Reviews for Polyphonic
Alyss Penedo chapter 1 . 4/3/2013
I really like how you sort of stepped in sideways for pretty much all the prompts :P
Tears Parallel chapter 1 . 5/28/2011
(Warning ! Long comments.) I really loved these drabbles :) Allow me to reread them so I can write down the comments that I was thinking as I was reading them:

02 - Although I'm always surprised how sadistic Joshua turned out to be (no matter how many times I replayed the game), if I had to listen to ugly music all the time I would have done the same to make it stop. (I'm sorry victim-who'll-be-like-Neku!)

04 - Ouch, it always makes me want to cry: The one who really made Neku want to change was the one who killed him and forced him to change if he wanted to survive. It's just this twisted kind of knowledge knowing you can't help but trust your murderer. -shivers- (And in the fandom, fall in love with him BD -cough-)

07 - I was munching on snacks while reading these drabbles. And this made me choke. BADLY. Yes, do get the rings Neku, and try not to use them in an attempt to strangle Joshua 3 Pffft. XD

10 - I don't know what I'd do if I had to join the people I absolutely hate to save a sibling of mine. It really makes me admire Beat and makes me wonder how wise he really is. (It's hard to remember how mature he must have been to make that decision when he always makes me facepalm in the middle of the game.)

13 - My heart twisted when I read this. Poor Beat, the one holding him up while he was dead disappeared because of him. It must have been like his whole world crushing down on him for the second time after realizing they both were dead and Rhyme didn't remember him. (Actually, before I knew they were siblings I thought they were lovers. LOL Why didn't I see their similar haireyes?)

14 - ...I wish I was there when his clothes were being taken off. That'd be some good fanservice there. XD

15 - I'd do that too if I was her ;O I wonder if they appreciate it or if they think she can actually see them?

16 - Even though I haven't played the game for a year, I can still remember Joshua's laugh ... Don't worry Neku, you're not the only one with it ringing in your mind. XD

18 - This made me laugh out loud ... and choke on my food again. YES, FEAR THE FB FRIEND ERASURE. MUHAHAHAA- ahem.

20 - Oh oh oh! Make the guys wear dresses! :D

21 - That's some huge encouragement for them to make a new line right there -snicker- And... Neku gets to be the male role model! Along with Joshua who pops out of no where. XD

23 - W-whut? Where did Beat get that idea? XD

25 - Pfft, Beat you cheater. You're practically making sure that your brand's #1. XD

26 & 29- I felt my heart break again. It really surprises me how much of an impact this game really gives on me. It really makes me appreciate what I have.


28 - Even if Rhyme forgot, her heart still remembered. -spurts out more lame KH-inspired lines- LOOK WHAT KH FANFIC DOES TO ME, YOU SEE THIS? XD

30 - Poor Neku, you're being pranked / haunted / harassed by an invisible being that you just happen to know. -snicker-

31 - WHAT. JOSHUA WEARING A DRESS? I need to see that. XD

32 & 33 - I knew that having that palm-clock-thing stung and was painful, but I never really thought about the impact it'd have on them each time. It really makes me pity the people who did have it reach 00:00:00.

34 - Oh? Rhyme uses 'boku'? That's rather amusing, I can totally see her one day wearing a dress and using 'watashi' / 'atashi' around Beat and then Beat totally does freak out. ("WOOOAH! Rhyme, what's the big idea?") Or something to that effect.

35 - Aww, if it was me I'd totally be showing off my newfound speed /woosh. XD

36 - To suddenly have time turn back for them... That is kind of scary. ;(

40 - YES. HE WOULD LIKE TO. -fangirl squeal-

41 - Pfft, Neku trying to hit on that shop clerk? No wonder he keeps coming back to that store -snicker- It makes me wonder if others realized he was declared dead a while back and was denying it or if they didn't watch the news all that much lol.


44 - Poor Hanekoma... He has to deal with a rather sadistic Composer.

45 - -facepalm- You have got to love Beat.

46 - My heart squeals with glee at the idea of Neku making the music crescendo every time he comes by. :D

47 - Shiki, you're not ugly at all. I'm glad that the game made you realize how much you really love yourself.

48 - Poor Neku, still being harassed by Joshua -tsk tsk- He'll start talking to the air and everyone will think he's crazy for having an imaginary friend. XD

50 - This made me laugh so hard XD Yes, I always loved the idea of Neku being his Conductor! I can imagine all the sarcastic comments coming! I especially laughed at "before Joshua can celebrate or murder children or whatever it is that he does when he's happy" and "pulling a 180 in the way only he can, smirks and purrs into Neku's shoulder, "But am I allowed to get you off, at least?" "
Hawaiianbabidoll chapter 1 . 1/1/2011
The slashy ones were a bit unnerving, but I laughed so much at all the rest I can't not fav this.

A lot of these are genius and quite inspiring.
ZemyxDexion chapter 1 . 10/18/2010
O.O These were some pretty damn amazing sentences with lots of sweet little JoshuaNeku hints that made me oh so very very happy. :3

Khelek-sul Renai chapter 1 . 8/23/2010
I really enjoyed this. The One sentence lists are always my favorite type of fanfiction...

I love Neku's one condition to agreeing to be Joshua's Conductor. Makes me laugh.

So Makoto realized just how similar Neku was to a dead guy? Makes sense that Neku unnerves him, then. If I was any good with writing TWEWY fanfic, (which I'm not) I'd love to play around with the idea.

I really like Sentence 25.

These are just great. Good job.
Smeet chapter 1 . 5/16/2010
AHA! XD Perfect characterization. I love it. 3 It was very interesting to read in such a format.
canicide chapter 1 . 4/28/2010
love. . i wasn't expecting you to include so much characters in this story, but it was a nice surprise. :)