Yamamoto, and Gokudera is all sharp edges and rough words but gentle touches and I love it an enormous amount. Having read the rest of it the scene with the actual proposition is fascinating; you do a great job of making it seem completely, 100% plausible that that is exactly what it is, but on a readthrough the actual fact of the situation is all there too, it's stunning.

I really like how you open this chapter, too, that you refrain from using Yamamoto's name for a large period of time and that the first sentence throws the reader into the situation immediately. And I like that Yamamoto finds it 'romantic,' he would, that's such a nice touch of his character here. The way you describe his easy disconsideration of his concerns is perfect too, very evocative of that exact feeling of 'I should be worried but this is too exciting.'

'The man's manner of dress tells him he won't be insulting anyone when he puts forth his proposition,' I laughed at this, god bless Gokudera's fashion sense. 'Blow his mind and take his wallet dangerous,' what a fantastic phrase, it's perfectly evocative and perfectly Gokudera at once.

The entire dialogue they have before the sex itself is really well-executed, too; I love that Yamamoto is seeing all these giveaway for Gokudera's discomfort and just kind of ignoring them, because he doesn't have any experience with this and he's completely out of his mind with desire. This first scene, too, is breathlessly intense knowing Gokudera's actual situation and feelings in the moment; it's stupendous, I love it.

'If Yamamoto was a thinker, and he isn't.' I love this line, it's fantastic. This entire paragraph, really, is so wonderful, such a great combination of near-poetry and then sensual reaction, it's fabulous.

Your description throughout the blowjob and the sex is /amazing/. I love that Gokudera holds onto Yamamoto's hips, that Yamamoto sets the pace for the blowjob, and I really like how casual he is about the condoms; it's not something that usually gets mentioned in fics, and in this situation in particular it really helps ground out the scenario you're setting up. Gokudera biting Yamamoto's back is amazing, and then /licking/ him, god, what an amazing mental image, thanks for that. And then the inversion, that Yamamoto set the pace for the blowjob but Gokudera decides it for the sex, and then Yamamoto /begging/ for more, oh gosh, what a thing. 'Barks a moan' is a really apt description too, and I love that Gokudera ends up wrapped around Yamamoto, that in and of itself is a lot more affectionate than he ought to be.

The last pair of short scenes are amazing. You do a really elegant job of the reveal that, as we knew, this is Gokudera, but also that he's a pianist and /also/ that he's interested in Yamamoto beforehand. "You claim you can't stand," heh, that's it, isn't it, and I love that he corrects Bianchi and that he's looking at Yamamoto as he speaks, ah, my heart.

And that last line. Wow. Striking and perfect and beautifully set up and, just, what a good.
Deactivated00424649 chapter 8 . 3/1/2014
Oh... My... God...
This story has literally been like crack to me and IM sorta depressed now that it's over.
It was simply amazing, I can't. I can't even put it into words the feels I get from this.
Great job.
incurableinsanity chapter 8 . 7/27/2013
This story was beautiful. I really enjoyed reading it. The characterization is flawless and the story just flows naturally. Beautiful job. :)
Nicole1612 chapter 8 . 5/28/2013
waaaaaah what a great story x\\3 !
I really loved it so much and enjoyed reading every line of it
well done darling x3 thank you a lot
Nnnvnt chapter 3 . 12/13/2012
i'm loving this so much.
Lordess Meep chapter 8 . 8/3/2012
Hi! I read this story of yours back in LJ but I was sort of embarrassed to post a review, because I'm weird that way :P ...

But then I was going through the FFNet 8059 stories and this came up and I just HAD to submit some appreciation because 'Cigarettes & Cinnamon' is one of those many factors (like Middle Range doujins and excellent writers within the fandom who produce high-quality, in-character stories) which actually got me shipping 8059.

And this is only my second yaoi pairing which I ship, so there. :D

That said, first off Gokudera tops (I feel so proud - partly embarrassed, but mostly proud - that I know these things now). Cue bucket loads of nosebleed. And even better, they don't feel off as characters. I personally enjoyed their interactions which are very in line with their canon counterparts.

Well, mostly I enjoyed the tasteful smut present and how helplessly entranced Yamamoto is by Gokudera (to be fair, who isn't?)

And, ah, the fact that Gokudera actually used to attend Namimori Middle was a bit of a surprise, but a nice way to connect him back to Tsuna and the others.

And 'Epilogo'. Doubtlessly my second favorite chapter (after the first one, of course. The first chapter was MINDBLOWING, really). So adorably domestic and with the pets! I melted all three times I've read this chapter after finishing the story (and countless others :D ).

Nearly forgot - while Haru was characterized well and Shamal was a devious little pest, I absolutely loved whenever Bianchi appeared. She's such a huge 8059 shipper, she makes me grin. -

So, yeah, bottom line - you're brilliant and you're one of the reasons I now wholeheartedly ship 8059/5980. And seme!59 makes me swoon and drop my handkerchief (and make me lose all coherent thought, too, apparently).

Thanks for sharing!

- Lordess Meep
No Longer Writing FFs chapter 8 . 12/10/2011
I think this is easily one of the greatest AU fanfics I have ever read. I love how you approached the couple, the characters, the whole plot itself—everything about it screamed AU, yet at the same time, I couldn't help but feel that it was SO canon.

Thank you so much for sharing this. It truly was an amazing story to follow!
Kimihearts chapter 8 . 10/13/2011
That was sooooo HOT! you totally rock this fic! Thank you for your masterpiece.
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