Reviews for It's 2 Late 2 Apologize Ikarishipping
writlings chapter 3 . 7/13/2011
Update this, will ya? I wanna know what happens! Nice story btw. :)
Dawn3Paul chapter 3 . 4/28/2010
I've got an idea.
Paul and Dawn's son,Dan,is starting his pokemon story with his partner,a back-up starter(like Ash's Pikachu),a minum called Sparky.
Khoury and..Guess who..Lyra's(Yay!)daughter,Kristy,is starting
her journey also with her patner,a plusle,called Sparkler.
Ash and (Hooray!)Misty's son,Flare,is on his journey with his pokemon,a chimchar,a rattata,a teddiursa,and a pichu.
Dan dreams of being a great breeder one wants to be
a is a pokemon abuser.(that is how you spell it?)
looks:short blue hair,purple eyes
wears:a gray long sleeve shirt,black vest,brown jeans,white sneakers,fingerless gloves,and a white baseball cap.
personality:when something goes wrong he just says,"No need to
worry."when something goes according to plan he says,"Aw,man..
That took all the fun out of it..",but is more likely to hug
the stuffing out 's smart,and knows how to cook.
person:Flare Kech'um
looks:orange hair,black eyes
wears:a hoodie,blue jeans,and white tennis shoes
personality:Calls his pokemon a muoron.:)
looks:brown hair,green eyes
wears:white t-shirt,blue jeans,blue sneakers
personality:she has Lyra's saved ya time.)