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MultiplePersonas chapter 18 . 11/3
So much action in one chapter, it's hard to decide where to begin. I'm actually surprised that onions are good weapons against Shadowkhan, since that was never established. Yes, I know that Oni are hurt by them, but Shadowkhan always seemed more like living shadows.

Love the element of Nameless. A giant feathered snake that fights evil? Yes, please! Kinda mad at you for giving Paco something awesome and then just snatching it away, but, then again, Paco just kinda sucks as a character, you know? He's got Jade's fanboy qualities, but none of her cunning or courage.

Blankman's awesome, too. I can see him going toe-to-toe with any one of the heroes, even if he'd always lose. And it looks like Jade's on track to gain even more power. Gotta say, she's fallen pretty far, what with how she just treated Tohru. He may be trying to stop her, but it's gotta occur to her that he's using nonviolent force. I'm still a little weirded out by the talking Shadowkhan, though. And I'm wondering if similar plots will still happen with the remaining masks. Probably not, but I'll find out.
MultiplePersonas chapter 17 . 10/28
This chapter was a little hard for me to follow, partly from all the shifts in time and space, but mostly because I'm kinda lousy with names. Loved the scene where Tarakudo killed the elders, though, and that awesome speech from Left. Is he really that different from Right?
MultiplePersonas chapter 16 . 8/10
I think this was my favorite alternate version of a season 4 episode yet. Like many fans, I hate Paco, so it's good not to have him doing too much. He was around just the right amount here, moving the plot along and supporting El Toro without making himself annoying. It helps that his interactions with Jade were super limited.

El Toro was perfectly in character with his mannerisms and fighting style. Nice to see he's working his way back up through the ranks, rather than sticking with tainted victories. It shows how honorable he is. You did miss one thing in his fighting style, though. Like Hak Foo, El Toro calls his attacks. The formula is (location in Mexico) (type of wrestling move). He's full of them.

I liked Finn in his role here. He got the shaft with Ikazuki, after all, so it's good to see him commanding an army. But, yeah, he found a way to screw it up. Also, classic Jade. She's turning into a demon and still finds time to trick-or-treat. Well, who can say no to free candy?

The best thing of all in this chapter, though, was the fights. Real nail-biters, edge-of-my-seat sort of stuff. As usual, Hak Foo was the best, but Jackie and Right were great, too. Awesome work, as always.
Curse Of Kings chapter 29 . 6/21
When are the sequels coming out?
Curse Of Kings chapter 22 . 6/21
Considering Megan is evil, I don't think making her a secret agent is a good idea.
MultiplePersonas chapter 15 . 5/15
It's weird, but until now I've never thought of the idea of female Shadowkhan. To be fair, only the first tribe really looks human enough to give the feeling of sex characteristics, and I never really thought of them as living beings that breed, but rather constructs with basic problem-solving abilities, but I still feel silly for never giving thought to females. It's even weirder to think of them with matriarchs, which I admit is a little sexist.

The scenes with the sage were even better written, practically playing before my eyes. I loved the descriptions of the things they found, and what they represented. Noting the description of the sage's size, though, I have to wonder if he's Tohru's ancestor...
MultiplePersonas chapter 14 . 5/2
By far the best part of this chapter was the fight choreography. It is very difficult to make it interesting to READ a fight, even if it would be super cool in a visual medium, but you pulled it off here. Drago and Karasu's fight was intense and detailed, absolutely perfect.

So now there are even more sides entering this conflict? I'm really losing track here. Kudos to you for writing it, but I'm getting pretty lost here.

One thing here that made me laugh: Actually calling the weapon the Hammer of Chui. Chui literally means "hammer". He's wielding the Hammer of Hammer! Sorry. As the Monkey King said: I have a weird sense of humor.
Guest chapter 18 . 4/10
I love Ratso!
Zabel chapter 29 . 3/19
I enjoyed this novel. I hope there's still more to come.
MultiplePersonas chapter 13 . 2/21
My favorite scene here, hands down, is Tarakudo's flashback. That fight was awesome, like an old-fashioned movie, and played out just beautifully. Fights with weapons are tricky for me, so I have a lot of respect when somebody can do it well.

