Reviews for Chance
Guest chapter 22 . 1/1/2016
I enjoyed your story I hope you cone back and finish it!
Jan2709 chapter 22 . 12/13/2014
I stumbled across your fanfiction 3 days ago and couldnt stop reading it.

Too bad you decided to abandon it, it was really good, definatley the best I have read so far about the Dark Guardian Series :)
MortalWoman4 chapter 5 . 1/28/2014
I love your story! It's one of the stories on this site I come back to and re-read several times!
Guest chapter 22 . 6/9/2013
I'm not sure if you we're intending to stop here, but I sincerely hope that you weren't. I love this story to pieces and I you're awesome for writing it.
wolfgirl336699 chapter 22 . 5/27/2013
It was great! Can't wait until you post another chapter! Hopefully it won't be as long a wait!
berniej chapter 22 . 5/27/2013
Wow I am pleased to see another chapter of this...really thought it had been abandoned! I hope you have plans for more chapters I want to know whats happened with them and the reasons for the part changes!
Thanks for the update hope it will be a little sooner for the next one lol
Guest chapter 21 . 10/16/2012
are you going to add on this chapter
wolfgirl336699 chapter 21 . 9/2/2012
Awesome story Right more soon please
Guest chapter 21 . 7/21/2012
My first thought was uh oh here come the scientists! can turn into a wolf but has no control the other has the control but doesn't turn into the animal...definitely test subject time anyone for voluntary lab rat in the literally?...I'D CONSIDER RUNNING LOL
Nice to see another chapter and I'll keep waiting till you finish it ...hope you will!
Thanks for sharing
cloudNrain chapter 21 . 7/20/2012
ahhhh loved this chapter. finally some answers :D
awesome chapter can't wait for the next one
Anonymous chapter 20 . 6/13/2012
Hooked on your story! It'd be really great if you could update a satisfying long chapter asap! :) Cannot wait to read about the upcoming event that are about to happen..
MysterySpot chapter 20 . 5/26/2012
Great chapter! I cannot wait for the next update already, I just love your story!
berniej chapter 20 . 5/25/2012
You just love to leave us with cliff hangers don't you? This is so unexpected, in some ways I really wanted her to shift but she is something different and the questions she wants answered I want answered too...look forward to that...and hope they can be!.. or will the people who should know be just as confused?

Thanks for updateing
Guest chapter 19 . 5/13/2012
Hey! I need you to finish this story. I literally check the dark guardian fanfic site every day atleast once solely because of this story! I can't wait for the ending of it so please please please keep it going!
zeena chapter 19 . 5/7/2012
i really like this story, you're a good writer... Update sooon?
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