Reviews for Gekijoban Academy Kamen Rider: Lost Champions
OMedal Brigade chapter 2 . 10/31/2011
LOVE IT TO HELL! that's what I can describe the AKR series.

I've been busy for the past year so I was really behind on this series. Anyway, I have also caught up on the series and was wondering if you'll be accepting OC's for AKR term 2 still? I have actually several of them, but they use the same system.

They're all part of a group called the "Ooo (Ozu) Brigade"

Name Date Amatsu

gender: Male

Main Combo used: Tajadol

Appearance: Black hair that's a regal style and brown eyes, tall, always looks regal and clean.

personality: Polite and respectful towards others, but doesn't show any facial expressions in public.

hobbies: watching the clouds, painting art.

name: Daru Nekone

gender: Male

Main Combo used: Latoratar

appearance: Long Messy Blonde hair and blue eyes,uniform always looks messy.

personality: laid back, carefree, eager to please

hobbies: runnning

Name: Bob Gorogawa

gender: male

Main Combo used: Sagohzo

appearance: short black hair and green eyes. has a sturdy build and wears glasses.

personality: wise, caring, gives advice to others.

hobbies: bonsai gardening

Name: Yuya Umineko

Gender: Female

Main Combo: Shauta

appearance: long red hair, hazel eyes, freckles.

personality: easygoing and easy to get excited. But when is Shauta, she is more cool under pressure

hobbies: surfing and creating new sushi and sashimi dishes (usualy in comedic failure)

Name: Ieyasu Kabuki

Gender: Male

Main Combo: Gatakiriba

appearance:short curly black hair, brown eyes, African in race

personality: cooperative with others, cautious and calculating.

hobbies: break dancing,

Name: Goro Roshi

Gender: Male

Main Combo: Putotyra

appearance: spikey brown hair and blue eyes. face is in a permanent scowl. uniform sleeves are usually tattered or torn off completely.

Personality: Lone wolf but will work with others if necessary, easy to enrage, doesn't care about how others think of him. when using the Putotyra combo, he develops a desire of trying to cause as much damage as possible to either the enemy or the terrain

hobbies: training.

Name: Asumu Kazuma

Gender: Male

appearance: average size, tanned skin, blue eyes, and brown hair. has some tribal tatoos on his right arm

Main Combo: Tatoba (but can also use the others)

personality: Leader of the OoO Brigade, oblivious about some things, not interested in romance.

name: Saya "Wani-chan" Karakuri


appearance: long blonde hair tied up in a ponytail, flat chested, green eyes that give an intimidating glare often.

Main Combo: Burakawani

Personality: Loyal towards her friends and teammates,but develops crushes on riders that have a reptilian motif or on reptilian kaijin, friend or foe and tries to get them to change their ways if they're the enemy, but will destroy them if left with no choice. She acts as second in command of the Brigade. She also does wrestling moves on any guy who insults her or makes her angry for any reason.

The Drivers: All the members have an Ooo/Ozu Driver so that they can transform all at once but Asumu has the original one. the others are referred to as O-Readers and they're programmed to handle only one specific combo, though random combos don't affect them. But should another combo other than the one occur, the system will overload and kill the user instantly. everyone except Asumu starts out with random combos, as using regular combos will cause fatigue on their body.

History: The Brigade was formed after the riders (then just civilians) found the O Medals and the driver in a stream. Asumu was the one who discovered that the medals and driver could turn someone into Kamen Rider OOO. After he showed it to a friend who was with an organization, the O-Readers were developed and given to the friends as they all dreamed to become riders. They then decided that they would all enter the next tournament as a team since they're technically one rider.

Gear: Asumu is the only one who uses the Medajalibur, the others just use the weapons that come with their Arm Medals although .

Notes: The faculty of the Academy are constantly debating on if they should treat the Brigade members as different riders or treat the group as one, as they're aware that Asumu is able to take on the same combos as the others and that the others aren't a mass produced rider system like the Riotroopers.

Also, there's three copies of each set of core medals, excluding the Shocker, Kangaroo, and Panda medals. each member has two copies, one for their main combo and the other to swap with their teammate's for random combos while Asumu holds onto the rest for his own usage while. In other words for example there can be two Gatakiriba Combos being used while a third member is using the third Kamakiri Medal in a random combo.

