Reviews for iHate to Love You
NightCarousel chapter 1 . 9/3/2010
Aww Loved it! :D
Jeremy Shane chapter 1 . 4/21/2010
good story
sophia666 chapter 1 . 4/21/2010
loved all of this- I really want to quote the whole thing.

my favourite part is of course-

Finally, Carly leaves the room, muttering about tension and needing a drink. And she's standing there, playing with the ball-and-paddle toy Carly found and acting as though nothing is different, as if they aren't different. But they both know it is, they both heard him say he loved her and not Carly, and there's no avoiding it anymore.

So when the string snaps and the ball bounces away, she has no defense, nothing to put her attention on. He drops his camera to the table with a crash and then he's across the room, standing in front of her, his breathing heavy, a snarl on his mouth.

She stares at him, a cool expression on her face, the perfect image of icy carelessness.

"I hate you," he growls, and then his hand is in her hair, gripping long, blonde waves and dragging her forward. "Almost as much as I love you."

When his lips meet hers it's like all the tension in the world explodes, snaps, and he's drinking her in, searching for another explosion, another current of electricity that will bring him to life, burst inside of him and make him breathe again. Her fingers grip his shirt tight, curling into fists against his chest, and he almost expects her to beat against him, to shove him away, and quite possibly kick his ass. But then her hands slide up, around his neck, and she's pulling him closer, pressing her body full against his own. He drags in sharp gasps of air in between the slant of their lips, over and over, kissing her until he's dizzy.

great tension. I love how you get the hate-love relationship here so well.