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myangelicladyofdarkness chapter 14 . 1/11/2014
i swear to god i have been crying on and off for the past couple hours reading the past few chapters and if you end this on a sad note i may just die.
Kimiko Heroux chapter 14 . 10/28/2013
Okay, as I read this several days ago, I honestly don't remember much of it, so I can't go analyzing its butt off like I usually do. And if I recall correctly, I wasn't originally going to go analytical anyway, as this one isn't as deep emotionally as, say, the chapter previous.

However, I do recall a few things that I'll address.
The thing I recall most vividly is Moroamon's instance with the radish. This really speaks to me on a really interesting level, given what had gone down in the previous chapter. In the last chapter, she was basically as far from faith in her redemption as [humanly] possible, but now here, she's testing just how far from humanity (is that the right word?) she truly is. In a way, not only is she conducting the test to see if she was gradually becoming more human, but if she would've cared less, she wouldn't have done it. So here, we see she cares about her identity, her life, her place in the world, and thus we can all bear witness to her extreme character development from Chapter 12 to 13. And thus we see she /wants/ to be human (and we also hear it when she mentions the desire later on).
And this humanity is becoming not just more evident by this, but also several instances in this chapter. One specific thing was in the end, how Moroamon acts with DemiVeemon. Not only does she smile, but she LAUGHS. For this story, this is huge. While laughter is presented as something both humans and Digimon, the idea is monumental when it comes to Moroamon. And what catches my attention is the phrase, "After regaining our normal breathing patterns" because of its implications. Not only did she laugh, but she laughed so hard that she couldn't breathe. And one thing about laughing that hard, you really have to be with good friends having a really good time. And...well, you get where I'm going with this.
Another thing (though it's not really analytic schtuff) is Cody's role in here. I really like how he took initiative when Moroamon was having problems, and I just really liked that part. It seemed you didn't have enough with him before, so it was good to see you gave the cute boi some love. :3

And finally...
Blanket-burritos. That speaks for itself. xD

UPDATE SOON, HON! (and sorry my review was so short and covered so little of the chapter!)
ultima-owner chapter 14 . 10/21/2013
the end will be a bittersweet thing, just as all endings are. No matter how long a thing last it stall has an end.
Titania.queen.of.fairys chapter 13 . 7/3/2013
It's getting more intresting.
Kimiko Heroux chapter 13 . 6/9/2013
It took me the entire day to get this read; I kept taking breaks in between sections to let it all sink in before I continued, and I'm really thankful I did because this was a really powerful chapter.

I think I was too drawn into my personal relations to the piece to be as analytical as I have been with previous chapters, but I'll do my best here. It was really weird that as I was reading this, on Tumblr I found a snippet of the Xros Wars manga of a scene where Nene is guilt-ridden of all of her wrongdoings and was close to dying, but against her protests, Kiriha wouldn't let her go and he said words that really fit, "Whether to forgive or not isn't decided by the person to be forgiven...!"
Just thought I'd throw that in because it was really ironic.

