Reviews for His Eleventh Hour
Clever Lass chapter 1 . 1/2/2012
Beautiful. Absolutely beautiful.

I, too, have a strong attraction for redemption stories... and for the same reason you do. We're sisters! Thank you so much for redeeming Hook for me.
Kittie Darkhart chapter 1 . 4/19/2010
This is, for a certainly, a very interesting conclusion to your ‘Unexpected Joy’ series. I truly enjoy the spiritual aspects that you have incorporated into each—most especially, with this one, in particular. For indeed, as sad and heartbroken as I am to see the end of our beloved Captain, death is truly, a most inevitable, if not most assured part of life. None can elude it—not even a certain Count, in all his centuries of living, could.

Nevertheless, I have to say that you captured Hook's ending rather beautifully, with his demanding that the doors be opened and everything, and then realising that such hadd been a metaphor for the spiritual doors of one's soul all along. Again, very beautifully done. I also enjoyed all of the allusions to Barrie's novel—Tap! Tap! I simply love that old, familiar tapping from his former school. Floreat Etona, James!—and his noble past as a certain Duke of Monmouth that you so intricately bound to his character! His speaking in French was also a pleasure to see, as well. Really, Hook simply must speak French before he dies; it would indeed be very bad form if he failed to do so. And what is this, a doodle-doo? Oh, no...that is the last thing that Hook needs to hear at the moment. Peter, stay away! For once, just stay away from the bloody window!

The final moments between Hook and Wendy were also very touching, as was the ending. It was so heartwrenchingly moving, just as Hook's eyes—those beautiful forget-me-nots closing forever—were, most certainly, a very beautiful touch to the series' finale. As for the doors, I cannot help but think of William Blake's 'Doors of Perception' for some strange reason. Ack! I'll just quote it, since I'm in a very Blakean mood at the moment…

'If the doors of perception were cleansed every thing would appear to man as it is, infinite. For man has closed himself up, till he sees all things through narrow chinks of his cavern.'

Yes, this conclusion echoes Blake. Definitely. I cannot help but wonder if you were thinking of the old Romantic, when writing this! (Big grin.)

Anyway, again, despite the fear of sounding a little redundant, this story is indeed, again, very well done. Honestly, I can think of nothing to improve this story. I am touched by it, truly. And...well, since we are on the subject, I can only wonder if we shall ever see one of Wendy's final moments, as well, since her thoughts are only vaguely expressed, which is understandable, of course, since this is her husband's story, after all. But still...maybe you shall, one day, grace us readers with Wendy's Eleventh Hour, as it were. Maybe she will hear echoes from her own past, as well as the sound of a very impatient Hook waiting for her. It is a thought! ;D

Well, until your next story!

Best wishes,

— Kittie