Reviews for Another Sentimental Journey
Harry2 chapter 20 . 5/8/2010
*Hoists glass of wine* To a author who truly knows how to write Fantasy Island. May your muse NEVER get tired of these tales! And I hope, as a fellow author, that you can get your documents worked up on CD Rom. I look forward to more stories, as Leslie grows in knowledge as Roarke begins to groom his successor!
jtbwriter chapter 20 . 5/8/2010
That was a great wrap up-I love the mental pic of the triplets asleep on each other! And Rory will have more incentive to behave now! Thanks for the memorable trip to "The Island"-and I look forward to your next tale!
PDXWiz chapter 20 . 5/8/2010
Wow, he's up and moving around! At least he's moving slower...

Remember when, indeed! The look on his face was PRICELESS!

He wanted to live. And then he got the letter from Solange and decided to REALLY live!

Yup, embarass your mom, Rory...sheesh! LOL...

I bet Roarke would be really happy to tell some more stories!

Ah, yes, Pamela Franklin was opposite Lisa Hartman in Magnolia Blossoms...but you forgot to mention Dack Rambo and the other guy who played the love interests there...

Alex Cord...oh yeah, he never was really able to become a star. I liked him, though. Meredith Macrae! That was it, she was the love interest in that one.

Rarely are two parts of one episode as memorable as Portrait of Solange and Also-Rans. Sweetness and comedy all around.

Sitting Duck and Sweet Suzi Swann. Chuck Connors at his worst! Not as an actor, but as a character.

The Perfect Gentleman/Legend. I have not seen this one yet. Andy Griffith as Judge Roy Bean? Hahaha. That should be good. I know Paul Williams would have been good as Jimmy, and Michelle Phillips as Andrea.

The Winning Ticket/Naughty Marietta. I have not seen this one yet, either. But that is a fabulous cast, and three of them had other FI roles, memorable ones.

King of Burlesque/Death Games. Another one I haven't seen. Rich Little would have been good, and Joanna Pettet as well.

I did see Remember When, and that was good. Crescendo was the one with Toni Tennille in a Beauty and Beast music-related fantasy, and a good one, though I can't recall Three Feathers off the top of my head. I do remember thinking that the title reminded me of the classic 30s film about cowardice called Four Feathers, which was remade a few years ago starring Heath Ledger. Haven't had a chance to see either yet... I have forgotten The Appointment, but I do recall Mr. Tattoo. The musical numbers which were kept in were decent and the four would-be romantics were pretty well cast for each other. And I do remember that number. It really was once-in-a-lifetime. I wonder if that was the last time Ricardo Montalban sang and danced on screen?

I'd say the Alzheimer's diagnosis joke was pretty good...and realistic. Hope that the cd trick works!

Great story and again you've managed to outdo yourself overall!

PDXWiz chapter 19 . 5/8/2010
Yeah. Under the circumstances, it is quite likely they would be so deep in their thoughts that they wouldn't notice what they were given or that they were drinking it.

Nice that everyone came by and many left cards for him. I can well imagine Tattoo sending every person a thank you note for their kindness. Roarke might be the boss and Lord Mayor, but frankly, Tattoo would be the most popular. Not universally loved, but everyone could talk to him. He'd at least say hi if he was busy. The island lost a lot of happiness when he married Solange and left.

Christian is probably the most popular person on the island now, thanks to the twin auras of royalty and celebrity. He also made a big point of talking locals if they talk to him (even if they do ask they same tiring questions).

Perfect timing! He's out of recovery now...

Yah! It was a success!

Depression? Oh no, I forgot about this part!

He knew they were going to be there. How touching. Now that is the faith that Roarke expects him to have, instead of always asking when Roarke describes the fantasy, Can you do that?

Yes, losing Helena was painful. But you will make it, Tattoo! Fight it! Fight it! YOU WILL LIVE!

Dying is easy, but surviving is harder.

Yes, think about Tony Chilton. He lost his father. He lost him as a little boy, before he could know him. And he lost him as a grown man having become friends with him. And Leslie lost her mother and younger sisters. If she loses you...but she isn't going to lose you, ya dork!

