Reviews for Harry Potter and the Cursed Summer
KBTEAS chapter 24 . 3/27
This was really wonderful! I really enjoyed it and am looking forward to the ones that follow it. I wanted to say that I have enjoyed your portrayal of Harry here and I liked how you created or developed other characters too, it's well done. So thank you for sharing! Can't wait to read more!
riyer chapter 4 . 3/22
OMG the sandwich was awesome
MissNikita chapter 24 . 2/10
I loved all the curse breaking,mhadntbread a story about it before, of to the sequal now
MissNikita chapter 5 . 2/10
I adore Dobby, really great story too
MissNikita chapter 1 . 2/10
Really? You just had to murder Hedwig, I could kill you right now, why does she always have to suffer the consequences of those disgusting muggles
Amalthia chapter 24 . 2/5
I had a lot of fun reading your story!
G Fawkes chapter 23 . 1/24
I can only guess that I would have freaked out, last time I read this, what... maybe 5 years ago?
Ron- (extra long pause) rude, bigoted, ignorant, lazy, Ron Weasley, isn't fit to be HEAD of anything... except maybe the Gaunt family. Not too far off Morfin and Marvolo, and barely better at magic than Merope. Ha!
If Bill is Heir Apparent Weasley, then the NEXT born, or next most powerfull if that's what you want, is Charlie. In that case, even Ginny outranks Ron.
GF chapter 3 . 1/23
Hey. That's not right! Let the poor kid eat his sandwich!
felinness chapter 24 . 1/22
It is very rare I read fictons in english, most of the time, it is a fic someone geban to translate.
But here, among many favorite of a good author, I was attracted by the "Bill mentor fic". I have never see that. I was very curious, and after the 2nde chapter...damned ;)
I imaged that Bill will be more present : some discussions about Harry live, about how he was never introduced in heir politic and how nobody in Poudlard or ministry react when -the-Boy-Who-Lived lost his muggle family !
Well, it seems it will be more developped in the sequel.
It was an adventure fic, and I love adventure stories (there is a treasury on an Island !), Harry does not become overpowerfull.
I like all the other caracters, it is a shame I miss some points in descriptions or interactions.
So I am very impatient and curious to read the sequel, will we find the cursebreakers ? How will it developed with Ron (jalous ? about money and power ?) Hermione (jalous about knowledge and school results ?), Ginny (...) ? I hope Harry become more careful around thel with all his secrets. and... I love hating Ginny and Dumbledore.
so, thanks for this fiction and bravo !
Ihatechoosinganame chapter 24 . 12/13/2016
really amazing story, loved it
Scarlet Lupin chapter 24 . 11/28/2016
this was awesome i loved this it had me laughing out loud more than once and i love the new and improved harry, keep up the amazing work I'm definitely going to read the sequel. cheers.
-SL xxxxxx
DarthMiner312 chapter 1 . 11/10/2016
Hedwig, Requiescat In Pace
kelwin chapter 1 . 10/19/2016
hi I do hope you will be able to continue this some time. I know the chances are very low but still I hope. I have read a few other harry goes curse breaking and wish there was more. if you have any suggestions of really good fics or fics that might be worth a read. I am looking for 2 fics but don't know names. good fic
Hortensia chapter 24 . 10/15/2016
Wonderful story, very well written. I’ve really enjoyed this journey Harry is making, realising his true potential. It makes me long for all those stories you promised to write about the years to follow. I really hope you are well and considering to publish more of your incredible stories!
AshesGleamandGlow chapter 24 . 10/11/2016
very enjoyable read. glad I found it.
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