Also for the members who use O-readers, address them as their combo names or civilian names.

Finally If they're used, don't have all of them be introduced at the same time. It'll be an interesting plot to have Erik and co. believe that they're all the same rider at first.

That's about it. if you want to change anything that doesn't work or don't like, go ahead and change it.
Lifestream chapter 2 . 5/26/2011
Really impressive fanfiction. you really are able to handle alot of characters and make the story fluid. Anyway, I was wondering if you were accepting OC's still. I have one based off of a Yugioh 5D's monster.

Name: Makina Sakamoto

Kamen Rider name: Kamen Rider Lifestream

Rider Appearance: looks like a Feminine version of a Riotrooper, as in a skirt and torso armor that's contour to show her figure, a white cape, and the helmet is a cross between Ryuuki and Agito in appearance. In addition, Lifestream has a speargun mounted on her left arm that is red while the spear is silver.

Powers: Lifestream isn't really an offensive rider. she emphasizes better at defense and healing. She's able to help speed up healing and manipulate energy blasts through her speargun. She is also able to transform her cape into four white dragon wings for flight. She also has a hidden ability of being able to merge with certain riders.

Lifedriver: resembles a V-Buckle with a vent deck included, but there isn't one. To transform, the user has to insert a key that resembles a feustle into the side. to change form, a button is pressed.


Power form: a heavily armored form. Appearance is reminiscent of a Zect rider's Masked form but instead of just being "casted off", the armor (which is the same bronze color as the rider armor) is actually able to also combine together and be attached to the right arm to create a drill, secondary speargun or a cannon. Unlike Zect Riders, this form is not the default form. This form is more offensive and powerful, but is still very weak compared to other riders.

Stream form: default mode for Lifestream.

Quasar form: When Lifestream is Synched with five compatable riders, she and them are able to assume these forms. they go into their strongest forms appearance wise but the colors become (Navy Blue for jumpsuit and white

personality: lonely, optimistic, pacifist, easy to worry, and honest

bio: Makina is a Blade Dorm student who has a hidden burden and supernatural talent. She's able to "Synch" with compatable Kamen Riders (Riders that are like Yusei and Lifestream in a certain similarity) and boost their powers significantly. She's always optimistic no matter how bad things get. She always worried about the well being of others, including any foes, and tries hard to settle things peacefully and will resort to fighting if there's no other choice. She is deeply burdend by the fact that she has to win the next tournament at all costs or else she will be denounced by her entire family with nothing to her name.

feel free to change anything you don't like. If you use her, please have her become a really close friend of Rito Inukaze (but not a romantic interest), should he become a protagonist. Also should there be other riders who are based the Signer Dragons, and there's one for each dragon, think you could have Makina be the catalyst for triggering their Ultimate Forms (Including Yusei's Penultimate form if Castling form isn't his final?)
GokaiViolet chapter 1 . 4/28/2011
I hate my computer... it automatically posted without me finishing

Ride Keys: the keys allow Aprire to change forms (Shift Keys Blue, Black, and Yellow) and use weapons (Gear Keys Red, Violet), but there's special keys that Aprire can use on other riders. These Rider Keys summon a special weapon that suits the rider the key is used on. A Rider Key is inserted into the center of another rider's Rider System with a keyhole that materializes. Aprire says "Let's unlock you,(rider name)." whenever he uses a Rider Key on a fellow Kamen Rider.


Base- uses the yellow Shift Key. lets Aprire to fly short distances. Rider Kick is called the Lockdown Assault, which has Aprire

Speed- Blue Shift key. the torso armor is replaced with one similar to Ryuuki's, and is entirely blue but in different shades. Finisher is a highspeed corkscrew kick

Power - Black Shift key. Torso armor is shaped like Diend's and has gauntlets similar to Ozu as SaGoZo. all Black in coloration but the visor is yellow.

Gear Keys:

Red: summons a rifle like blaster that can seperate into two hand held blasters. primarily red in coloration, but with silver highlights

Violet: summons a beam saber like melee weapon. hilt is deep violet while the "blade" is magenta

Personality: Curious, cryptic, helpful

bio: A student who is on the student council. (if there's one, if not disregard it) He has a habit of saying things cryptically all the time, as well as poking his nose into affairs that interest him. He also likes to test the lower Classmen to see if they have potential. If they do, then he personally helps them out in getting stronger or unlocking their strongest form and controling it.
GokaiViolet chapter 1 . 4/28/2011
this is an well written fanfic, I have to say. I can't wait to read Term 2.

anyway, I hope you're accepting OC's still. I have one in mind that I hope you can use.

