Reviews for Shards
Kriegmarine chapter 10 . 12/25/2012
I have to say this; This is possibly one of the best fics I've read on FF. The personalities of the characters are believable. The action scenes, what few that have been presented thus far, are well written. The general plot pacing and the 'side stories' are intriguing to read. Lastly, Naruto's growth in terms of abilities and power is well-paced; He is slowly growing stronger, but not too slow as to drag it out. I'm very pleased with how you have been handling Sakura, Tia, and the current Hokage's (can't remember his name off of the top of my head) personalities and handling of certain situations (such as the latter's handling of the information leak; I love how you did not give specifics towards the perpetrator's punishment and allow us to imagine said punishment). Of what little I've read, I absolutely LOVE how you've handled Anko's 'unique' personality; Her dialogue was, dare I say it, expertly written.

Only real problems I have are Sasuke's attitude and Naruto's lacking of the Shadow Clone ability; The former is understandable and the latter, while giving a fresh outlook to Naruto, takes away one of his signature moves.

Anyways, update soon and stay healthy on this Christmas Day!

yukon5 chapter 10 . 12/17/2012
I love this story. Actually I love most of your stories and I really hope that you will update them soon.
ImagineBreaker7 chapter 10 . 12/6/2012
This is a great story please update soon I can't wait to read more. P.S. do you plan to make this a harem fic if you do I hope you put Yugito in it
crimsongargoyle chapter 1 . 12/2/2012
great story i am salivating in anticipation. I hope you make Shards into a compleated fanfic, it would be a crime if it was anything less. And I am curious on how this fanfic will play out.
Reishin Amara chapter 10 . 11/30/2012
I dislike a passion.
The Man chapter 10 . 11/27/2012

I'll be watching.
TheViewer chapter 10 . 11/27/2012
great story please update soon
StrongGuy159 chapter 10 . 11/26/2012
Cool story continue please.
aprilliarsv chapter 10 . 11/18/2012
Great story so far. I really like the development of Tia, I can see she would be a difficult person to write, anyways, I hope you update soon.
aprilliarsv chapter 1 . 11/18/2012
I just finished the first chapter, and I thought it was really good. I really liked how you went more into detail about his stealing the scroll, gave a little insight that he isn't an idiot. On top of that, i'm not usually a fan of Crossovers, but this one seems like it will be good.
crimsongargoyle chapter 10 . 11/15/2012
for the love of chaos please continue? im on my hands and knees here!this shit is gold
HateOnMe73 chapter 1 . 11/13/2012
Zekuran chapter 10 . 10/27/2012
My old freind, Afghanistan sucks, and to relieve the monotony, update this glorious fic, I beg of you!
Kry Havick chapter 10 . 10/26/2012
cant wait for next chapter
Xager-the-Chaos-King chapter 10 . 10/20/2012
Hi, just reread this story yet again. This is too awesome a story to leave abandoned. Please update this soon, as I am curious as to what Zeta will do, and how Gai is involved.
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