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ramtin07 chapter 46 . 16h
War between the Empire and Russia is unavoidable. I personally think that this will be the hardest war for the Empire. Russia has her own battelmages so that is one advantage lost and the Empire doesn't have its own united front anymore. This argument between the factions of Empire and Harry going hard on people is going to cost them pretty bad. They have only won last wars because people believed in the empire.
jrock919 chapter 46 . 6/24
Riddle thinks he will just conquer and take over these empires? Harry took over his and expanded it winning war after war. Fighting personally a lot of times. Riddle has been HIDING for decades. He hasn't fought anyone except maybe some poor idiots for their books. And Riddle has to stay hiding because if anybody sees him colluding with Russia, everyone will be attacking Russia. He may as well just live in a cave and rule it where maybe he will be safe. Will Harry ever find a way to fix his hand? Like some new kind of polyjuice with a lock of hair from before the injury? If regular polyjuice could turn Mad-eye into Harry in the books then cursed wounds don't stop it from working. Could heal that girl and lots of soldiers too.
Guest chapter 46 . 6/24
Great Chapter! Hoping for an even grander update, fingers crossed!
federico.buonaguro chapter 46 . 6/24
it's great to see another chapter of this awesome story! Please kee posting
major wallace chapter 46 . 6/24
nice work
Unassuming one chapter 2 . 6/23
is that scene on the bed possibly inspired by fma brotherhood? one of my favorite scenes
exillion chapter 46 . 6/23
Harry just transfigure or animate statues and imbue his will into them. An army of stone or granite or metal statues coming to life is quite terrifying.
anand891996 chapter 46 . 6/23
well, that was interesting. I don't you will ever be able to finish this mammoth properly at the rate you are going.
however, i hope that i will be pleasantly surprised, nice chatter
gibs chapter 46 . 6/23
good read.
Calypto chapter 1 . 6/15
wow..the ending in the first chapter. thanks for the spoiler warning.
Ryuku chapter 24 . 6/13
I know it's been ages since you wrote that chapter... But being a French Canadian, your French had some errors in it. Nothing big but enough to make someone look back twice at the sentences. Here is the proper translation:

"Oui. J'ai le dossier. Non, aucun problème. Tout le monde en est sorti avec ce qu'ils voulaient. Bon..." [...] "Presque tous." [...] "Non, non. Ce ne sera pas nécessaire. Rappelez-les."

Other than that little nitpick, your story so far is pretty amazing. I love the depth it has and the original spin you gave your story.
anand891996 chapter 45 . 5/11
this is effin brilliant!
Aki chapter 45 . 4/27
Really love this epic novel. I was not a fan of Elicia, not as a stubborn child nor as a stubborn wife, but I enjoy pretty much every other character so far. There are so many and even now I confuse Swift for Spiers and Alacia with Curtiss. The military movements and battles really dominate portions of this story and can be difficult to slog through but the more exciting smaller battles - usually involving Ford and his unit - are amazing and help to advance the plot along. The political intrigue is also very well done (still not sure if I'm in Hughes' camp since I hate Elicia) and really hammers home the importance of the SIS and the war-time propaganda machine. Harry is such a bit player in what is supposed to be a Potter fanfiction but I don't even care because of how immersive this work is.

You're averaging a chapter every two months so I am hoping this five month hiatus will end soon. :(
shdeslayingboss143 chapter 45 . 4/13
As a person who found your story quite recently, I am completely dumbfounded by the completeness of the story. Every detail is accounted for and is proven to be part of the storyline. But I must ask, is the story going to be competed? I hope so because it's the best story I've read in a while
mattemo153 chapter 1 . 4/13
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