Name Sayon Vanler

gender: male

Kamen rider: Kamen Rider Aprire

rider appearance (base): Body armor is similar to Accel Booster's but the jumpsuit is gold (where the cyan is), and grey and similar to kamen rider Diend's. Helmet is similar to Birth's but the visor is red and doesn't have the gashapon like decal that's on the top of the helmet.

Keydriver: rider system that is used with Ride Keys, it's shaped similar to a faiz based rider system but instead of a cellphone being inserted, a key is inserted into the right side.
Tajador chapter 2 . 2/26/2011
(sorry, didn't mean to cut off the first post so early. )

Goro Kotomi pt.2

appearance: hybrid version of kamen riders Inti and Quila.

driver: Solstice driver (resembles the DoubleDriver but is black)

weapons: Solar Divider and Crescent Edge and Solstice Blaster (which came from a deceased rider from Kuuga Dorm.)

personality: calculative, cold, sadistic, disrespectful to the deceased.

bio:He doesn't care about respecting the deceased and takes things from them that he considers being wasted resources. His rider system uses the exact same memories that Doug and Taichi had, as he stole them from their graves, as well as a weapon from the grave of a fallen Kuuga dorm student. He enjoys bringing pain to others whenever he gets the chance. He desires to create the perfect rider system, and will do anything to get what he wants.

I hope you can use him as a major antagonist (especially as an ally of Dark Decade), and be a personal archenemy for Augen. Feel free to change anything you don't like and I can't wait to start reading Term 2!
Tajador chapter 2 . 2/26/2011
poor Augen... losing his friends twice... I wonder who Dark Decade is going to be, anyway, I have a few OC's that hopefully can be of use.

Goro Kotomi

age: 19

sex: male

rider name: Kamen Rider Solstice (W-based)

Memories : Taiyou and Eclipse

appearance: basically a hybrid version of kamen riders
GataGorTah chapter 2 . 2/24/2011
man. only one word can describe the whole story, LEGENDARY!

I hope you're still accepting OC's. I came up with two OC's that can be an excellent minions for Dark Decade if he's a bad guy.

name: Yugito Oniguro

gender: female


age: 16

Rider name: kamen rider Elegy

rider appearance: red (primary) and violet (accent) version of Kivala but without the sword and has a belt similar to Kiva's. eyes are green. weilds a scimitar with a jagged blade.

Kivat bat: Kivati (blue female kivat bat with yellow eyes.)

finishing move: Elegant Bloodfrenzy. Elegy moves around the foe in circles, continuously slashing at the foe in a graceful manner, almost looking like a dance before the foe explodes.

Yukino personality: extremely flirty, quick tempered, friendly, gullible.

Kivati personality: arrogant yet caring, hates all other Kivat bats except Yukivat, who she has a crush on. older sister figure to Yukino and is over protective of her

notes: She's not really evil, she was just decieved into fighting for the wrong side. she questions why Kamen riders and Kaijin fight each other often.

Sogo Koizumi

age: 80 - appears as age 25

sex: male

race: Fangire

Rider name: Kamen Rider Beelze

Kivat bat: Kivago (entirely black with blood red eyes. twice as large as a regular Kivat bat.)

rider appearance: resembles Kiva Emperor but armor is all black, with green eyes. cape is white yet tattered at the ends.

Finishing move: Hell Screecher - Beelze leaps into the air before doing a drop kick while an earsplitting screech is emitted.

Sogo personality: belives humans are under him, deceitful, takes pride in killing victims, bloodthirsty.

Kivago personality: cold towards everyone, including Sogo.

fangire form : Crocodile

notes: Sogo is loyal to only himself, but follows Dark Decade out of respect. He activly deceives victims as being a nice guy to gain their trust before he strikes. Sogo and Kivago don't get along that well.

