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Guest chapter 1 . 3/15/2014
SailorPikaAngel chapter 4 . 3/16/2012
I would have to say this has become one of my favorite blair/chuck docs. I think it is incredible how well thought out the fic is and how well you incorporated the quotes. The last chapter was absolutely love! That you showed them on this journey and they have their first born. I love the transitions from romance to humor. It was funny when they determined their children on a roll of dice. Also I absolutely LOVE the wedding and baby's name. That you incorporated butterflies everywhere and added such meaning into her name! I am really inspired to have butterflies be my wedding theme and to have a future daughter with that name. I really enjoyed reading this piece and have randomly reread some parts within the past couple of days. Such a moving and incredible piece and I can't wait to read more of your work!
DiorAddicted chapter 4 . 7/17/2010
OMG OMG OMG! I'm SO SO SO sorry for my delay!

I CAN'T believe it took me that long to finally read it!

I really apologise!

As for the epilogue now... WOW... That was fucking AMAZING!

WOW WOW WOW... It was so beautiful!

God.. why aren't they hire you to write for the show? We'll all be a lot of happier than now! hehe.. xD

At first I was worried! That the previous chapter was all a dream from a drunken Chuck.. but thank God Chuck and I were wrong! hehe...

When he just hold her to hear her heartbeat was the sweetest thing EVER!

And when they shared their memories from elementary school... Adorable! hahaha... Loved that Chuck's favourite dessert is eclair because it rhythm with Blair! xD xD

Their first time being together again it was amazing!

And they get married! Yay! :D

OMG... Please please go write for the show! hehehehe.. xD

Everything was perfect! From the way he asked her to marry him.. witch although it was very "simple" it was amazing! So emotional and sweet! He asked her.. typically he did asked her but you know what I mean xD... on the day of his birthday! He asked "yes" as a present! God.. I don't know if I exaggerate but I think it was fucking ROMANTIC! I was actually like "Awww.. *with a silly smile on my face*" when I read it! hahaha... And then Blair said yes in the middle of kisses.. *yeap, the silly smile grow bigger! If that is possible!* hahaha..

The wedding! God... it was AMAZING! Butterfly theme? Seriously! That was the most romantic wedding I have read.. AND honeymoon! I mean the whole atmosphere, with the butterflies... the wedding theme.. the dresses.. Blair's veil.. the trail of butterflies down the aisle to the groom.. they throw them paper butterflies instead of rice...And the honeymoon was the same.. a trail of butterflies instead of roses to the bed... and they made love surrounding by butterflies! I swear.. I was jealous! hahahaha... All the time that I read it I was keep thinking that I want all of this too to my wedding! hahaha... But to meant that much too! ;D It was absolutely PERFECTION!

Ohhhhhhh... I almost forgot! That Chuck took a handful butterflies and blew them on Blair! And then blew one of them from her navel to her lips! OMG! That was FANTASTIC! So romantic and sweet and sexy and.. and ... and.. Just WOW! I want that too! xD hahaha...I think you make my life more difficult cause my expectation are very unrealistic! hahaha.. xD

And then... like the cherry on top they have a baby! A baby girl! I loved her name by the way! It has such a beautiful ring in it! And the meaning is wonderful! :D

Awww.. They want 5 kids! they way they decide it was funny! .. but I would definitely make 5 kids if it was Chuck's kids! hahahaha... xD xD

It was funny that they fight for who is going to hold the baby first! hehe... I believe Eric was the best choice! :D

But when Chuck got her back and it was mesmerized from his daughter was SO sweet! :D

And again... AMAZING story! And so well-written! You are such an amazing writer!

I loved it that you were so detailed.. and the links you put at the end.. Everything was fantastic! Oh and your attempt to a more detailed smut was seriously awesome! ;)

Thanks for sharing it! Really, I am SO happy that I got to read it! :D this will go definitely to my fav stories! ;)

Again I'm so so sorry for my delayed review! Hope you don't mind! hehe.. xD

Guardian Izz chapter 3 . 5/27/2010

I am sorry bu tI have to disagree with you. No matter what circumstances or what the situation entailed it all comes down to the fact that ou think it's OK for him to use her back cause she did? And OK if he in the end came and saved her or at least jsut agreed upon all of it and didn't actually SET IT ALL UP, then I could see how she should have understood him.

But facts are facts, and unlike her he sold her out FOR SEX, not to soem lesbian harmless girl, but TO HIS RAPIST UNLCE!