Fight it, Tattoo! Fight it! Your life isn't over yet!

Of course you are going to make it!

Oh yeah, Ace Smith. The short scene with John Fiedler. He really, really, really enjoyed that fantasy! Maybe it was the last Red Baron fantasy...who knows? Tattoo must have become a good pilot with those old aircraft.

Ah, I see, he hired a real pilot them. I'm glad he is having the fun...

Oh yeah, Santa's girlfriend. That was a humdinger of a screwup!

Okay, yeah the Ripper. The other clear mistake. And Frank Barton, too.

That's right. Did he do it on purpose? Well, I don't think so. Most people would not have bothered to go into someone's house. Maybe a garden variety criminal, but he probably would have just run off, I think.

Yeah, just look at all you are missing! Sheesh! Or, that you would be missing...

Yay! He feels better!

Yay! He's making the faster recovery from major surgery at this hospital!

Love IS the best medicine in the whole wide world, along with laughter.

Hehehehe! Excellent scene! Excellent chapter!

PDXWiz chapter 18 . 5/8/2010
Good: some of the employees came to the hospital, too.

Of course it is a serious injury. Many head injuries are serious.

Now that is true: Leslie would be worried about ruining everyone's vacation, during her first attempts at official assistant, at this age. It was much different when she came back to the island after Teppo was killed.

And Leslie is correct: he's a very important part of the operation. Things would be much more difficult for Roarke if Tattoo wasn't helping out. He could do everything, but it would be highly time-consuming.

Oh yeah. Joe the Genie. I have no doubt Leslie would have played in the snow and have a great deal of fun.

That's right, Tattoo was messing around in winter clothes and Roarke teased the heck outta him!

Yup! Tattoo is complaining about a beautiful woman taking care of him! Tch tch tch!

Not good, but at least they can operate on it. Imagine if they couldn't do that!

That's right, Tattoo should come through with flying colors. He is pretty healthy and lives on Fantasy Island, with its excellent climate and healthy foods.

Oh, that's a wonderful idea. Not sure Roarke could pull it off, even with the help of his partners in the operation.

Oh yeah, that song and dance team. (Rolls his eyes and chuckles...)

Hahaha... yeah, that's right, the hat wound up in his face...

Yes, all of Leslie's friends would be known to Tattoo, and vice versa, so they would naturally be worried and extend their best wishes.

Kid Corey...hoo boy, did Arte Johnson ever have the wackiest fantasies!

That was a funny fantasy. All's well that ends well, in this case, and Ned learned a lesson.

That's right, Tattoo does enjoy the impossible! Good byplay with Robin.

Yes, the Charles Raines fantasy. Very bittersweet. I think that was one of the better stories.

Oh yes. Susan Lohmann and Edmund Dumont. Don't remember who the guy was although I know he a person of note, but she was played by Toni Tennille and James Hong was the butler/manservant. Well-played part, I might add. A true Beauty and the Beast fantasy.

Birds? Oh, birds outside his window. Like at the window...harsh memory there, pal.

Intense scenes, well done! And again, having Leslie involved makes everything that much richer and deeper.

jtbwriter chapter 19 . 5/7/2010
Whew! That was touch and go-but I love how Mr. Roarke and Leslie managed to get Tattoo to believe how important he is to them-and how cared for! Thanks for the humor at the end-now what?:)
Harry2 chapter 19 . 5/7/2010
Well Tattoo made it through the surgery in one piece, even if they had to use the paddles to bring him back. But I think he is right about one thing: Roarke had best start looking for a new assistant and soon.
LadyMarianne123 chapter 19 . 5/7/2010
Just so you understand - I'm at working and reading this. This is how addicted I am to this story. How scary for Leslie and Roarke to have Tattoo's heart stop not once but twice! How sad that he would think it was time for him to go...he needed to understand just how loved and needed he is to that group. Sigh!
More please!
LadyMarianne123 chapter 18 . 5/6/2010
Oh,how heart breaking! Another epsiode I don't remember but in a way it doesn't matter. You write it so well it's like I did watch it. Leslie is trying so hard to be brave - poor thing. And Tattoo in the thrall of his sedative bring back Roarke's memories of his marriage and it's ultimate sad!
More please!
Harry2 chapter 18 . 5/6/2010
SO many memories! So many great Fantasies needed to help keep Tattoo's spirits up! And one memory that meant a lot to Roarke as well. Now, its time to prepare for that surgery and hope it works out for the best.
jtbwriter chapter 18 . 5/6/2010
That's awful-the waiting and worrying about Tattoo-but Leslie did a good job of hiding her fear. The way Mr. Roarke reacted-very bittersweet-even he can't control the past! I love how Leslie's emotions enable him to release his own-thanks! Now what?:)
PDXWiz chapter 17 . 5/5/2010
Judging the skydiving from on high? Sounds like a good way to push him out without a parachute...

