Reviews for Keep Smiling
Ogro chapter 10 . 5/2/2010
A nice, short read with an interesting character and nice use of Vanille, Fang, and their backstories. I came to this story looking for a closer look at the War of Transgression and how Fang and Vanille destroyed Cocoon the first time, and I was not disappointed.

However, there seems to be a chapter missing between seven and eight - we didn't see Shoran's encounter with Vercin, and it sounds as if it was important since Vercin found out his Focus and the abilities granted to him by Titan...

Another criticism - Vercin's characterization wasn't exactly bad. First-person POV worked best here, otherwise we would know virtually nothing about him. However, we don't even know his appearance, so I have no picture of him in my head. However, his existence seemed to be a stepping-stone in Vanille and Fang's destinies, so it seems to fit in some morbidly depressing kind of way.

All in all, good work. Nice tie-in with the Cie'th Lightning and the others took out.
efrd chapter 5 . 4/21/2010
I'm sorry, but he fell in love awfully fast didn't he? Considering he only just met her.