And also, the Chuck that I KNOW! Always forgave Blair! Remember season1, I personally think she idd more wrong then than in 3x06. And he was the one who appologized. THAT is the Chuck I FELL IN LOVE WITH! not the guy who ractifies his actions by comparing them to Blair's mistakes.

Not to mention that he is the MAN of the relationship. How can you even compare them.

BIOLOGICALLY speaking he should have it in him to ALWAYS want to PROTECT HER!

And not only did he let her be SEXUALLY used, cause that is TRAUMATIC for women, and even an idiot knows that, so him not taking sex seriously is no excuse. Sex against ones will is RAPE.

So not only that, but he didn't watch over her, didn't ensure her safety.

How does he know that Jack doesn't have some STD? He is slumming it after all.

How does he know that Jack won't beat her and won't make Blair do something disgusting, there are no clauses about that in the contract!

How does he know that Blair won't get physically harmed, or that Jack will use a condom?

NO! Have you see the movie Indecent Proposal, which this episode was based on? Well there, THIS is one of the reasons why the married couple doesn't survive this incident, and the wife is smitten with HIV in the end.

And now that you have seen how he behaves after 3x18, not even respecting her enought to wait one night before sleeping around in THEIR so far UNTAINTED bed. He has orgys there and , EW! And I get it that that is his way of coping and that we see that hotel or not he can't even function without Blair, I guess that is a plus on his side, but the fact remains, that he STILL is selfish, while she learned to be better. He sets an ULTIMATUM on her, instead of saying that he would wait for her FOREVER! And then he cannot even wait 5 minutes past 7 but it has to be 7.01,and then he just goes off sleeping around.

Excuses are just that EXCUSES! I'm sorry, but that's the way it is. If people just went back to sleeping around as soon as they broke up then NOBODY would get back together.

And if you ignore who did what and focus on the things he did to her, please admit that what he did in 3x17 though is similar to 3x06 but IS SO MUCH WORSE! in 3x21 the writers put it in the dialogue that "it is different" os if even they saw it then so must you.

Like I said, though in theory it is the same in PRACTICE it is so much worse n HIS part, not only did he use her sure just like her, but HE USED HER LOVE FOR HIM! Which is worse. HE played her by manipulating her LOVE for him, and it may seem more honourable since it was for something important, but really it is just worse, cause that means that in the end his brick building is more important than Blair - now how can she trust him after that.

And at least in 3x06 and 07 she regrets her ACTIONS not just the consequences, while Chuck NEvER actually shows that he is sorry for what he did, he just is sorry for losing her, which is despicable.

So yeah, it ll comes down to the fact that in practice his betrayal was worse, cause also she knew that sex and stuff was not important to him, but HE KNEW how much sex means to her and how traumatic her encounter with Jack was. I think that in reality he wanted to test her over and over again. I knew it would happen cause I KNEW he still haven't forgive her for sleeping with Jack last year. He said it in 3x21 - s I was right. U see he never forgave her in 3x07 he just moved on and said he doesn't trust her in the end. So when Jack got there he also the opportunity to test her again.

But no matter what she did she would lose. Either she told him the truth and he would just continue to manipulate her into agreeing. OR she would not go and he would think that that is "how little he meant to her", OR she would do what she did and he considers it as HER betraying HIM by cheating on him with Jack who she had a past with. In fact Chuck knew that Jack fancied Blair so it's obvious to say that he behaved like an ASS towards her and the feminist in me cannot even believe that you can compare the two encounters.

The theory behind it may be the same, but in PRACTICE being sold out as a sex slave does not even compare to being rented out as an escort to a gay guy.

I was prepared to forgive him, because I could understand him still hating her for NEw Years and sleeping with his uncle, cause they never resolved that, but after the way he handled it all I just lost all hope. And though mot people keep focusing on the Jenny thing I just see it as the final grain in his wh*ring around after Blair DUMPED him.

So what, Jenny could be anyone - does that sounds like an excuse, sure... but how does it really sound?

Jenny could be anyone, even Georgina or Serena, or ANYONE, so as soon as we have a misunderstanding or you GOD FORBID make some mistake then I am going to go and stick my d*ck into the first wh*re that passes. THAT is how strong bond we have.

And on top of it all he comes with a new gf next season supposedly a changed man! PLEASE!

This only makes it worse. Suppose he did get better after the shot. So this means that FOR SOMEONE ELSE he got better in TWO MONTHS and confessed his love *rolls eyes* but with Blair it took him 2 YEARS to actually say it, and he STILL NEVER GOT BETTER for Blair. I mean to me a committed boyfriend does not have lost-weekends and sleeps around at the first chance.

