Reviews for Mister Boombastic
Dragodina chapter 2 . 4/23/2010
Right to the second one!

Okay, seems like Sofia and Sara always end up alone unmeant. Also Sara's attraction to the new detective Steve aims in a totally different direction as we first expected. But somehow I don't get warm with this guy. Seems like a heart-throb to me, the guy who could have every woman. It's going to be very interesting how his character will be unfold, anxious to get to know more of him.

Well, we didn't get past the iceberg yet, but at least the colossus got smaller.

Okay, my books scream for me.

Great new update, hungry for more!

Highly and dangerously fleppicted Dragodina
Dragodina chapter 1 . 4/23/2010
YAY, YIPPIEH! A new story!

I'm so glad to read your new stuff!

I'm totally involved in the last part of exam preparations, next week will be my theoretical final exam and I'm studying like crazy.

Therefore it's great to have the chance to read your story, just give into reading and forget all the things around you for a short amount of time. Like getting abducted into a world, your world.

You came up with a huge storyline. I'm wondering how you will put all your ideas into this and how they will unfold.

For the record: I noticed the ROMANCE category ;) It was the first thing I was looking for

Normally I would say something like "I love the interactions between our lovely ladies" ... well, I do love it ... if there would be any ... seems like we are starting at point zero here. Stage of an iceberg.

Okay, back to buisness. Studying is calling.

Thank you so much for this new beginning!

Many lovely greetings,


P.S.: Wenn Mittwoch vorbei ist, mach ich drei Kreuze ...
bene chapter 1 . 4/21/2010
Excellent... a new one.

I'm doing the happy dance :-)
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