Reviews for You Touched My Heart
ShadesofStrange chapter 12 . 9/1/2016
Yay! Sequel. Can't wait. I enjoyed this story a lot! Good job ;)
haylli chapter 12 . 8/28/2016
is the sequel going to feature:
Shirosaki - the bratty - but adorable - little brother
Zangetsu - the respectable mentor
Senbonzakura - the impulsive inner best friend?
they're all amazing Zanpakutos who played BIG parts on the character developement of their respective wielders.
divprince chapter 12 . 8/28/2016
amazing I really love this
Tee chapter 12 . 8/25/2016
I just found this story the other day and now I just finished reading it, and I must say I enjoyed it and I am now looking forward to the sequel.
SagenWarrior chapter 12 . 8/22/2016
Can't wait to see the next one! Thanks!
ichinosetokiya01 chapter 12 . 8/22/2016
Thank you and I am glad you are making a sequel this story is AMAZING!
Engkantada1905 chapter 11 . 4/29/2016
Kyaaaa...I love, love, love your story. You are one amazing writer and can't wait for your future works. Your hard work and precious time is greatly appreciated, thank you very much. Well done and good luck with your writing x
kuroh chapter 11 . 11/22/2015
countinue please I want to read more
Eumenida chapter 11 . 3/22/2015
very nice work... will you continue it? ... you have left the plans that the others were are gone do to make Byakuya confess ... you could make some more chapters with that... plz if you continue it send me a message ... i can't wait to read it ... thank you
AkiraNatsume chapter 11 . 1/30/2015
Awe. How cute. Sequels please.
TezuSezu chapter 11 . 1/11/2015
KYAAAA! I really do like this story thier love is deep, alright ...
but , there's some typo there and there ...
like a power that orihime use to bring ichigo's mrmories back is spelled as ' sante kesshun ' ... and many others too ... like Ishida's name is 'uryuu' , not ' uruyu'
... do you continuing this story ? i'd like to find another byaichi moments that piercing my heart with joy like this ...
you wrote it brilliantly and i'd looking forward sequel ...
thank you for write such a wonderful story !
TokusatsuLuv chapter 11 . 12/20/2014
This is truly very interesting to read; please update soon
duchessme chapter 11 . 10/14/2014
it was adorably that the end?epilogue would be great if it is
limnamae chapter 11 . 9/17/2014

I just finished your lovely story and I really really like. I was hoping that you would consider continueing it or is it finished? I hope the two of them them will live a happy ever after with a ton of kids. Adoption or maybe Ichigos hollow would allow him to become pregangt. How does Hollows get kids? do they? Or vizards?.. Hm. A question for the author here then.

Anyways I hope youll update since its been a year since the last time and that you havent lost interest in this story because its damn good.

With love and cookies from Denmark
Jazzybella chapter 11 . 6/19/2014
So yummy. This was great to read. I kinda hope there is more. *sigh* Great writing : )
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