Jade's imprisonment was tense, and it's a testament to her incredible willpower that she managed to hold out until hope arrived. So many people say they'd rather die than submit, but Jade almost went through with that promise. Mad props (can't believe I just said that...)

And now Drago's on the scene, which makes me wonder if Jade was still going to end up running Section 13 in the future, since that was why he went back to destroy her in the show. Eh, I'll find out.
MultiplePersonas chapter 12 . 2/8
In the entire JCA series, I don't think we ever saw anything as weird as a half-snake Jade trying to wriggle free of a magic sutra. Kudos on that, and making the imagery so vivid! Though I would never, absolutely never, be surprised by Jade's ability to wriggle out of things, it's always awesome to see her do it.

Other highlights of this chapter include Jade's visual display of her plan (absolutely hilarious - I could actually see her drawings in my head) and Jackie and Viper's fight against Ozeki. I'm also impressed with this Wisker character. Section 13 agents have only ever had one chance to shine (Agent Tag, of course), and it's easy to forget that they're very capable. Wisker takes all of this seriously, and fights hard, despite not having the tools to win.

I'm not really sure what storm is gathering here, but there seem to be a lot more sides in this war. It might get difficult for me to keep track after a while.
MultiplePersonas chapter 11 . 12/7/2019
I see references to Avatar: the Last Airbender and Teen Titans, just for starters, and I'm guessing some Naruto, too. And just some very classic elements of common nightmares, like being late and not doing your homework.

This chapter didn't really have a lot of substance, and therefore not a ton to review, but it was a fun break from greater drama. Jade's nightmare and all of her aspects were good for a laugh. Funny you should bring up Uncle trying coffee for the first time, though - his first appearance in the series had him laying into Jackie for not making a fresh pot. Early-installment weirdness, I guess.
MultiplePersonas chapter 10 . 11/15/2019
This was an exciting take on an episode that I, too, never really loved. The episode had a lot of Tarakudo and a lot of Scruffy, and you made a good story despite the lack of the former and the possession of the latter.

Can't blame Macdonald for trying to set up Jackie and Viper (lord knows the fanbase has), but the real comedy is how little investment he has in the battle. He helps, sure, but he's playing Cupid the whole time.

I'm noticing less snark from Jade. Is it because of her change in personality, or just because it's deceptively hard to write? Total sympathy if it's the latter, though.
MultiplePersonas chapter 9 . 9/6/2019
Those two parts sure were different. The first one was really creative, showing off personifications and representations of all of the aspects of Jade's mind. I love when people do that in fiction. There are so many cool ways to interpret the mind and personality, it always ends up enjoyable. Her heroic aspect alone was amazing. So hilarious! That said, I feel like a little more detail could have been given to his hammy behavior, to really turn it up to 11.

The other half was harder for me to follow, since Japanese folklore isn't my specialty, and I'm even worse with Japanese history. Still, the imagery was strong, and the characters were compelling. This story really deserves all of the praise it has gotten.
MultiplePersonas chapter 8 . 8/28/2019
Well, that was exciting. Most of the chapter was a drawn-out fight scene. I know from experience that those can be really hard to write, so kudos.

As always, Hak Foo is hilarious in combat. I always love when people question his moves' names. I get the feeling that half are real, half are made up on the spot.

The nature of this artifact is intriguing, too. And for once a magic object is properly guarded. Can you believe the Pan'ku box was just lying there in the show? Dumb. But these monks are the real deal. Clearly the trained most of their lives for this. I will note, though, a small mistake: When Brother White was first mentioned, he was called Brother Light. Just calling 'em as I sees 'em.

Seriously, though, this chapter was a lot of fun and just the break I needed right now. Sorry for such a long break between reviews.
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