Reviews for Glimpses
Emilx311 chapter 1 . 1/4/2011
I loved it, different from fics, but the diversity was interesting.

#11 made me aw it was so sweet, but we all know that beneath his hard exterior that's what Erik is really like. And as for my other fav. #31, run Raoul run :)

xdark.flowerx chapter 1 . 6/22/2010
hehe this story made me giggle and ponder too


Plot bunnies...of doom!

Dysthymic Panda chapter 1 . 4/18/2010
(Bloody hell, I'm sorry ;A; This 'review' is more talking and random quotes than... well, anything worth reading. But I did promise myself that I'd review everything, so... You're welcome to delete this if you'd like.)

Ring - X3 I'm curious now, too. Particularly cuz I can't decide if it would induce an angsty or humorous reaction :3

Hero - Yeeps! Good thing Erik was there... I don't wanna see Raoul-kun go splat again D:

Memory - That... is tragically romantic and bitterly sweet. And it would be redundant of me to say why, so I won't :3

Box - stupid!me is stupid, and doesn't quite understand this one... OTL gomen ne T_T

Run - Heheheh _ How can any of Erik's obsessions ever 'run their course(s)'? Raoul-kun's gonna be stuck with him until both of them are dead _ As it should be.

Hurricane - XD Raoul-kun's just not used to cleaning up after himself, ne? Reminds me of 'N is for Natural' in the "Alphabet Game". Sore ja, sasu ga Raoul-kun, ne? So it's just like him _ (...a different part of me would like to clarify that that was my way of saying Raoul seems IC to me here.)

Wings - XD Y'kno, some people consider chocolate to be an aphrodisiac.

Cold - "A little jealousy in a relationship is healthy. It's nice to know that someone is afraid to lose you." :) Tho, "...received form Raoul..." Typo?

Red - D: Aw, it doesn't seem fair that either of them should die from their bodies simply breaking down... Especially if it's Erik, cuz for some reason I have it in my head that he's immortal.

Drink - I really love the parallel structure in this sentence :D But mou, Raoul-kun /really/ shouldn't drink to ease the pain... it's not gonna work, and alcoholism is bad D:

Midnight - Now Erik needs to wake Raoul-kun up for a new years kiss so they can stay together, ne? _;; That's only supposed to work on January 1st, but it doesn't hurt to try.

Temptation - "Your eyes, your shoes, it's hard to choose, but the best thing about you is the way that you move..." Now somebody needs to jump the other, ne? Afterall, the theme is 'temptation'... might as well give in.

View - XD It's prolly better if Erik stares at Raoul-kun instead of the performance, ne? Cuz Raoul-kun makes him happy, and the performances rarely meet his standards.

Music - Mwee hee _ I love the idea of Raoul being just as entranced by Erik's music as Christine was (and the idea that music could bind together).

Silk - X3 But resisting the other badTouch!urges? Impressive.

Cover - A personal business trip is still a business trip :P

Promise - As it should be _ I'm glad Christine won't be causing any more hurt feelings or insecurities, then.

Dream - And in "Imaginary Friends", ne?

Candle - Finally sensing Erik (or who I assume to be Erik), and at the same time losing the sense of sight? Hmm... blind!Raoul... :D

Talent - dramaQueen!Erik ftw, ne? XD But I'm curious about the other quality Raoul referred to was...

Silence - XD It's like how sometimes boys pull on the pigtails of girls they like, ne? ...damn, now I wanna draw Raoul-kun with pigtails. It's gonna look weird orz

Journey - "I knew it from the start, this could be so hard, but what would it be if it were easy?" And Raoul-kun bled... :D

Fire - XD Cute.

Strength - Eh... sounds a little bit too much like a generic love quote to me...

Mask - Anou... The notion is semi-sweet, but it seems a little bit cliché to me. I dunno, it just seems like with a simple name change, this sentence would make sense for any Erik/whoever pairing (except E/C 3).