Well, the main thing I wished to address was the impact of the guys' dialogue in this section. Here is Moroamon, completely weighed down by the gravity of her guilt and nothing seems to convince her otherwise. Even Davis, her rock, cannot penetrate through her mindset. You can see clear development, but in the wrong direction. She sees the error of her ways, which at one point was what she needed to do as a priority, but rather than justify by deed, she believes there's no point in anything. Honestly, if I had been in the story, I probably would've smacked her for being such a dip (although that wouldn't have done really anything).
Anyway, you can see that she's sorta still herself when Davis is giving her the you're-still-good-under-it-all speech-thing because once he starts crying, you can just see that alarm go off in her head like, "Oh crap, he's crying. What do I do?" And his words make perfect sense from his mouth as well; he's the Digidestined of Miracles - he believes everyone has a pure heart and can make a change. That's just typical Davis; you see it with his experiences with Ken.
HOWEVER, it does please me that you didn't have it end right there. Yeah, sure, Davis is her world and whatnot, but he's not perfect. He can't solve every problem that goes on, and that's really important that you show that. In all of the chapters Moroamon plays him up to be saintly and angelic, and she really takes into consideration everything he says, which is why she developed as much as she has. But with such an ordeal, showing the humanness that Davis possesses gives that break from little illusion that's cooked up within her mind about him, which allows you to put more character perspective in there.
That perspective comes from none other than Taichi. Using Tai was a really good decision on your part; as Davis's sempai he has a higher standing and much more knowledge; it's like a step up the ladder. And you played him well in that aspect; he's the leader of the Chosen, so he's been around the block a few times and knows a thing or two about perseverance. I love how he comes off in this section; he's not afraid to play offensively and raise his voice, which you see Davis doesn't do because he's afraid of stepping on toes. Not Tai. No, Tai has many experiences to pull from and Moroamon knows it. And what's more, he was there to know the real Satu - he has an edge that not many other characters possess - and he really knows how to use it to his advantage. And you can witness how much more his words impact Moroamon than Davis's did; she fights back, but you can tell she knows he's right. What I found intriguing was after he'd spoken his piece, she retreated back UP into the tree - it's like a pedestal. She still holds her own opinion higher than anyone else's, but the impact of Tai's words still made her retreat. She was sinking down to his level to hear him out, but even after all he said, she still felt her own opinion was placed up higher.
And what's more, you truly release Tai's understanding of what it means to deal with guilt. He had plenty of chances to bear guilt when he led the Digidestined straight into danger. He's well-aware of how someone can cope with holding so much, and while he gives a really amazing speech on friendship, he ends with telling Moroamon she still has a choice. You can see how persuasive he was trying to be with how heartfelt his words were (I was totally rooting for him the entire time.), but he didn't just stop there. When it comes down to it, no matter how much he says, she still has a choice to make after all is said and done. He doesn't expect her to be convinced - he was merely giving food for thought with high hopes she'd spin upon it. And the reminder of how many lives she's touched positively adds to that; it's that little hint that there indeed were people out there that cared, despite all that she had done.

That's what brings me to Moroamon's ignorance. She believed that if she was dead, Davis would just "get over it over time". That reveals just how her Digimon life has changed her, and until this chapter, you really don't see too much into her grasp on dealing with emotion. Tai describes her old self as a kind, selfless girl of whom had presumably many friends. Just from that, you can see how far she's fallen. Friendship is a foreign object - she tosses the concepts of it around all the time, but her mind can't wrap around what it is exactly. Here, you get the shape of a circle. The top is her childhood self; the ideal, developed character. Eventually, she sloped her way down to the bottom with the need to be brought back up again. This is the story's goal; once she understands friendship and grasps it, she's back at the top again.
And you can see her journey too. Her guilt plays a large role within it. On her way down the slope, she'd have less and less guilt present, but now that she's becoming more human, the guilt builds up. The progress her human development is embedded well in this chapter. First off, is how she realizes that others feel her emotions; she realizes they have empathy and actually care how she's feeling (which is ironic because she's self-involved, only seeing others emotions, when really they're directly spurred from her without her realization), hence the section with DemiVeemon (a little heartwarming part in the midst of the angst). Second, is her crying. This, I feel is one of the most vital concepts introduced. It's so powerful because it's one of those things merely dismissed as being a result of being human and no one ever thinks anything of it, but here, it's taken onto an entirely new level. You don't ever see something without a heart cry; constantly throughout this chapter she makes the comparison between her and Kari as direct opposites, but the fact that she cries is evidence that they're not as far apart as she believes. And finally, is that entire end section. She's finally taken a stand; Gennai was used as that final little boost she needed (which I like that his dialogue wasn't quite as strong as Tai's, although with all of the similes and metaphors, you seemed to make Gennai as cryptic as hell), and now she's finally found where she was placed in that big circle. She's well on her way to the top, and she's pretty dang close to it now. Mending bonds with TK was also quite an important part, because they never started off with a good relationship and there really wasn't a much better way than saving TK's best friend.

Just by the end of this chapter, it almost feels like an arc of its own came to a close. While it was primarily all dialogue, it was all very dynamic and moving, which made it move quickly. The mood seemed to change a bit drastically from the first section to the next, but emotions were flaring and Moroamon's mind was constantly in motion. It was quite ideal that you focused heavily on her thoughts, rather than outward actions and descriptions, because that would've taken focus off just how important all of her ponderings were. Even though there was a lot of character influence, everything was still ultimately her decision and that's a really big thing to realize.

