Reviews for Castle
incongruent chapter 1 . 6/4/2010
(There’s nothing I can say that could even remotely do this story justice, but I’ll try anyway – because as much as ‘perfect’ completely encapsulates the sum total of everything this fic is to me, a one-word review doesn’t do much for either of us. So please do forgive my—rather insubstantial—attempts at constructive commentary.)

It’s all so beautiful, dreamlike, ethereal, unearthly. Conflict, destiny, eternity, forever and a day beneath a sun which will not set. All romantic and idealistic and emotional and sentimental (and I never could find the words, but I’m sure you understand me.)

Much love goes to the very sharp focus on the chessgame, the claustrophobic sibling yin-yang, the tension, the interplay between the opposites in contrast but not conflict. And religious allusions. And abstracted imagery. And chess. (Chess is awesome.) Everything else, the setting and events beyond the immediate, just seems to quietly fade away into the expansive nothingness made up of that-which-just-doesn’t-matter. And because the immediate is surrealistic in itself and enthralling enough, its absence is never noticed.

(Also: the story’s somehow reminiscient of very intricate and elaborate character-centred gothic animanga, even though there isn’t much concrete visual imagery. The focus on the hair and eye color, maybe.)

It’s impossible for me to list my favorite lines because I’d be quoting the entire fic back to you, but these are the ones that’ll stay with me a long, long time.

[But he has long tired of this game, and he no longer wishes to play] —There’s a tiredness and world-weariness about this line that’s expressed particularly well.

[We are the misled angels, who fell an eternity from heaven] —A very dreamy juxtaposition of time and space. In the end, it’s all the same.

[of sins and lies and redemption] —There’s a very poetic movement, both visually and syllable-stress-wise, about this line.

[He is the pawn. He is the King. In his infinitesimal importance, he is useless.] —So, so true.

[“ Why is the King so weak?” / He only moves one step at a time.] —The most powerful use of unspoken-answer-to-voiced-question I’ve ever seen.

[They have not looked upon the other's face for ten thousand eternities and one, but even if both pretend, they never forgot.] —So much sorrow and yearning and heartbreak, and yet they hold on despite it all. It’s lines like these that make me hope against hope that these tragic protagonists will somehow find their happy ending because god knows _they deserve it_.

[There are people whose smiles could heal the world. There are people whose smiles could shatter it.] —An overly romantic concept, in my book. But then the entire story's about inescapable fate and eternity and color symbolism and all these pretty fantastical things, and cleverly sidesteps all the mundane factoids of what might've passed for concrete reality in this fairytale-land. When it comes to stylized art like this, realism can very well go burn, yes?

I can’t help but be aware that there’s an entire world out there, societies of people and moral codes and beliefs that make up the forces of light and darkness and all the shades in between, and it’s all much greater than they as individuals can ever be. But it matters not at all, because this is a tale of them, and in this time and in this place, their war is everything. This is here and this is now and this is how their story ends.

very much love, indeed~

(Have you, by any chance, read 《幻城》by 郭敬明? It’s similarly romantic and character-driven, and if this piece is an accurate reflection of your (literary) worldview, then I think you might like it~)
Eric123 chapter 1 . 5/11/2010
It's beautiful...
Xemik665 chapter 1 . 5/1/2010
I love this fic. It is truly, a beautiful piece. I had no doubts about the plot itself. This is one of the only few fics which I have ever really liked this much. I love the theme, the plot, the irony of it all.
It's a pity if this is your first and only fic. But I assure you, it will be one that will inger in my mind for a long time ahead. It's no exaggeration, of course.
I can see that it's inspired by axis, but it's not an emulation of the whole thing.
It's also a pity this is getting so little reviews. It's worth much more.
And of course, no author can truly say that their work is perfect, and will always have doubts pertaining to whether or not it truly is good. But this is good, really.
I love the lines in the story. They have had so much impact on me.
Sigh. I make all this sound so exaggerated. I mean it when I say this is good. It's going on my favourites list, one of the two that will be in there.
Ah well. I sincerely hope you do receive more reviews for this. Good luck with whatever you plan on writing next, may it be in the beloved maple category or not.
Randomness from Boredom chapter 1 . 4/29/2010
How the fuck do people write like this?
Write another story like this, with more details and more emotion. It'll be pwnz0rz.
Absol Master chapter 1 . 4/25/2010
I adore this. I've always adored such abstractness.

I suppose it's natural for an artist, but the colour themes are so bold and distinct and...pretty. They drive the story, in a sense-intermingling monochrome and (mainly I see) red. The colours are really, really vivid, and throughout, I can picture everything. It's wonderful.

Surprising, but I intended to write something very similar to this-except that the black and white would be that of piano keys. And who said it doesn't make sense? It's absolutely inspired (and inspiring too)! Do you like playing chess a lot? Or is it simply the light-and-shadow symbolism that draws you to it (like it does me)?

There was one tense inconsistency somewhere in the middle, and you overuse certain words slightly, like (if my memory doesn't fail me) "infinity" and its variations, and "monochromatic". But other than that, this is a divine piece. I love it.

P.S. How are your elements? I'm done with mine. And I just discovered that I got 15 in the previous batch, because Kimberly didn't want some and gave them to me.