Reviews for Beneath A Moonless Sky Love Never Dies
Playgirl16 chapter 14 . 12/17/2015
I just wanted to tell you that I wish you the best with your novel. I already have it pulled up and I am looking forward to reading it. I understand putting one story away for another and I applaud your bravery at going after your book. While I have missed Beneath... I am so happy that you wrote what interested you otherwise this story would have suffered. Best of luck with both stories I will avidly follow both!
RosexDoctorForever chapter 13 . 7/3/2015
I adore this story. Please update soon I really want to know what happens next
Amethyst chapter 12 . 2/22/2015
I may gouge my own eyes out if you don't upload soon! I'm obsessed with story! I've always wondered what Erik would be like more as a person. The mental war within Christine is so interesting! An Gustave is so adorably mature. IM OBSESSED WITH YOUR WRITING! Your way with character dialouge and description is fantastic. I will tell you now, I'm a fan! Please save me an upload soon before I die!

3 Amethyst :3
Guest chapter 12 . 7/11/2014
ReaderKas chapter 12 . 11/13/2013
I have just found your story. I could not stop reading it. It is simply wonderful! Why did you not finish this amazing story? Please if at all possible finish this terrific tale. My vote is for a happily ever after. There are not enough happy endings.
QueenOfTheDiamondDogs chapter 12 . 2/3/2013
A lovely story. I cannot wait to read more.
Guest chapter 12 . 1/14/2013
Great job, Im glad to get the chance to see them happy in the end. you do such a terrific job of writing Erik, im even more in love w him. Want him to be happy!
Heresie chapter 11 . 1/14/2013
Another wonderful job. The romance was written so tactfully, yet still conveyed their urgency. I also loved that you didn't have Erik give up so easily on knowing his son when Gustave screamed. I just couldn't comprehend that part of the musical-so unlike Erik. They should have had you writing for them!
Guest chapter 10 . 1/14/2013
Cool can't wait to read the new work. I dont think you ramble. I like your writing style. :-)
Heresie chapter 9 . 1/14/2013
Loving it! Hope it ends happily-or doesn't end at all! :D
Heresie chapter 8 . 1/14/2013
Ooo...loved this one!
Heresie chapter 7 . 1/14/2013
I can't stop reading! Feels like I'm reading a published novel-it's that professional!
Heresie chapter 6 . 1/13/2013
*applause* You understand Erik so well.
Heresie chapter 5 . 1/13/2013
Masterful! What a treat to hear more about Gustave. The fact that he was Erik's child didn't really come across so strongly in the musical. It does here though-wow! It's a delight to read about his talent, and his love for Christine. And you do such a great job writing those mother/son moments. They really should have had you on board at LND. A triumph!
Heresie chapter 4 . 1/3/2013
This one made me cry-his nightmare and his leaving was told so skillfully-it was so heartbreaking. The rest was very tactful and beautiful. It was so nice to see Erik in heaven, if only for a short while.
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