Sooo...yeah. This ended up being a lot longer than I was intending, but I had a lot to say. I feel like I'm forgetting something, but after writing so much, I really have no idea what it may be.
Hope this extra long review inspires you to update this faster! ;)

Kimiko Heroux chapter 12 . 4/15/2013
Kyaaa! So much awesome!

But before I get to that, there are other things I must point out! One, so many Frontier 'mons in this one! Primarily when Moroamon got to the saloon; I thought for sure it was gonna be Starmon like in 02, but dat's okay. Although about that saloon, it kinda piqued my interest because a lot of things were taken outta time. Saloons were way before jukeboxes; they had player pianos. And they didn't have booths; they just had tables and chairs and stools at the bar. But hey, it's the Digital World (and this is me being a nitpicker). There's lots of crazy stuff there.

A lil mistake I found was toward the end, where you talked about Gorillamon's death. In Frontier it would've gone to the Village of Beginnings, but in 02, it would've been Primary Village. Just a lil note for crazy otakus like myself.

Anyways, onto the chapter itself! Lots and lots of monologue, but it was all well and good because none of it was repetitive and there were no tangents. It fits with Moroamon because she's a bit of a thinker, so it's within reason. And all of your events were fitting to the context; there was no filler to deter the effects of the chapter, which is good in situations like these. It was a good development that she actually encountered Digimon instead of just meeting up with the Digidestined right off the bat, since it gave a good feel of the division of the feelings towards her, of how most hold her to her bad name and a very select few actually have the hope that she's good deep down.

This is what really speaks out above anything else in the chapter. The mixed feelings towards Moroamon are very symbolic and honestly echo the feelings that the Digidestined seemed to have towards her as well. And at the same time, while being symbolic, it's also very real. You're not afraid to speak out the complete and undeniable truth that she'll be hated by other characters, and just that fact alone reveals that she really does have to go to the real world and get the character development she needs. With the perceptions shown of the Digimon, the stage has to switch and flip to the one place where she still has a chance, which in essence, is the primary scene of her crimes. This is what is so important to the story, and through your monologues you have distinctly shown that her lamenting over the real world wouldn't replace the fact she has to go back there.

And it's a good thing that you've brought in the Digidestined to prove this to her. One of her flaws is her stubbornness; she made it clear that she wasn't gonna go back to the real world - not after what she did. But it's vital to the story that she does, and using the very people she hurt to bring her back to the scene of the crime (and the scene of her inevitable development) is so ironic and symbolic that there wouldn't have been any better choice. It just proves that she needs her friends so much more than she admits and she won't be able to untangle her life with theirs.

Kyaaa, I just love this story. I went all AP-analysis-y on its butt and blabbed on for a very long time. I hope you don't mind me tearing it apart and putting it under the microscope like this. I promise not EVERY review on this fic I give will be this long (and probably boring to read).
And I honestly would do more, since I have so much more to say, but I just spent the last half an hour just WRITING the review, and another half hour reading this, so I just took an hour to neglect my homework (ironically it was my AP being neglected - I should get credit for such an analysis).

So till next time! UPDATE SOON!
Kimiko Heroux chapter 11 . 1/29/2013
Bro. Whoa. (haha reminds me of the way Davis says 'whoa!'. I love that)

There was so much in this chapter that is worth noting that I probably won't be able to remember it all to give it its due mention, so to cover it all before going into detail, I'll say right now that there was NO dull moment!

First off, when you originally started this fic, I thought Moroamon's way of narrating was sorta weird-sounding, but now that it's all come full circle, I'm glad you used the style that you did. The way she perceives everything is perfect and gives for really vibrant imagery. The tone is amazing - your mood transitions can't be beat with their timing.

