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Danny vs A Month chapter 1 . 11/14/2013
Aaww. That was hot and sad. I fucking hate stories where the two that are iin love can't be together but I love stories like that.
Naramis chapter 1 . 4/2/2013
Normally, I'm not a fan of Farroncest, but out of boredom I read this fic anyway. I don't regret it!

Loved the way you took your time to describe their relationship and their doubts about making love yet again, although they feel it is not right and they must end this once and for all, but still also can't really resist the desire and their wish to be so close with their sister. That struggle gave the whole thing a very bittersweet feeling to me which the ending intensified even more. Definitely enjoyed that very much, and also I like how the ending leaves it a bit open to the readers' imagination whether or not this really was the last time or what might happen to them in the future anyway. :)
SleepyCrimson Ninja chapter 1 . 3/6/2013
kudos to you! i am one of those skeptic people, that go "eeew sh*t wtf?!", but in this NO Not. at. all. and my brain is agreeing to this statement 100% and you made my that was one some hot and steamy love! thumbs up to you! make more...i'll be sure to read :D
Christer Bleu chapter 1 . 1/14/2013
Some people masturbate to video clips on pornography websites but my guilty internet pleasure is welly written Farroncest. It's a relatively recent thing that just kind of gripped me after completing both Final Fantasy XIII and Final Fantasy XIII-2 and I apologize for waiting so long between adding this story to my favorites and reviewing, I meant to but when I look for new fan works I open anywhere between twenty to thirty tabs and work my way through it slowly.

Anyway, I wanted to tell you that you've done a good job with this story. I feel as if the way that this is worded it could have been just two incredibly close sisters or a pair of related lovers if you hadn't included the sex scene and downplayed Lightning's feelings just a tad leaving the true nature of their relationship in the subtext. I enjoyed this immensely, Kudos.

birthofthecool chapter 1 . 11/10/2012
I enjoyed that a lot. Incest without angst doesn't have that bittersweet taste that makes it so enjoyable. You provide lots of angst coupled with juicy lemony bits and that makes your story a win.
Sin chapter 1 . 8/30/2012
Such a great story T_T
badkidoh chapter 1 . 5/6/2011
this story was good.
Icy-Windbreeze chapter 1 . 2/21/2011
I'm not usually for Farroncest but maybe...just maybe you've managed to turn me so that I can accept it as well cause if you keep writing like this I won't be able to resist liking it! ;)
Empress X chapter 1 . 12/5/2010
Oho, by far, by a mile, almost too outstanding, this story is evidently a work of a writer who has practised, or at least edited.

That is not to say there weren't mistakes. So far, this praising, would mostly be thanked for the emptiness (or more accurately, lack of understanding) of the Farron sisters within this community. It is increasingly difficult for me to actually find works worth reading.

Great job, and coincidentally, your thirteenth reviewer,

GuiltyPleasures21 chapter 1 . 10/2/2010
Hi Twisty )

I figure, we kept you up all night.. and you have a sh!tton of homework to get done that you've neglected, the least I can do is get to the review I keep promising and never doing. So don't waste your precious study time to reply, but it's always nice to smile at a longas$ review in the meantime, hmm? )

And I'm about to be soo nice to you honey and look like a supporter of Farroncest -gasp- not only am I Signing this review, but I'm also favoriting your story! You should be so pleased, honey, I don't favorite often just write so damn provocatively! Yeah, it feels weird favoriting a farroncest! (especially since this is the only story on this list..) but you just write so well twistyy, I don't even support Farroncest and you're keeping me reading through it! You should be so pleased and proud of yourself! hmph! okay, getting to this actual review now..

'Lightning sighs, walking into her bedroom. She and Serah used to be very close, but they stopped sharing bedrooms a couple of years ago.'