Feel free to change anything you don't like, I hope that you can use these two even if Dark Decade isn't going to have minions. I hope that you can at least make Sogo a personal archenemy to one of the protagonists in Term 2 while Yukino becomes a love interest for a character later on. (if by any chance there's another rider that'll be a counterpart to Yusei, let Yukino be the one that can allow that rider to access his own Majestic form or something similar to it.)
vikung-fu chapter 2 . 8/30/2010
I was a bit at odds with the idea of an evil Egyptian force being named after a Jewish angel of death but, this aside, I really enjoyed the story ~ not only because I realised, halfway through, how much I've come to care about Erik and the AKR cast but because it was a damn good adventure.

I know you had a really hard time putting this together but it paid off, sir.

The end result is really different from previous 'movies'.

Also, I'm glad to see Asuka back in action, of course!
vikung-fu chapter 1 . 8/13/2010
This chapter really sets the scene well. It's nice not only to be reminded of past events but also to gain an insight into the way some of the characters viewed them after they happened.

Looking forward to sitting down and reading the full 'movie'!
Dragon Knight Otaku chapter 2 . 5/12/2010
I love this. It's brilliantly done, and you definately focus on details for the most part. I recently finished reading AKR term one and i was wondering if you'd accept OC's that use rider systems from Dragon Knight. If so, here's a few I have that I hope you can use.

Jack Williams

age: 18


Rider identity: Kamen Rider Thrust

appearance: spiky brown hair, brown eyes, tanned skin

interests: excercising, working on motorcycles, relaxing

personality: brash, reckless, short tempered, foul mouthed, lazy

bio: an exchange student who is recognized as being a hothead who's lazy. He doesn't take lightly to those that mock him for being a "fake" Rider. He tends to cuss when disturbed from what he wants to do, especially if its just to take a nap. his Contract monster is called Metarhinos, despite it looking exactly like Metalgelas.

Henry "Wrecker" Wilder

age: 19


Rider Identity: Kamen rider Torque

appearance: smooth black hair, blue eyes, pale skin

interests: blackmailing, blowing things up, stealing from theives

personality: careful, extremely cunning, deceitful, cautious

bio: a student who has a reputation as being a Theif of Theives, as he steals things that was already stolen by others. he capitalizes his ability of entering Mirror World from anywhere for a quick getaway and to uncover something he can use to blackmail someone who tries to interfere with his plans.

He has a dream of being the greatest theif that ever lived. He has a habit of using his "Final Vent" whenever he has the chance, as he greatly enjoys destroying things. His contract monster is called "Gigataur" to seperate it from Magnagiga. He currently is targeting Harbinger and Rito to steal from.

Phineas "Lang" Langley

age: 16


Rider Identity: Kamen Rider Camo

appearance: white skin, long blonde hair (usually in a ponytail when not in a disguise), his figure and face are feminine like

interests: solving mysteries, being in disguise, flirting with girls, reading mystery novels

personality: easygoing, mellow, street smart and book smart, thorough when investigating.

bio: A Sophomore year exchange student who has a love for mysteries of any kind, and as such goes out to solve them. He also disguises himself when he is solving a mystery that involves danger. he is teased by many because he looks like a girl and isn't muscular. However, he uses this to his advantage for his surprisingly attractive female disguises and is even able to change his voice to sound like a girl's to further disguise himself. His contract monster is called "Camogreeza". He sees a friend and kindred spirit in Raz as he is a dectective.
Blazer Rider chapter 2 . 5/11/2010
Love this story,got almost everything down,but you should keep track of Rito a little bit more.

I've noticed that others are posting female OC's so I'm joining in on the fun!

Sekai Shirokaze

age: 17

gender: Female

Kamen rider name: Kamen rider Vel

rider appearance:

mofif is of a velociraptor and a robot.

Suit is stream lined and has smooth armor on the shins, arms but the shoulders and chest have armor that's more similar to Zolda's but feminine shaped. there's a green gem in the center of the torso armor.

Her helmet is similar to Agito an but with fang decals on the face plate and instead of the "horn" Agito has, it has a gem in the center. the color of the body suit is gold while the armor and helmet are colbalt blue with red eyes. a pair of white spikes that double as arm mounted guns are attached to the back of the hands and can be twisted around for either use.

regular appearance: black short hair, blue eyes,slightly tanned skin, always wears a blazer that is sleeveless. tall in height.

personality: cunning, cautious, somewhat secretive about herself, honest, caring, jealous,

bio: she's a fellow sophomore student that is wanting to form a team of her own in order to defeat Erik's at everything. This is only to have Erik recognize her, as she is in love with him (you can have her fall for someone else if you wish later on). She seeks out to recruit Nobuya, Eddie, and Rito to join her team, as well as many female riders that aren't associated with Erik's group. she gets extremely jealous whenever she sees Erik nearby another girl. Shealways keeps her word and cares for her friends or allies. She doesn't talk about herself to anyone except those that she deeply trusts.

