Reviews for Faking
The Fayre Unknown chapter 1 . 4/21/2010
Very well done! I love the way you deal with Zack's post-war mental and emotional state. I must say that, if this story were shown in the third season, I might not find the finale so entirely out of character for Zack. I wish they would never have done that to his character, but, since they did, I think we Zack fans have been punished long enough. Can we bust him out of the loony bin and bring him back now? Please? Or, better yet, maybe get a time machine so we can rewrite the abomination that is the season 3 finale? Anyway, love your foray into Zack's mind. Thank you for that!
cwgirlup chapter 1 . 4/21/2010
Whoa. A great look at what Zack was going through. Very powerful.

Is it wrong that this story made me irrationally angry at Hodgins? Like seriously pissed. To the point of wanting to kick him in the head. Why did you IGNORE your BEST FRIEND, Hodgins? It's all your fault.

Hm. I seem to be harboring some bitterness ;)