Ice - Mild schadenfreude on Erik's part, ne? _;;

Fall - Much love for the colors used to describe the leaves... so vivid and poetic o And autumn is my favorite season so, eh... this sentence made me happy _

Forgotten - Awah, karma's such a bitch sometimes D: So now it's Erik's turn to work hard, ne? Ganbatte ne, Erik! Please don't let him simply give up.

Dance - XD Considering Raoul-kun's upbringing, it probably would be hard for him to adjust to the female's role in a dance, ne? They're probably stepping all over each other XD And that sounds cuter than it should X3

Body - It would be /really/ freaky if the body/prop/whatever was the Christine-mannequin, ne? :3 And I can't decide if this one is sweet cuz to Raoul Erik's presence means explanation for anything weird happening, or if it means that whatever's happening, Erik will keep him safe. Maybe it's a little bit of both? Or, eh, I'm being stupid again orz Ignore me OTL

Sacred - Ouch XD It's scary thinking of just how enraged Erik would be if someone did that.

Farewells - "Honest goodbyes only work once or twice, they work once or twice, then the rest must be lies..." ...that quote has nothing to do with this sentence, but I was reminded of it anyways orz And an uber big 'aw' for Raoul-kun; it's really very lonely and painful to be the only one working hard to keep a relationship together... Ganbatte ne, Raoul-kun! Please let him try his best, and even if it becomes too much, please let the red string of fate tie them closer together.

World - Hm, good way to describe Erik's obsessiveness :) And of course Erik wants Raoul, ne?

Formal - So someday, Erik's just gonna jump Raoul right in front of the managers, ne?

Fever - Of course not 9_9 XD I wonder how long Raoul-kun can stay in denial like that...?

Laugh - Slightly related to 'View', ne?

Lies - A lot of sources say that love is selfless, but I have actually heard it once that love is selfish. So I hope that if Christine really does come back, then that line most definitely is a lie, and that Erik and Raoul won't let go of each other.

Forever - Anou ne... I think this sentence /really/ needs context. Otherwise it kinda just sounds like a generic love quote :/

Overwhelmed - That... makes a hell of a lot of sense. I wish I had the words to describe the psychology behind it. ...nevermind, ignore me, I'm being stupid again orz

Whisper - Firstly, the title of one of your other fics is in this one, and that amuses me more than it really should XD Secondly, Raoul-kun should really be careful about what he wishes for... it's so much easier to lie with words than it is with actions.

Wait - Aw, unfair D: I don't like the idea of one of them using the other as a rebound... that makes me sad T_T

Talk - "Just wanna know ya, just wanna talk to ya, I wanna hear about your day..." Preemptive strike if Raoul just jumps him XD

Search - ...I dunno why when I read this I always think that Erik's dead down there and that the only thing Raoul-kun's gonna find is his corpse X(

Hope - Umm hmm...? This one doesn't make much sense to me without some kind of context...

Eclipse - Mou, "what's so great about sunshine?" Poor Raoul-kun :( Btw, I love the use of the word 'brilliant' here _d

Gravity - "Hey love, I am a constant satellite of your blazing sun. My love, I obey your law of gravity..." Cute _ And nice parallel structure here again :D

Highway - XD But of course. It's for Raoul-kun's own good, afterall. And this one gave me amusing mental images X3

Unknown - Insecurity is sad :( But I guess it's better for Raoul-kun to take things as they come and live in the moment instead of constantly worrying all the time... that's really tiring, and it sucks all of the happiness away.

Lock - Aw D: "If something is unknown, you may as well be curious about it..." Maybe he should just break in and find out...

Breathe - Hehe... Sou yo ne? Of course, because Raoul's death belongs to Erik _

Misc: Yay and lotsa congrats for you for completing the 1 sentence challenge! o It really is a challenge to limit oneself to just one lil sentence (go go run-ons and semicolons!), but a lot of interesting ideas always pop up during the process, so it's good for trying to work through a writer's block. Or that's been my experience with it, so whatever :3 Point being, you definitely deserve some kind of reward... ice cream bars, maybe?

