Reviews for Into the Woods
Tawny chapter 1 . 12/30/2012
:) Yay
xxFireWarriorxx chapter 1 . 4/25/2010
WHOA, sorry, I just totally reailzed that I'd reviewed your story anonymously... yeah, that previous review... the one where I was spazzing out and going, "AW, I LOVED THIS!" Yeah, hehe, that's me. XD

I thought I'd signed in, but apparently not. I was wondering why when I favorited you it didn't show up as "author added to favorites list" or whatever they say. HAHA, I'm such an idiot. LOLOLOL XD XD

Once again, wonderful story! Now that I'm sure I'm logged in, I can add you AND this story to my faves list. _
Guest chapter 1 . 4/25/2010
AW, I LOVED THIS! Esp the beginning - your rationale makes perfect sense. I'd always believed in that too - how even though she was born a duck, after experiencing humanity who she truly is is no longer a duck, but a girl. And it's who you are on the inside that determines your true self, not the exterior.

Anywho, WONDERFUL JOB! The writing is fantastic as always, I love the way you write the characters - they're always totally IC. :D Aw... I love the BG you gave Autor. Such a sweet idea, and totally fitting. _

Why are you not on my fave author's list? *goes to correct that right now* :D
James Birdsong chapter 1 . 4/24/2010
Excellent. Yeah um perhaps excellent
Moon Shadow Magic chapter 1 . 4/24/2010
The woods are just trees, the trees are just wood, no need to be afraid there... (and yes, I caught your LJ icon.) Even without one of my favorite musicals I liked this.

Definitely some things Duck would do (although, having just seen the episode at Ebine's, I'm not sure she's strictly a vegetarian. She definitely has no problem with fish, just like a duck doesn't. I forget whether fish are supposed to count or not.)(Nitpick.) Poor lost kitty! I bet he did get licked hairless.

And Autor, being his mathematically nerdy self, is excellently done. Yes, he'd be a target for the cool kids.

Technical note: In the dark, in the woods, the horse would not be going above a walk anyway if they could help it, any more than one of them would run headlong down the same path. It is more likely that either Duck or Autor (hope he's OK too, he'll be sore for days even just getting the wind knocked out of him like that!) rode the horse with the kitten while the other walked and Fakir led the horse.

And darn it, you beat me to some questions I want to address... eventually! };P
Crystal Rose of Pollux chapter 1 . 4/24/2010
I love the opening of this, and how Autor and Fakir are discussing whether or not it's Ahiru's destiny to be a duck or a human. That whole first scene was awesome.

Aww, and a feline language interpreter! Cute! But poor Ahiru, getting lost...

Autor offering to help Fakir was awesome (and LOL at the horse/car banter).

And ooh, I love the image of a forest at night; there's something so mysterious about it. Yikes at the wolf, though! (but the breaking branch over the precipice reminded me of Team Rocket far more than it should've...)

And aww, Fakir and the kitten...

Ahiru and Autor discussing about friendship is awesome, especially Autor saying that it's not the words that binds friendships.

And poor Autor, telling the story of those fake friends! **was reminded of the backstory she gave Infy**

And Ahiru trying to convince Autor of friendship is sweet. And Autor willing to give it a chance.

Aw, friendship cuteness...
CSKazaam chapter 1 . 4/23/2010
I really like how this story came out! I love how the first scene went, with everything happening as Fakir was sitting right there writing it. **and loves the idea of someone changing on the outside to reflect themselves on the inside.** And the end of that scene was adorable! X3 Though for a minute, I thought Ahiru was going to end up without any clothes. Which would have been extremely awkward when Fakir realized it after hugging her. LOL.

It's so cute that Ahiru ran off to search for the kitten, and how she almost seems to overreact with her caring so much about him. But that's Ahiru!

Aww, the image of Fakir holding the kitten is adorable. X3

I loved the conversation that Ahiru had with Autor! Especially everything about friendship. **and likes the idea of saying you're friends is like a pact.** That's so sad about Autor's childhood, though. ;_; But pretty awesome that he and Fakir knew each other!

Definitely an awesome story.
NortheasternWind chapter 1 . 4/23/2010
N'aw, I liked the first part! I kinda like how it seemed to get much easier after Fakir decided to write Ahiru becoming human.

Anyway, aw at Ahiru trying to help find the missing kitten... I'm sure she considers them her friends, as opposed to pets that don't live in her house.

I shared in Autor's shiver, thinking what might have happened had Duck!Ahiru hung around the meat shop T_T

D: Autor's story is sad! There are actually people like that in real life. It's disgusting. How could they do that? Good thing Ahiru is awesome, so she can bring back his ability to trust people :)

Ha, everyone meeting back up again was vintage... everyone. "You're sturdy" XD

I like :D