Reviews for The Blue Hour
Mrs.Phineas Bogg chapter 1 . 4/19/2010
You know I eagerly look forward to every MB story you write. They are all so great. It's totally not necessary, but I really appreciate your mentions of my fics. You have been a big encouragement for me to write more MB as well.

Like I mentioned, you have created a very realistic portrayal of Leilani, the popular girl. Her thought process is so natural, and I like how we can learn more of Clifford's fine character through her musings. Very interesting that they share similar family situations, I think that's cool. LOL-Peache can get down and boogey, ya know his 'twist' wasn't so bad in the movie, I'm still waiting for Linderman to trip the light fantastic with Gramma Peache too! Clifford is such a gentleman towards her, she can't help but appreciate him. I have to LOL at her rambling wishes that Clifford-fixed his hair so it wasn't so poufy. I remember poufy haired days in H.S..yikes!

Great kiss at the end! I can totally see all this happening-If Leilani hangs on a while, she'll realize that Clifford will get older and mature into looking somewhat like Mel Gibson. haha. ;)