Reviews for HTLJ: The Weeping Maiden
Cruelest Sea chapter 1 . 11/25/2014
QueenYoda chapter 1 . 8/11/2013
I think thsi is my favorite story of yours. I've read everyoen pertaining to teh series so far, and even though I just got into the T.V show, or T.V at all really, I'm obsessed with finding every good story about Iolaus and Hercules I can get. I think you really bring out the love and respect in their friendship to an ultimate height, what with your awesome writing skills and advanced knowledge of all things pertaining to. Nice job.
animefreak2015 chapter 1 . 11/1/2012
absolutely delightful. thanks for sharing.
Whirlwind421 chapter 1 . 10/3/2012
Yes, I rather like your version of Apollo! And of course the writing, the story, and the characters were magnificant! And I think you have an affinity to nearly making the boys nearly die once a story!
Ginger Ross chapter 1 . 4/21/2010
Well this is definitely a good story however, I would just like too say in regards to this story... This is a good example about Hercules thinking how he knows everything there is too know about life.

Hercules is so blinded by his self-hatred of himself and the shame of his families eccentric ways that he absolutely knows nothing about his RELATIVES... This of course is away for Hercules too dis-associate himself from his RELATIVES, as Hercules tends to call them like he thinks that he knows them.

And Hercules claims that he knows his brother ARES? Please he doesn't know Ares, that brother did not ask to be born as the god of war. Ares still has to get his orders from their father Zeus king of the gods' in order for him to even begin a war, or does Hercules know that?

Hercules would listen to a mere stranger give their story about their lives but, if it is his RELATIVES then he won't bother too, which makes him Zeus son without a shadow of doubt, because his own father doesn't listen too his family at all.

You know what I think Hercules is a coward, I think he's afraid to know his families history. Here is a suggestion what if you do a story and send Hercules WITHOUT Iolaus into the past during the War that the Olympians were engaged in with the Titans.

Suppose Hercules meets Hera his so called wicked stepmother a woman not yet corrupted by and unhappy marriage too her cheating husband because of course they are not married yet.

What if also Hercules discovers that Zeus his father was imprisoned by the other Titans as punishment for killing Kronus his father a piece of family history Hercules tends to ignore and lets say that Zeus has been in this prison which he himself can not break out from for the last 10 years.

Lets say that Hera Hercules' stepmother has found a complicated way to break Zeus out of the Prison by breaking the hyeroglpyhics code that the Titans are using not apart of Egypts pantheon but, apart of the Aztec Pantehon .

Let's also say while in the past of Hercules relatives history Hercules has to team up with his uncorrupted stepmother to help her break Zeus out of Mayan Pantheon after all this is all myth's and legends

Look all I am saying is that Hercules bashes his family way too much, he needs to be brought down a peg or two or he will be his Relatives at their needs to know who he is it is great that accpets the fact that he is mortal but, also needs to accpet the fact that he is semi-divine as well.
Dawn Ford chapter 1 . 4/17/2010
That was a touching story. On the one hand how come Hercules' never apologised to Apollo for all the awful things' that he had ever said about his half-brother?

Hercules didn't even go and check on Apollo afterwards'. How come you didn't have Hercules got yell at Zeus', the whole time that I've read these stories not once has anyone ever held Zeus accountabily for the wrongs that he has done.

Hey maybe you should do a similar story about Ares? After all it wasn't Ares fault that he was born as the god of war in the first place. Zeus made so many mistakes and cruel changes within his children perhaps' with Ares it was worse than before.

Maybe Ares never wanted to do War but, was forced to be the god of war we all hate through Zeus' selfish needs.