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acelenny chapter 44 . 10/10
It has taken me three attempts and a year and a half but finally, I have caugth up! This is a masterpiece which i honestly wish could be published so that is could have a physical copy.
Redery chapter 11 . 10/3
Not sure what you chose, but hope it's monogamy simply because that would fit waaay better into the English system imo.

Nice christmas scene, was a pleasant interlude.

What I really can't wait to see is Colin reportng back and the Orders reaction to Neville still being alive and losing like 50 wizards to Harry's forces. For all they know the attack was unwarranted since only Colin and Ginny knew about the assassination attempt on Potter
Redery chapter 10 . 10/3
It feels like you're saying the nuclear bombing of Japan was a good thing. Absolutely not. They had several other options than to nuke them and did so to set themselves as the world superpower post war. They could've saved hundreds of thousands of lives otherwise, but no.

Aha! So he can apparate. Speaking of which, not sure how effective a wall is against mages when they can literally just teleport behind it. Unless Harry's found a way to make it a magic dampener so they can't.

Nevermind, answered later in lol. (Actually started writing these reviews bit by bit since the chapter was so long I forgot what I wanted to review by the end of it lol)

I thought they were just in Canada :o And i don't think their sister has really been introduced as a character yet. Wonder if she's as brilliant as the other two.
Redery chapter 9 . 10/2
Damn, Harry seriously messed up with that one.

Yay Luna! She's awesome! Now if only Harry can somehow convince Hermione and Ginny over to his side the gang will be all back (screw Ron lol). Unlikely though.
Sad to know what she's been in, but looks like she'll recuperate.

Harry seems to be going a bit off the deep end finally when he says this is for revenge of his fallen troops but more importantly for his humiliation.

Don't get the reference to Neville's codename if there is one.

Liked the Elicia Neville dialouge.

Couldn't they have burst through the door with a couple ranks of mages, using sheilds to stop the gun fire while others stunned everyone inside? I think it would;ve been cleaner.
Or just used the Stupefy Miximus right off the bat, even if it meant stunning the King. Hey he wouldn;t be dead lol.

That second condition is probably in his favor or else people would accuse him of using magic to control the king or something.

Whhhaaattt! Did not expect that to be the third condtion lol
Redery chapter 8 . 10/2
Lol I'd assumed it was Ginny's play, but couldn't help laugh when the guy confirmed it. Seriously worse henchman ever. But that makes me wonder why they're magical when the people Ginny was commissioning were just fanatical muggles. Who technically shouldn't want to kill Harry either cause he's like the most powerful mage. Unless they just like the magical ministry for some insane reason.

Loved the part where Neville lead the charge and said 'here's the relief for my masters headache'. And the golems were awesome. More surprised Dumbles has ~50 mages to throw around like that.

And freaking loved the duel with Colin! Though it was a little sad cause I like both of them. Still awesome, didn't even expect Colin to be that good. Wonder who saved him.

This is starting to remind me alot of warring states of china. I can see the comparison to T'sao T'sao especially. Which reminds me, forgot to comment on the Lu Bu parable last chapter or so. I got the reference but couldn't equate it to what was happening in the story. Some clarifcication on that would be awesome.

Capture the King Harry!
Redery chapter 7 . 10/2
There's just something right about Neville Longbottom being Harry Potter's right hand man. Or maybe I've just read too many fanfics lol. Just hope he doesn't find out about Harry using the girl to trick him lol. That might not turn out well. Wonder if he granma finds out he's alive would she side with him or Dumbles.

Noooo! What happened to Luna?

Sirius is awesome. Could use such a loyal 'uncle' lol.

Can Harry Apparate without a wand? Wondering cause never read him doing it yet. Also, are his hands still injured, or did the gloves just grow on him? lol

Seems kinda dangerous ordering two generals executed in the middle of a battle while some people around him seem hesitant to do so. They could turn on him later and testify against him.

Damn Neville's a beast!

Finally the wars over. Harry's like what, 30 now? Timeline wise, this has to be the longest fic lol.

Well looks like Siruis got his job done just in time.
Redery chapter 6 . 10/2
Dumbledore making his own army and reorganizing the Ministry would probably not be good for Harry lol. Especially if his magic is that strong now and with Flamel by his side.

Then again, Ginny seems much more intuitive and inherently dangerous as she has a better grasp of what's going on.

How would they hide such a large victory in 2010?

Can't believe Hermione and Ginny are Harry's enemies lol. This AU is awesome. Though like that Ron and Hermione broke up, they're a doomed pairing.

Damn, Ginny really is smart. And dangerous lol.

Wonder what happened to the basilisk, how it was stopped or if the chamber was ever opened?

Also what is Voldemort thinking/doing considering him and his death eaters should be up in arms and keep attacking the muggles because of how they're corralling the magicals.
Redery chapter 5 . 10/2
Harry should train some mages with doctors as well, especially potions to help the mundane world advance further. Would also win him major points with the public.

I like the General Lady, her speech was awesome lol.

Damn, Josefina should win an oscar!

Harry's planning and foresight is scary. Was quite amusing Lovegood is serving him though. Is Luna as well?

Whoa, damn what! Was not expecting Neville Longbottom being shipped off to Azkaban and definitely not expecting Sirius to 'rescue' him.
Redery chapter 4 . 10/2
This soooo interesting. A fresh breath of air from all the other fics lol. Seeing Harry fight the magical world including those who would've been his friends form a muggle standpoint is really intriguing. Love the political and military aspects. And even your OCs are great, love William and Elicia. Although her and harry's on/off relationship gets frustrating even if it is amusing; just get together already!

I'm assuming Voldemort is still out there, or that the death eaters reformed now because of the revealing of the magical world.
Redery chapter 3 . 10/2
Awesome chapter. Really enjoying this so far.
Though surprised the aurors at the end lasted that well against guns and trained military men lol. Wonder what will happen now, the ministry probably can't cover this up so they'll just come after Harry to make him pay for it
Redery chapter 2 . 10/1
This is very interesting, unique and original. Very much looking forward to whats to come. Just hope he starts using more magic and stuff.
Redery chapter 1 . 10/1
Very interesting.
Akakuroforever chapter 1 . 9/28
First chapter,three words; holy fucking shit. It's amazing and very well written so how in the nine realms didn't I ever saw it before.
sam.zweighaft chapter 3 . 9/19
British officers don't duck
mckertis chapter 2 . 7/10
And this had to be a Harry Potter story because... ?
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