Reviews for A Series of Balancing Acts
chocolatte-delight chapter 1 . 4/24/2010
A beautiful story :) It was about the pairing, Kimimaro/Anko, yet you somehow slipped in so many other themes and meanings. I love how you do that so wonderfully The build-up of their relationship is so sweet, so tender. I like how Kimimaro at 15 hands out kisses to Anko wherever, whenever His characterization, and everyone's honestly, was beautiful, because it just fits. You integrated the other characters into this like it was supposed to be, you know? Yamato, Kotetsu, Kakashi, the Yondaime... etc. And Orochimaru? Wow. Somehow, his twistedness showed through, but we got to see a little bit of what he could've been as a sensei. The grittiness of war and Orochimaru's betrayal - and Kimimaro's - wrought a lot of changes on Anko. I'm glad that we got to see the way she lived her life after recovering from the curse seal. The Yondaime backhanding her? I loved it :) The way she expected something and got reprimanded instead just made me love the Yondaime even more :)

Lovely imagery and phrasing as usual You make crack so plausible - much better than the accepted "canon" out there! I loved this!
Vii-kun chapter 1 . 4/23/2010
Omigosh. Good job. I love Anko.

And that,pairing, as weird as it was, was pretty alright! Yay!
bend over backwards chapter 1 . 4/23/2010
impeccably written, I enjoyed it
SkywardShadow chapter 1 . 4/23/2010
First, about your author's note. I can sympathize with the love of weird pairings (case in point-ShiAnko; where the heck was my mind?), but ShiIta is possibly the Best Pairing Ever, and sinemoras09 wrote some KimiAnko at some point,'re not completely alone? xD

Anyway, I really loved this fic. Your characterization of everyone is brilliant, especially Anko and Kotetsu.

I like that you shed some light on Aibara and the elusive "Team Orochimaru."

I like that you slipped in some IzuKo, 'cause I'm just easy like that.

I really like Kimimaro and the way he just slides his bones out-Anko's reaction when he pulled out his shoulder blades was hilarious!

On that note, their relationship was very...tender, I suppose is the word, and beautifully done.

'Orochimaru sighs his long-suffering Every day I spend in the company of teenagers is like a knife to my genitalia sigh. Then he presents her with a set of contraceptives. Which, it's not like that's unappreciated or anything, but. Really.' Perhaps my favorite line? Even knowing what Orochimaru was doing all along, I couldn't help but like him here. Again, props for fabulous characterization.

Loved the end, that she's okay with herself and her lot, and doesn't feel indebted to traitors and ghosts. And the "We'll make sure of it" part is just...awesome.

The only thing I would question is the ages here and there. Like, when you mentioned Obito's 'freak cousin', did you mean Itachi? Because I didn't think Itachi was alive at the same time as Obito. And Kakashi became a Jonin right before Obito's death (so 13, right?), so considering he's two years older than Anko, that didn't seem right. But that's just me being nitpicky. '

All in all, fantastic job.
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