I really enjoyed the Digidestined's meeting. The character interaction was spot-on and the revealing of Moroamon's true identity was truly well-written. The way everything transitioned from the NYC crime scene, to Izzy's discovery, and tying off with Moroamon's little berzerker moment was believable with the combination of Moroamon's current feelings and thoughts. My favorite thing that Izzy pointed out was how it had rained ever since Moroamon showed up; I thought that was a really unique and symbolic event that was subtle enough that I didn't even realize it until Izzy brought it up.

And like I told you previously, I love how you illustrate Davis in this, especially in this chapter. You can see the normal Davis from canon strongly shining through, but you really emphasize the great amount that he values friendship. How you illuminate his eyes and smile and gracefulness with soccer is very...what's the word? intoxicating. It makes me crave some good 02 ;)

And now totally changing gears, the last section of Moroamon's confrontation with Devimon was well-worth the wait. The way you described it to me was nothing in comparison to how it really was written out in this amazing style. Again I love your imagery; this scene was so easy to imagine. Devimon's dialogue was very well suited to the situation and how it corresponded flawlessly with the peak of action made for a very memorable scene. I've seen fics where in action parts there is too much fight and no feelings/words or fics where there's too /much/ dialogue (*coughMINEcough*). You've obtained that happy medium :D

I really can't wait for the next chapter for this. Knowing how some of this all ends up in summary form isn't enough in comparison to the real fic. I'm really looking forward to the final chapter; I remember some of the things you mentioned to me about it and I just can't wait!

Soo...yeah, all of this said, PLEASE UPDATE SOON!

Kimiko Heroux chapter 10 . 11/20/2012
Dang, bro! This chapter had everything!
When I looked at my emails on the bus this morning and saw you updated, I knew I had to read, so I read some of it from my phone. The web page cut off when Davis and Moroamon got to Ken's place, so it must've known that I needed to wait to read the best part. Best for last, heehee.
As I said, this had a bit of everything. I love the eloquent style that you write Moroamon's monologue in and it really gives a good illustration of all of her thoughts and feelings. And that part with Strabimon-kyaa! There are no words! The way you put it together was flawless, absolutely flawless! The characters, the setting, everything! Oi, I'm pretty much dying here of awe!
Please update this soon, Toshi-chan! A favor for your bestie, ne?
Taeniaea chapter 9 . 7/30/2012
cool story
Kimiko Heroux chapter 9 . 7/30/2012
Yaaay! I've been nagging you to work on this and now you did! That makes me so happy!

I recalled you saying how Tai said, "That's our Izzy! Always asking the creepy people about their creepy lives!" and reading that in context made it even better :3

The image of a Mammothmon on rocketskates gave me a LOLWUT? moment. You're so good at pulling these strange similes out of thin air.

The ending was good. DemiVeemon waving at Moroamon was such a cute image :D

Nekofairy chapter 9 . 7/30/2012
Love! This story is amazing and I cannot wait for more. I really love Davis and Moroamon. I'm excited to see how the story progress's.
Nekofairy chapter 8 . 6/22/2012
I honestly love this story so much. It's so interesting. I cannot wait for more. Please update as soon as you can. One question though, why aren't they trying to find a way to turn Moroamon back into a human? I mean Davis should've brought up the idea at least shouldn't he?
Kimiko Heroux chapter 8 . 6/12/2012
Yes! Another chappie!

This one was sooo awesome! My favorite lines were during Moroamon's narration, "Back through the city. Back to that school. Back to Davis sitting in the rain on the grass, looking up at me like I was some kind of hero." It was just so intense and meaningful, because you used the word hero when that really wasn't what she was to him.

Reading this while listening to Only You Can Save Me by Darin Zanyar(that sexy babe) kept me glued the entire time. I happened to randomly select the song, but listening to it made me realize it really fits with this.

Please please keep it up! I wanna read more really soon!

Ajwf is a verb chapter 7 . 5/19/2012
It has been WAY too long since you uploaded. I almost feel the urge to smack you for making everyone wait for 6 months (Although it did make my day to see this story updated again after not having been on for a bit).

So, keep updating it. I was afraid it'd be another story on my alert list that would never go anywhere.
Kimiko Heroux chapter 7 . 4/3/2012
Yay chappie!

I liekz this one with the fire alarm and the spider. I CANNOT wait for the next chapter! Helping you plan it makes me anticipate its awesomeness~!

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