This 'pentathlon', especially the skydiving, sounds like a forerunner of today's extreme sports, including the X Games or the Gravity Games. That precognition factor is usually associated with Star Trek, not FI. But very cool nonetheless... skydiving for Leslie! I can't see any of our heroes willingly try it except maybe Roald or Rudolf and possibly Errico., rather pterodactyls in the stomach instead of butterflies! Very cool twist of phrase there!

Omigosh! I didn't realize HE was skydive! I thought he was just going to monitor from the air! Holy Amberville!

Ah, I figured Vanessa would try a trick with the 'chute. Standard operating procedure... but good, the backup worked.

Ah hah! She did trick you, and did it then, Tattoo! Well, the boss won't be angry with you. You did the right thing by getting her some water, if she had really been feeling hot.

That's right, Leslie. It would make her the same as she thinks Roarke is.

He's alive? Wow...I didn't know he was! (Then again, I haven't seen this episode yet...)

Ah... an undercover agent posing as a tennis pro! Clearly ripping off I, Spy, starring Robert Culp and Bill Cosby...

But a happy ending for her, discovering her husband is really alive...

Yay! She and Leslie forgave each other! And hopefully they'll come back for that real vacation...

Hahaha...he 'made' her apologize...LOL

LOL about the garter in the face...

Oh...Tattoo's accident from Remember When...probably even harder on us with Leslie there and her strong attachment to her 'Uncle'...

Yes, you can't go on like this with your number one assistant injured and the stress on both you and Leslie, and your employees who like him. I'd like to know what fantasies got cancelled and if they got redone later... Hopefully they received what they wanted, and more importantly, later...

I wonder if Tattoo learned to slow down after this...

Excellent chapter and continuing excellence over inserting Leslie into the story appropriately.

jtbwriter chapter 17 . 5/4/2010
What a twist-Vanessa beaten at her own game and yet she gets her husband back! And Leslie has fun with Tattoo and Mr. Roarke at her own expense-cute! But Tattoo's accident-sigh. That is a cliffie-thanks for the tease-I think! Now what?:)
Harry2 chapter 17 . 5/4/2010
Well, at least the situation with Vanessa finally worked itself out. And I, for one, am VERY glad about that! Now, lets see about this situation with Tattoo! He always meant a lot to both Leslie and Mr. Roarke.
PDXWiz chapter 16 . 5/3/2010
Another stressful time for Leslie. Poor girl...

Whu...why does SHE need the protection? Other than, obviously, protection from Tattoo or Leslie.

Heck, maybe even protection from Mephiboy. Anyone who kills Roarke and prevents him from getting Roarke's soul is likely getting on a *VERY* short deathwatch list instantly...

So he's hiding something, eh? That would make him look all that much worse...

Strong, intense emotions flowing here...but in the end, I know they will overcome them because of their deeper feelings for each other...

A Queen Anne barn? Hm, wonder what that would look like...

Someone else is trying to kill him? That will upset Tattoo and Leslie even more...

Well-written paragraphs...I can see the action happening almost in front of my eyes...

Another attempt at dealing death? Wow...

Nice, deep discussion between Roarke and Leslie...

Good, very intense chapter! Again, adding Leslie, you've soared in your writing...

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