-quirked eyebrow- a couple of years ago? If I hadn't read the summary or known this was farroncest, this would the first clue of such. They shared a bedroom till Light was 19? Nice job hinting at us early about the connection these two have, honey

Serah left the note in the bathroom, btw? Careful, you're suppose to have a kitchen thing.. ;P

Poor Lightning, all these inner angsty thoughts about missing Serah's notes, never getting home on time or not even returning home half the time, Serah moving out to the college, Snow.. after giving up all so much for Serah.. I Can see the angle of farroncest. Some things Lightning does Aren't sisterly, true, and seeing them in such a light makes a lot more sense why Lightning got so angry when Serah told her she was a l'Cie and being all disbelieving and that, but just-poor Lightning. And it doesn't get better for her by the end :( the inner turmoil's just going to eat her all up with this. And by the end, she's Still giving up for Serah..-kay hang on, ill get there shortly.. at the current spot

DX don't hurt yourself, Lightning! She's so depressed honey.. you really make us feel for Lightning :( (which speaks of your ability.. ;)

'She feels a little silly standing there smiling at Serah and a little out of character too.' XD! I'm not laughing, i swear! but reading it through a second time, Lightning talking out loud, verbally to herself and just smiling down at Serah (very touching and glad to see Lightning happy) did manage to crack a littttle smile from me. Just a little one. ;) i think it was the talking thing mostly.. XD ;)

AWW, serah's been to her bedside seeking comfort before. Poor Lightning, having to go through all this to see some lumbering oaf swooping in to take away the only person that matters to her.. :( And! ANd! Lightning thinks she's being selfish! That is utterly heartbreaking, after all she's given up for her sister and raised her and loved her, she thinks SHE's the one being selfish for hoping that Serah stayed up for her D: lightning, it's okayyy..kinda..

And even now, as Serah's inviting her, Lightning's refusing cuz she feels its wrong.. God, poor Lightning. You make her an incredibly sympathetic character, twisty, I feel so bad for the poor sister. And what Serah's doing to her-it's like Serah's the selfish one at this point. Lightning's given up everything annd her sister, trying to give her a better life, and serah's the one pulling her back in. I know Lightning wants it too, but everything's on herr and it just seems so unfair

The way you make it seem like this is the first time it's happening, to later reveal to us that it's gone on so many times before-it's utterly brilliant, twisty. It feels like Lightning is doing this with Serah for the first time for a long, Long moment and it adds to the story because Lightning and Serah 'put it behind them' like 'forgot' from the last time (though that's not really true), it throws us right down to being involved with the story cuz it's like -lightning, holy God! and Lightning Feels bad about it-she Feels guilty. Later, She is the one to bring up that they have to stop. Serah is the one to keep on "One more time' track-by the end of the fic, Lightning is Still the one giving up more because Serah's Everything to her and it's just terribly heartbreaking.

"Just like before. Just like always."

What a perfect way to make us realize that this has happened before, that Lightning feels awful that she's Let it happen before, but that she just loves Serah so much..

And Serah, the whole way through the first half, Serah is the one provoking Lightning further into it. It's Serah's voice that snaps Lightning's restraints, Serah's urgings. Serah's the one who pushes Lightning all the way through before she can't take it anymore and grabs at her sister.

At this point, I still feel Serah is being almost selfish. It's clear that this is what Lightning wants, what she needs, but it's Serah the whole way through who makes Lightning snap, pushing her till she breaks. Lightning tries to restrain herself and fails, because Serah called out for her to continue

Perhaps, though, I'm looking at it from the wrong angle. There is also the side that Serah sees what Lightning needs and provokes her to it For Lightning, but I'm more inclined to my first explanation, that Serah wants Lightning herself most (Almost selfishly. Almost) because later you have the doubt in Serah. The indecision about Snow. The desire in both of them is quite clear, but I can't help notice that Lightning is the one to break away, to take up hours at work, to create distance between them by encouraging Serah's school activities and the like-She's still the one sacrificing for Serah. And Serah stopping her before Lightning reached for her.. that was heart-shattering. Poor Lightning who's been encouraged into this, who's only reason for living Is Serah and now Serah's finally encouraged her back into the desire-and then hesitates, stops her. It makes me feel incredibly bad for Lightning and pretty glare-y at Serah. That's why I followed with the Serah is almost being selfish thought myself.

