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Horser01 chapter 25 . 2/4
For Pete's Sake! I've been hoping you'd update this forever, replaying it in my mind, and finally, I give in and decide to just reread it for my fix, and discover you *have* been updating all along, and I just haven't been getting the updates! I'm both furious and elated! Furious I've been missing out and elated there's more!

As for your question: What do you want to bet he wasn't really a bad blood at all? He just dared to stand up to the ones behind the corruption... *That's* why they're so scared he'll turn out like him, with taking the students and refusing to back down.
BrightQueen chapter 25 . 2/4
This is awesome. I wish you continue with this excellent story.
depi chapter 25 . 11/30/2015
please,please keep it going
KaityCameleon chapter 25 . 11/11/2015
I loved the chapter , it sort of had the layed back. quality to it. And may i add I loved sainja in this chapter. I have a feeling when he gets the chance he is going to find him a companion , at a market.
I can't help but wonder more about yeyinde's father. From what i have heard so far I have a feeling he is not the sort of bad blood we are use to.
I still get the feeling that most of the population will end up wanting Amelia as a Eldress. Any who keep up the good work.
Xantippa chapter 25 . 10/25/2015
Thank you so much for continuing this story pewpew, keep up the great work, it has been one of my favourites for a long time. I absolutely adore Raz'ha, he's such a good guy :) Yeyinde and the others are growing on me too, tickles me to see Yeyinde rile up Raz'ha's jealous streak :D Looking forward to seeing Amelia stir the pot with the elder and the rest of the clan. If it fits in the plot, could you maybe throw in a little bit of Cov'o too, would like to see him become another single yautja dad, I kind of like him... oh hell, I like them all! Would like to wrap myself around Raz'ha like a little boa constrictor before devouring him whole ;)
Sherryf79 chapter 25 . 10/23/2015
Great! I like seeing all interaction between everyone. I think it gives or makes the characters personality come through and gives insight to what they are thinking or changing there perspective about humans and themselves. Update soon, I hope!
CheebieBeebie chapter 25 . 10/22/2015
Very good chapter, I'm quite interested in hearing more of Yeyinde, he seems quite interested in Amelia ;D
callmeBaby'08 chapter 25 . 10/19/2015
I'm very pleased with the last 2 chapters. There is major character development happening with Amelia she has turned from bored artist into a major politician out of necessity. And the image works for her. I feel she is more involved now with the clan and this is gonna make for some interesting interactions with other yautja on the ship. Just like now lol I eagerly await the next chapter.
Lunarburst23 chapter 25 . 10/14/2015
Mek'ja was it? I think that's what his name was, Yeyinde's father right? Anyways if he was the one that taught Raz'ha and Yeyinde how to behave like this, it also stands to reason that he wasn't willing to ignore what he knew was wrong. It's the same way with them. I think that the females labeled him a bad blood because he knew what they were doing and didn't like it or agree with it. They wouldn't want him to start a rebellion and overthrow their rule, so I'm assuming that he was killed because of it. My question is, why is Yeyinde not allowed to feel anger? I assume that it has something to do with Mek'ja. Well not too long of a review this time! Thanks for the chapter!
SleepWriting chapter 25 . 10/12/2015
Ouch, Yeyinde's "what have you done" must have hurt Sain'ja, especially since he was almost tempted to do it but ultimately didn't. I can feel the sting!

I also like how you're starting to bring us closer to Sain'ja. Yeyinde was easy to like and his personality came across to us effortlessly, as if we'd always been familiar with him. But the other hunt brothers were always somewhat of a murky amorphous blob in my head; they were more 1D than anything; only there to fulfill a role. BUT, last chapter and, especially, this one does a good job of shaping and solidifying Sain'ja's personality into our minds. I particularly liked how it wasn't sudden (like "oh, I need to make this character more likable, let's have him play with baby animals!"), but that it actually builds onto the foundation you had already laid down (a couple chapters ago?), when they were eating supper in Raz'ha's quarters and Sain'ja showed interest in the pups. At the time, it was more of a vague passing thing for me ("ok, so he's interested in the dogs"). But now it kinda of all fits into the pieces of Sain'ja personality. And I love it.

"I think we will see this upset Raz'ha warned of" The wording of this sentence confused me even after several rereads. I only understood the meaning of it when I re-read the chapter, and only because I read the part where Raz'ha was referring to Amelia's panic attack as "the upset" (which came later in the chappie). (Did my sentence make sense? Or am I just confusing you? I think I'm confusing myself.) Anyways, maybe change the wording to something like "the human upset Raz'ha warned of" or something?

"It sounded as foreign as she looked with her flat face and blunt teeth." I like how you added this sentence in. Because as we are slowly getting to know the hunt brothers, we are also slowly going deeper and deeper into yautja culture. It kinda makes us forget the oomna/yautja differences. Oh sure, Amelia is a human. She's different. But Amelia(we) has(have) gotten used to the yautjas by now, so it's naturally assumed that the yautjas have also more or less gotten used to Amelia too. (Like meeting a new friend who comes from a different culture/religion/background; you're aware of your differences but you are also starting to see them and their face/appearance as something familiar). The fact that her flat face is still foreign kind of jolted me out of my "comfy friends" feels, and helped me see that the hunt brothers may not have achieved this stage yet. And you had also added, at the start of the chapter, that Amelia was still nervous when the hunt brothers entered their quarters for friendly encounters. That also helped me re-align the relationship dynamics in my head. (I think I thought they were closer than they are because Amelia seemed to have felt more or less comfortable alone with Yeyinde? She also seemed embarassed but ok with their light teasing about Raz'ha fighting for her mating rights a few chappies back?) Either way, from my understanding NOW: Anya trusts them more than unknown yautjas but still isn't all that comfortable with them yet. (But it looks like that's already changing too! since she seemed alright with Sain'ja?)