Sorry you can try to convince me but I won't change my mind.

I have decided to not even follow the storyline of season 4, not to mention I think that he DESERVED to get SHOT! And to me the jack*ss from season 3 died there in that alley way, while MY Chuck form previous two seasons lived happily ever after with Blair from 2x25 and onward.

I mean they are like two diff people, what Chuck said he'd never do in seaosn 1 and two, he did in the blink of an eye in season 3. Try to defend him all you like but two things he NEVER was:


Well I think most of the fans agree that he was both of those things in this last season.
LuLu.LG chapter 4 . 5/15/2010
This with the butterflies was simply beautiful, amazing! I love it!
CBBW3words8letters chapter 4 . 5/12/2010
Thank you for your story, is lovely and good job for all the research about the butterflies. D
wrighthangal chapter 4 . 5/12/2010
THIS WAS AMAZING...I loved how it was broken up in three segments all the more for me to read and understand without it overlapping. I loved it I loved the butterfly references at the wedding and the wedding night it was simply a beautiful wedding form my mines eyes. Thank you so much for the epilogue it did my broken Chair heart good.
ronan03 chapter 4 . 5/12/2010
so lovely to wake up to see that you had written this. i wish every day could start on such a high note. beautiful.
TriGemini chapter 4 . 5/11/2010
This was beautiful to read.

I loved how you incorporated the butterfly motif into the whole story; especially, for the wedding theme for Blair and Chuck. And then the name you chose for their daughter, as well; simply creative.

I love reading this story, a lot. It was one of the best ever.
JNYC chapter 4 . 5/11/2010
this was great!
xoxochuckandblairxoxo chapter 4 . 5/11/2010
So good!
DiorAddicted chapter 2 . 5/3/2010
OMG! That was AMAZING!
I don't know what to say.. you left me speechless!
So sweet!.. wow.. I LOVED it! And the details were fantastic..
Thanks for sharing it!
And if I understand right.. you'll right an epilogue?
If you do... I can't wait to read it! :)
stardustshop chapter 3 . 5/1/2010
*Clapps hands* to the 3.06/3.17 parallelism,totally agree!
Anxiously awaiting an epilogue!
nonname12 chapter 2 . 4/28/2010
aww, so cute! I loved it. Perfect for some reading too late at night ;)
xoxochuckandblairxoxo chapter 3 . 4/28/2010
"I choose not to compare both instances by magnitude. Bottom line is, they both used each other for a gain. In Kantian ethics, it's using humanity as means to an end (considered immoral in that particular doctrine), instead of as an end. I believe that the argument will never end if we have to weigh which is the heavier fault.

I've considered the circumstances of both situations, and I found some overlooked features on Blair's side of the wrong. In ep06, Blair's motivation was inane and her goal shallow; her situation did not call for desperate measures. She used Chuck to acquire the opportunity to deliver a speech, which was just a small-time aim to acquire her ultimate goal of conquering NYU. She exchanged Chuck's trust for a measly toast. Chuck, on the other hand, was driven by desperation. The Empire was not just his business, it was sort of a tribute to his father's legacy (Chuck's grievances in 3.17 were all about his father's disappointment and not about loss of profit). I dont think Chuck would react that much if it were Victrola stolen from him.

Also, let's consider the fact that Chuck was publicly humiliated by having it broadcasted to a crowd by Blair herself while Blair's was private with a few people privy to it.

I think the gravity of Blair's sell out was downplayed because we see them next ep as still talking and such. If Chuck were in character, he wouldn't be so forgiving. He would've avoided Blair as much as possible, he would've moped around some more, played hard to get. Chuck didn't really react the way he would've. They just shoved it under the carpet. There was the 'detached distrust'. I also didn't like it when in 3.18, Blair just gives up so easily and ends the relationship, even though the love is still there (symbolism: Blair popping the balloon herself in 3.18). Uhm, she forgave Nate after learning that he slept with Serena while she was in proximity? Didn't even put up that much of a fuss? Held on to Nate even when she learned he was going to use her for the Captain's deal?

Like I said, I didn't like the writers' direction. We are talking about Chuck who couldn't get it on with other girls after the Hamptons incident, and then breaking up with the love of his life, he hooks up with another girl before getting hammered. That's why I call the writers amateurish, because in every story, you need the characterization and the plot to be intwined. But they just want to create a big scene/uproar/shock without considering whether its OOC or not. *rolls eyes*

I think you're being too biased towards Blair. X_x I'm a feminist, but rationally examining the situation, I find that both parties are at fault."

PERFECTION. I completely agree with you!
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