Rider Gear:

Vel Buckle: Similar to the set-touch Den-o uses but the clock emblem is replaced with a dinosaur footprint, and henshin sequence is the same. upon transforming, the Vel Buckle says " Vel Mode".

Machine Velrunner: Vel's motorcycle. It can transform into a robotic velociraptor by pressing a button on the Vel Buckle.

VelGasher: blue version of the Dengasher, but the forms used are Axe, Sword, and scythe which is composed of the hand axe Wing form uses but with the other two peices used for the boomerang attached to the end.


Vel mode: default form uses the Velgasher in Axe form. "Full Charge" move is "Talon Slash", a horizontal slash with the axe.

Triassic Mode: Armor becomes red while the suit becomes tan and eyes are blue. Velgasher is in scythe Form in this mode. "Full Charge" is "Fang Ripper", and is similar to Den-o sword form's but only the scythe tip is seperated and moves randomly.

Cretacious Mode: Vel's strongest form. Armor is green in color, the suit is shiny silver and eyes are white. the Velgasher is used as a sword in this form. the "Full Charge" is called "Raptor Impact". the sword blade starts spinning like a drill before it is driven into the opponent, causing them to fly backwards.
Xdragon212 chapter 2 . 5/10/2010
I Loved the Dragon Riders were great And Makai's Final Attack Form Ride Card was Epic(with everybody's symbol being shown on the card;thats an heck of an card!)Since everybody is posting OC's here,I might as well too.

Name: Jessica Raine

Rider Name: Ossa

Age: 19

Height: 6'6


Interests:Guitar, Motorcycles ,Having Minor Crushes

Imagin: Brook, the Skeleton Imagin

Personality: She his generally shy to new people, but once friends, she does a complete 180, showing a adventurous and tomboyish personality

Rider System:Den-O Class:She uses a Terminal Buckle and a Rider Pass to transform into her rider Buckle announces

"Bone Form". Her Rider Armor from below reselmbes a white version of Yuuki's Armor with the upper body being bulky and square. Her Chest Armor Looks like a rib cage and her shoulder armor are two skulls with her arms covered by two orange pile bunkers. Her helmet appears similar to New Den-O, but the eyepieces are two orange scythe blades. She uses he BoneGasher, a version of the Zerogasher with a Claymore Mode and a Bowgun Claymore Mode, the Full Charge is the Kreiger's End, an energized slash and in Bowgun Mode, its the Eclair's Strike, a powerful wave.

Given Name:Brook

Species: Imagin (Skeleton)

Height:7 Feet

Appearance:Wears a Black Suit with a White Tie and A Top hat,only orange Arm length gloves with Black Fingers and his head, a literal skull, show.

Personality: Is a pervert, like Urataros , but gets right to the point in a situation. When he possesses Jessica, He displays more of Jessica's True Personality to everyone with being blunt, plus talks in a male preferrs to possess her without her knowledge; somethong she hates.

I'm not sure If this one already it still free, yay for me. If its part of kabuki's Group, then i guess its too bad.

Name: Tsungire Ashford

Rider Name: Amaki

Age: 18

Height: 5'7

Weight: Slapped! (Again)

Interests: Reading in her spare time,being silent,Calling people Various insults and being rude

Personality: Like her name means, she is cold and silent toward everyone who she meets, but is such simply for the sake of it. Unlike her brother, she barely has a temper and keeps a blank expression most of the time, usually giving sharp remarks in monotone. Despite her persona, she is willing to help anyone who can stand her.

Rider System:Basiclly, Amaki is the Female version of Kamen Rider Ibuki. She has a smaller, female frame but has the same weapons, powers, and finishers as Ibuki.
Dragon Rider chapter 2 . 5/7/2010
I love how you done this story. I've also read AKR Term 1. You sure know how to write great stories. anyway, you accepting OC's still? I got two that I hope can become romantic interests to some of the characters that are still single.