Also: the hounds! They all know! Which means it's going to be: word of the ooman helping everyone eat VS wanting to eat meat. With the way their clan is (lots of dishonorable things going on), I have a feeling it's going to be the latter winning out, sooner rather than later. Even with Hev'ja's connections/support.

And, of course, I enjoyed the scene with Raz'ha trying to stop Amelia's upset. He could read the signs but, as he stated, the others can't! :D Even most other humans probably can't without really knowing her! Another indication that their relationship is getting stronger! And his method worked! And Amelia is actively rerouting her thoughts (at least for now) because he asked her to. 3 Also: she DID know why Raz'ha hadn't fallen asleep yet! They are growing ever closer, and also slowly realizing it! I'm really loving them so much. :D :D :D :D

Amelia admitting to using similar tactics on Val'jek. :3 Makes me miss him, also helps us build a better image of what every day life was like with Val'jek, since we were unable to see much of it at the start of the story.

As for the past/backstory, I'm guessing that Yeyinde's dad was too honorable and found out something about the shenanigans of the previous corrupt priestess(es?). He then either wanted to expose the problem, which got him framed in some way. Or he wanted to protect his students and somehow had to cover it up (because they saw something they shouldn't have? Or he didn't want them to see something they shouldn't see. Because they were young, defenseless and easy pickings for someone of power who would want to get rid of them as evidence?), which then led him to be implicated in the whole corruption thing?

And yes, I can totally see Durnst as a male yautja version of Amelia. I get you! ;)

Welp. My reviews keep getting longer and longer. I'm just gonna stop now. You're awesome too! xD
AnythingFromTheTrolly chapter 25 . 10/12/2015
I loved this chapter so much. I'm really loving Yeyinde and Sain'ja. They're hilarious. I'm glad that we're getting to know them more. Yeyinde seems to be the joker of the group whereas Sain'ja seems to be the quiet observant one. Plus it's really cute that he likes the animals so much. It was adorable that he talked to them like they could reply last chapter and it's even more adorable that he was teasing Amelia's pets. He's such a gentle giant. I can really see him becoming fond of Amelia and petting her head and trying to take care of her because he seems fond of small creatures. He'd treat her like a pet and that would be so adorable. Now we need to get to know Mar'cte and Guan-Thewi. I hope they all develop a certain fondness for her. That way she'll have more friends and they can come visit her when she back with Val'jek. I kind of want all of them to go on a hunting trip in the future. Amelia seems to so isolated on the ships. She should explore a foreign planet with Val'jek and his friends and Raz'ha and his friends plus Cov'o and Mah'sic. That would be a nice group bonding.

I'm also loving that Yeyinde is constantly purring at Amelia especially considering that Raz'ha knows that she gets aroused by purring. He's probably going crazy over Yeyinde doing that to Amelia. I hope that Yeyinde is actually developing a crush on Amelia. That would be great. I love Yeyinde so much :D I really hope to see how that fight between Yeyinde and Raz'ha played out next chapter. I wonder what happened. I'm also kind of surprised that Amelia let Raz'ha fight Yeyinde. Normally she would be opposed to that sort of thing. Why would she let them fight each other?

I think I know who Raz'ha and Yeyinde's teacher was. It was Mek'ja right? Although, if I am right correct then I'm surprised that he was Yeyinde's father. Yeyinde didn't really remember Mek'ja with any fondness or seem to suggest he saw him as anything other than a disgraced member of their ship. But then again I suppose he probably wouldn't considering that Yautja society does not have affectionate father-offspring relationships. Also, is it weird that Yeyinde's father was also his teacher? I never considered that possibility and assumed that it wouldn't happen since the leaders might want to avoid favoritism.

I really loved that Raz'ha challenged Yeyinde in order to get into the class that he wanted. That sounds like Raz'ha and Yeyinde are practically best friends. It also makes sense considering Yeyinde said a few chapters back that when they were young, Raz'ha didn't let him fail and now Raz'ha reveals that they worked together in order to get into that class. That's kind of adorable. I want to know more things about Raz'ha's past. Why wouldn't he want to tell her more? Does having a bad blood teacher reflect badly on him? Or is there more to it? Amelia will probably squeeze it out of him like she did with Val'jek.

Please update soon. I can't wait to read the next chapter.
KarukMomma chapter 24 . 10/12/2015
OK I missed this chapter update and read 25 first. lol I love Amelia's negotiating skills coming out. I see so much potential in several of your supporting characters and hope to see more of them develop as your story moves along. Watch out all you greedy ration stealing Yautja's! Amelia's on it! Diplomacy and some crafty manipulations. I'm concerned about the mention of the Pup's and "chirnik". I'd like to see Amelia visit the nursery and maybe have a hand in helping there in some way and also some meeting or interaction with some females who may be getting shafted on rations also. Kind of like spreading the Amelia Experience to all areas and levels of Yautja on the ship.
KarukMomma chapter 25 . 10/12/2015
I just continue to love this story. Thank you so much for the update. :)
EmilyEverlasting chapter 25 . 10/12/2015
Yaaaaay the puppies lived! I'm so happy. I especially love how they all just kind of stuck around to make sure everything was okay. I also loved how Raz'ha is making sure her anxiety doesn't take over, it's pretty effective so far. She really does have to let her stresses out, hopefully she can. And geez, period on top of all that? Ouch.
1WhoLoves2ReadAlot chapter 25 . 10/11/2015
Awesome story! Love it! Great updates! Will she finally accept Raz'ha as her second mate?
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