Reviews for A white sport coat, and a pink carnation
Kimmy chapter 1 . 5/4/2010
Whew! Look at all these "My Bodyguard" fics! I love you and Marie for writing them, she doesn't take non-logged in replies so send her my love please.
Thanks for all the teen angst and friendship, and for reminding me why i loved the movie so much.
Erzsebeth Bathory chapter 1 . 4/25/2010
This story *so* made my day. The way you write these fics truly puts the reader right there with the characters, as if they're literally standing beside them. Ha, ha, Cliff's hair has been receiving harassment these days, hasn't it? Ricky's such a deep character and it really betrays his otherwise "frightening" image (though you and I know he's not scary). I like how you mentioned that he was excellent when it came to one subject but struggled in another, and how he mentioned his future of maybe working as a mechanic. I think that definitely suits someone like him. The mention of his parents, if they'd ever found out about what happened to their youngest son brought such tension. The conversation between Cliff and Ricky seem so natural, too. I can just keep going on how much I enjoyed this story and the building relationship between Ricky, Evie, and especially Cliff and Shelly. They make such adorable couples! I can definitely see some double dating going on in the very near future. Can't wait to see if/when the dance happens and how the other kids will react to Linderman actually appearing at such a function. Yeah, I wouldn't figure he would pay attention to such things, considering that the poor guy had a lot on his mind at the time. And dating, yeah, not on his things-to-do list when the memories of his past kept bugging him. Poor thing :( Wow, this review is getting very long-winded, so I'll stop, LOL. You know how much I appreciate such fine and well-crafted writing like yours. Please don't ever stop!