Kotonoha Misaki
age: 17
gender: female
Kamen Rider name: Lambda (Faiz based)
normal appearance: green eyes, dark brown hair, white skin, slim build.
personality: Friendly, somewhat of an Airhead at times, polite.

Lambda appearance: female version of Faiz basically except for the helmet, but the metal lung contours a bit, showing that the rider is definately female, as well as a mini skirt with photon streams surrounding the edges. Photon blood is green in color while the suit is light grey, and the eyes are blue. helmet is similar to Psyga in shape, but has the visor shaped like the Lambda symbol in the greek alphabet.

Lambda phone codes
5-0-0 : used for standing by.

1-6-1-8: summons the Auto-Crasher, Lambda's motorcycle.

0-6-1-8: lets Lambda become Lamba Buster

the rest are the same as the others.

Auto-Crasher: motorcycle that is green and grey. some parts of it detatch to become body armor when Lambda becomes Lambda Buster as well as producing the Lambda Edge, a double ended sword staff created by the handlebars.

Lambda Shot - Used just like Faiz.

Lambda Pointer: used for either the Lambda Edge or to perform the rider kick .


Lambda Buster: form where Lambda is covered with green armor from the Auto-Crasher and uses the Lambda Edge, The Lamda pointer is attatched to the Lamda Edge in this form. finishing move is three slashes from the weapon. the name of the attack is called " Glittering Slash"

bio: a sophomore who is more interested in becoming a teacher there than participating in the next tournament. She's very interested in romance and always fantasize about having a boyfriend.
Amy Williams
age: 16
gender: female
Kamen Rider name: Siren (from Dragon Knight)
personality: always depressed, low self esteem, timid, shy, always takes teasing the wrong way.
appearance: blonde hair, blue eyes,model like body.
Gear and contract monster: same as the original Siren, except for contract beast, which is an identical twin of Blancwing called Whitewind. She calls out "Kamen Rider" instead of "Henshin".

bio:a freshman student that comes from overseas. She is ridiculed by her peers for being a phoney kamen rider due to Siren looking exactly the same as Femme, and having identical contract monsters. This leads to her being bullied constantly, causing her to not be confident at all about herself and deeply depressed. she badly wants to have a friend, but is too afraid due to her fear of being bullied.
Kamen Fan chapter 2 . 5/4/2010
Epic! Epic! Epic! That's the only word that can describe the story. I loved everything about it! I read TKR and AKR already but I have to help but wonder: will anyone else from TKR make a guest appearance for an arc in term 2 or join the series him/herself?

I have my own OC that I hope can be used in Term 2, since this story follows yugioh gx somewhat, I came up with a character that could be used as a main antagonist during an arc, preferably one where it forces everyone to work together.

Orochi Guuyon
age 18
sex: male
KR name : Kamen rider Guro (Kiva based)
Kivat bat name and appearance: Kivuros, twice the size of a regular Kivat bat and is red and silver with red eyes.
personality: power hungry, cruel, cold towards everyone, has no morality or remorse,

Kamen Rider Guro appearance: Guro's default form is shaped like Kiva Garulu form, but both arms are the same and the color scheme is red(where the blue would be), and grey all over the rest of the body,but has black highlights and both boots are silver and chained up and encased. He also has a black scarf that is tattered at the ends.

Lycan: black wolf shaped in appearance: allows the "Bloody Claw" finishing move to be used. both boot's restraints are removed, revealing feet that resemble a wolf's while talons extend from the fingertips.

Devil: summons the Behemoth Scythe, and turns Guro into Guro Fiend mode. where the arms are more like Kiva's in default but the red turns to black. The finishing move is called "Infernal Judgement" where the scythe blade is engulfed in black flames and swung several times at the foe, causing them to get caught in a black explosion.

