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Circe the Valiant chapter 16 . 6/3
Good intriguing story! But I beg of you please write a sequel!
niki-nikster chapter 16 . 11/6/2016
I wanted to defer the reading of this chapter for the longest time. It would mean saying goodbye to one of the oldest and longest-running fanfictions of this forum. We are talking about six years of commitment towards weaving a story from a beloved game, the styles evolving as the milestones in our own lives did. The fanfiction is the map of your writing ability and a testament to the readers' loyalties who kept coming back for more.

This was not an intensely high-octane story. It was always different. There was tension. There was romance. There was heartbreak. There was resignation. There is hope. It all came together to make a dark, elegiac tale. What a finale.

There is a lot I would wish I said in this review, but the words fail me now. But I will say this... Euphoria was one of the establishing stories of the HR fandom here, one of those gold-standard stories that really raised the bar in the narrative of others' (including my own). I admired your work, long before we were to become friends and I was to pen my fanfiction here. Thank you for being a source of constant encouragement to all the writers who attempted to add to this universe.

This is not a good-bye.

Never stop writing.

See you on another forum, with another fic. Or in this one too! It is too lovely to leave just yet!

~ niki-nikster
KoopasRoad chapter 16 . 10/17/2016
I didn't expect this ending! It was amazing to read, especially the way you portrayed the theme of betrayal. Thank you for finishing it :)
Atonaome chapter 16 . 10/15/2016
This is the most amazing story I've read in Heavy Rain's fandom. I'm very impressed by it. It's so beautiful and elegiac. Thank you very much that you finished it!
niki-nikster chapter 15 . 10/7/2016
There's so much poetry in the violence towards the end. Gritty yet slow motion, like the iconic Bonnie and Clyde. It was a slow build-up to this moment, so here's hoping that the tension really ratchets up! Poor Norman can't seem to catch a break, can he? Keep writing, sistah! Right here and reading!
niki-nikster chapter 14 . 8/7/2016
Loving the quick updates! Keep writing, sistah, and drawing the fanfiction to its much-anticipated conclusion. Melissa appearing in the ARI as an ill-omen was my favourite part. Waiting to read more!
niki-nikster chapter 13 . 7/13/2016
So good to have you update so soon, sistah! All the best for the final two chapters! I have no doubt that they will provide a suitable denouement for the story. What a long journey it has been! Unlike the relaxed pacing of this chapter, I expect that the next two shall have some interesting reveals in store. Norman's confrontation with Melissa was definitely a turning point for the better here. And they finally found comfort in each other. It is a big step forward in their relationship. Keep writing! The eternal wait seems eternal no more!
KoopasRoad chapter 12 . 6/20/2016
Cant wait for a new update, I'm glad you will finish it :D

Again, you do an amazing job with Nahmen ;)
KoopasRoad chapter 9 . 6/19/2016
Im not done yet reading it, but i just wanted to say that YOU ARE AN AMAZING WRITER! I cant stop reading and your story is very immersive!
Just wow... Good job, keep it up! :D
niki-nikster chapter 12 . 6/16/2016
Welcome back! You're back! The old guard of Heavy Rain FF returns! So does the delicious, sensual language. I wish I could copy-paste the stand-out sentences but the site no longer offers that option. And even if I did that, I'd probably paste the entire chapter. Small, sweet chapter, bit of a shocker but a welcome return after such a long time. I admire your resolve. Keep at it. This is a very good comeback!
0 chapter 12 . 6/16/2016
oh man, i love this story and seeing it ping in my inbox was a pleasant surprise. ive not read this chapter yet as i have to re-read the story to get myself back into this but im ALREADY AMPED
Lexi chapter 11 . 3/25/2013
Awww, I wished they kissed but it was still great!
Aberrance chapter 8 . 2/12/2013
Good! The way you write is very evocative and you've obviously got a swell command of the verbiage you're using. I'll read more soon.
Aberrance chapter 3 . 2/10/2013
This is very beautifully written. I'll keep reading for sure. There's a polish on this that you don't find very often on this site, so kudos to you!
70707 chapter 11 . 10/25/2012
I swear, you're making me go crazy with anticipation.
You either..

A. Finished this story.
B. Quit Fanfiction
C. Gave up.

Either way.. *cries*
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