In general, I really like how a lot of these sentences subtly imply the theme rather than blatantly shoving it into the reader's face and forcing them to choke on it. That's something that usually bothers me about 1 sentence challenges, but you avoided that pitfall admirable _ And without recycling the same ideas too much o Since one sentence doesn't seem like enough to fully express an idea, a lot of times sentences end up being linked together, or a lot of them reiterate the same idea, only reworded to fit the theme. So yes, I'm very impressed with the way you handled this challenge. Thank you very much for all of the wonderfulness packed into these sentences _

(Ending this not-really-a-review on a weird note? Might as well... So yeah, this is the part to skip.)

I can't figure out where that quote comes from OTL It's in English; there's no way I'd recognize it... damn bubble. I think I might actually be a little disappointed... Oh wells, I'll just continue to be a stalker. ...that's not really a good thing orz Gomen ne _;;
Ja es chapter 1 . 4/18/2010
Brilliant! You are a amazing writer I must say and to do such a hard challenge as this? (And do it fabulously, might I add) Hehe, you do Raoul/Erik wondrously, how you're able to put a unique presence to each one and how you weaver them together with your writings, I have yet to find anywhere else and it is quite addicting.

okay, I'm babbling now, but I always get giddy when you put out new work. Keep it up! You're amazing!
Kittendragon chapter 1 . 4/17/2010
I think with "dream", "memory", and "forgotten", you have the basics of a very interesting story. ;) Enjoyed it, as always.
Mallie chapter 1 . 4/17/2010
I'm impressed that you managed to keep them to one sentence, even with semi-colons.

I'll admit AmnesiaRaoul could be interesting, but I'm curious about the room Erik keeps permanently locked. Also the fact that Erik is allowing more comic operas? How long before he decides to write one himself? Then *he* would be the one making Raoul laugh. What would Erik see as humorous? Other than Raoul slipping in ice that is.

Oh, and the quote is from 'The Body Breaks'. Wish I could say I recognized it right off;though I knew if was familiar, but I blanked and cheated by looking it up.
whatevergirl chapter 1 . 4/17/2010
Lol, I loved it. Especially 2 and 26.. Gotta admit that 15 was just a little creepy though! :)
dimorphic chapter 1 . 4/17/2010
Oh, these are darlings. Well, some of them. Some of them are a fair bit painful but only because of the tragic you twisted into them.

I have to say, the majority of these would make wonderful stories... hint... hint... hint. I giggled more than once, and it's brilliant how you managed to squeeze so much into one puny sentence.

P.S. I haven't reviewed your recent stories yet because I'm too apathetic about everything right now, not because they're not amazing.
The Crazed Artist chapter 1 . 4/17/2010
-sighs wistfully- Somehow you are able to take a single word, along with a sentence and transform it into a little story. Those were amazing. In my opinion these were the best:

#3 Memory for Best story idea - this is such a perfect little seed to plant and grow into a full blown story. The whole "Lover-forgot-everything-so-I-must-be-brave-and-remind-them" idea is a bit over played in my opinion, (And very rarely done well) but I believe with your talent, for making more realistic characters and situations, you can pull it off. (Though knowing you, you would drag it out over 35 chapters and drive me insane, even if it is a happy insanity)

#9 Red for Best Heart Jerker - Oh good lord, I read this and actually whimpered. WHIMPERED! Out loud too. All I could say is "No, don't kill Erik too!". Bravo, another one that is potential story. (but can easily be a one-shot)

#23 Fire for Funniest Line Ever! - Sorry but I couldn't help but to crack up at this one. Got the image of Raoul and Erik both standing and staring at the smoldering ashes, Raoul saying that line and Erik glaring at him for a second before pushing him into the ashes.

Overall this was excellent! Keep on updating, it's good to know you're alive every so often -grin-


The Crazed Artist

(Ps. so tempted to draw a comic strip of #23, probably going to keep me up all night just thinking about it)