Serpent: Summons the Leviathon Lance and allows Guro to turn into Guro Daedalus. Arms become more like the right arm of Kiva Bashaa but the coloring is white. Final move is "Tsunami Maelstrom" where the lance gathers moisture from the air and turns it into water that envelopes it until the lance is thrust forward. This causes the water to fly towards the target with excessive force, strong enough to level a building with one shot.

bio: a Junior year student who is corrupted by a thirst for gaining more power. He seeks out to revive Kiva the First in order to gain his power for his own. He does this through a ritual that requires three sacrifices of those who are driven by some form of dark desire, in other words, Rito, Nobuya, and Harbinger are chosen. He has no friends and is willing to sacrifice anyone if it grants him more power with no remorse, as he murdered his own his own brother in order to get Kivuros so that he could become Kamen Rider Guro himself. He claims that he exists solely to rule over all other Kamen Riders.
Kamen Rider Saga chapter 2 . 4/29/2010
Bravo. truely a great story worth reading. I've read Term 1 already but decided against posting there, since this was out. I really like how Erik interacts with the others, especially with Raz Hybrid, those two definately make great friends.I have to wonder though, will Term 2 focus on Rito Inukaze a little bit more than Term 1? I like him, but he seems to be not really developed, personality wise, as well as not having much of a backstory. an arc or two of Term 2 can definately have a role in delveloping Rito overall. Also, by how he's behaving right now, it looks like he's alone for a reason, yet doesn't want to be. It's just a feeling.

I came up with an character myself that I hope you can use during the Dark Decade Arc in term 2.

Daimon Kurohibi
age: 19
Kamen Rider identity: Kamen Rider Vice

Rider appearance: body is similar to Ixa in Burst mode, but is black (armor) and silver (body suit) with a grey cape, while the head resembles Zolda's but is black and silver.

Rider Gear:
Vice Driver: belt is like the Decadriver, but is black with a silver center. Unlike the Decadriver, the Vice Driver works with a colbalt blue card that is decorated with a silver emblem of an Asian Dragon wrapped around a green rectangular gem embedded in the center of the card.

Vicecore: a black and silver weapon that takes the form of the following weapons: Gun, sword and sheild (seperate), Lance, long sword, gunblade(a gun with a barrel that doubles as a sword), battle axe, scythe, sword and sheild combo, staff, twin hooks, twin daggers, mace, warhammer, sword whip, chain flail, arm blades, and spikes that attatch to the back of the hands. No matter the form, the Vicecore always has a card slot for Attack Ride and summoning drones via Kaijin Ride cards.

Vicebooker: just a case that holds all of Vice's Ride Cards
Ride cards:

Crush: works like the Slash Ride card, but used only with bludgening weapons like a hammer.
Blast: works exactly like Diend's.
Dispel: undoes the opponent's Illusion, Invisible, and Barrier Ride Cards or any weapon summoning Vent card (strike Vent, Sword Vent) if against a Ryuki based Kamen Rider.
Restrict: immobolizes the opponent in place for thirty seconds

Kaijin Ride: up to you which ones for Vice to use.

Kamen Ride: All Dark Riders including Accel, Gills, Another Agito, Abyss, Makai, Double, and Yusei.

Final Attack Ride: Vice Crusher: Vicecore projects a row of cards , with one of them trapping the opponent in place, then Vice either runs through them similar to Decade during his rider kick, but Vice performs a spining drop kick, or strikes the opponent with the weapon after running through them. for the gun, it's exactly the same as the Dimension Shoot.

powers: Able to negate any opponent's abilities at will, but it takes absolute focus in order to maintain the effect. The Vicecore has the ability of locking an opponent in their default form if they were struck by it, but won't work if they're already in a different form. Kamen Rider Vice has inhuman reflexes, making it extremely difficult to land a hit. Vice has no alternate forms, which is why the Vicecore has so many weapon transformations. Vice also has the ability of summoning Kaijin through Kaijin Ride cards and Kamen Riders through the Kamen Ride cards. Vice cannot turn into other Kamen Riders.

Personality: that's up to you Diddydog, except that he's completely loyal to Dark Decade

Bio: Daimon has been Dark Decade's loyal servant and "apprentice" (free to disregard the apprentice part if you wish). He never questions any orders and will always do them faithfully, even if it means his death as a result. He comes to the Academy prior to the start of the Dark Decade Arc in order to analyze all of the potential threats to Dark Decade's plans. He keeps an especially close eye on Erik and Raz after learning about what happened to Kiva the First and Frantz. Until Dark Decade appears himself, he acts like he wants to beome a friend of Erik's.
that's about it. hope that Daimon is usable. I tried to make him formidable, but not invincible. If you have any problems with anything involving Vice, you're free to change it to your liking.

thanks for reading my review. hope Term 2 is just as great.
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