And now, when Lightning is about to go, so very close herself to orgasming, again SHE is the one who speaks, who tells Serah to stop, though that's clearly the last thing she wants. Lightning is Still the one sacrificing for Serah. And Serah makes it damn hard for her, not stopping when Lightning first told her to..

'..and grabs Serah's wrist, clenching down on it'

-eyebrow- oh? You were unhappy with my Fang when Lightning grabbed her wrist and told her no too. Not that i don't agree with you, but I found this interesting ;)

I can't even feel Lightning being selfish at all in this piece in her desire for Serah. The poor girl is utterly tortured; though Serah's own drives?(not the right word.. i cant think of it) are questionable, I Want her to keep this up for Lightning. It's the very least her sister deserves for giving her life for Serah. And now she has to watch Serah going and getting married to that big oaf.. you just make me feel So incredibly bad for Lightning, twisty, bravo ;)

"...and Lightning sees a mix of so many things in her expression. Love, lust, affection, concern, desire, joy, sadness."

Probably the first part I begin to feel a little more sympathetic for Serah, with everything about how she cares for Lightning.. but you still play on my Lightning sympathies muchh more that you do on Serah's

"instead, she turns her hand around so that she is the one holding Serah's hand, intertwines their fingers together and pins her hand down."

The bonus! XD double bonus for you, huh, with the pinning the hand down with it.. ;P I'm still not laughing, I swear! Just made me smile a little bit in the midst of all this angst for Lightning ;)

"Lightning smirks. Serah has always been particularly sensitive."

-Smirks with Lightning- ;P

(i swear, i musta missed some of these on the first read through ;)

"She breaks the kiss to pull the nightgown over her head and tosses it somewhere."

..Now i have a guilty smile on my face XD 'tosses it somewhere.' 'unimportant' XD you're tempting me twisty XD

I like, though, how Lightning's taking full control of Serah now. It seems right that she should get to do so, with all that she's given up/put up with Serah, yknow? Just makes it seem a little more fair, though in the end, Lightning's still the one gunna get crushed by this.

The ending is incredibly heartbreaking. I know they verbalized 'we can't do this again' (or lightning did, at least) I's going to happen again. Though Lightning's trying (obviously harder than Serah is too) to keep her distance, to give her sister a normal life, to let Serah live as she should and would without her, I just can't help thinking that it Would happen again. Is that incredibly wrong? Because poor Lightning's given up everything for her sister..maybe I just want them to continue (for this fic, at least) cuz it's just nott fair that Serah should be able to go on so freely while Lightning is the one holding them both back, the one who visibly has to suffer to keep them in check and try to give Serah the most normal life she can. I dunno; it's just incredibly heartbreaking ending for Light and I don't like it twisty! But I love it.. XD this is by farr your best fic. The emotion you capture in it between Light and Serah, the deep set caring we can observe that Lightning has for Serah, the need for this though she knows its wrong and tries to stay away from her sister while Serah just tempts her resilience into defeat.. just Poor damn lightning!

I'm almost out of characters.. so I'll find up by saying Nice damn jobb, twisty. It's scary how you can make this so convincing to me while I desperately try not t like farroncest ;) but this story is brilliant, and of course you should know that. So anyway, th
Crazieshado chapter 1 . 5/1/2010
Hands down the best angst Farroncest, no, the best incest I've ever read. I'm a big fan of angst, and you really managed to portray the emotions throughout the story with near perfection. The whole story is spot-on. Bravo. I love you.
Major Mike Powell III chapter 1 . 5/1/2010
Well, well, soldier...


And bittersweet. ;O;

Helluva job, marine!

Semper-Fi! Carry on!
kayeffer chapter 1 . 4/30/2010
Love it. I like how you just put them together so perfectly, plus, I like the ending. Hehe, who knows when is the 'last time' really.
flamefox chapter 1 . 4/28/2010
I loved it, very nice! But I wish they didn't have to pretend it never happened :[
sevantes chapter 1 . 4/21/2010
That was really good but really sad too i enjoyed every moment of it. Good job
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