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purplepincushion chapter 22 . 5/17/2003
*giggling* Para! Para, look! ICE CREAM! ICE CREAM EVERYWHERE!

*hugs Nftnat* Thank you thank you thank you! Now get your butt back in there and finish!
beady chapter 21 . 5/10/2003
judjing by the last paragraph on this thing, i'd say you weren't finished. i refuse to give a decent review until there is an end to this story! I will stand here, yelling at you for everyone that hates being abandoned in the dust. this is why some people don't leave reviews... they're afraid of being dropped once the author has enough reviews to keep his/her confidence up. yeah... i'm rambling. my main point was that you're cruel. :)
BrianaLFBH chapter 1 . 4/25/2003
Well, Nfnat, I'd like to see the rest of this captivating story.

~Nervously glances side to side as sweat trickles down her forehead.~


Well, thank ya. Please update soon. Please? Uh, heh heh.

ChEwY chapter 4 . 3/6/2003
Hey, your story is really good and the plot is really origanl but I have one suggestion, your paragraphs are all bunched up and it makes it hard to read. You should alway's start a new paragraph after one person talks and another begins to speak. That way it's more organized and a whole lot more easier to read.
orphean aurora chapter 21 . 2/24/2003
I really can't explain how much I love this series. Others may find it dull the way it streches from the direct plot with seemingly meaningless details and conversations, but I think it brings it past the level of a tv show, and even closer to reality. I'm on the edge of my seat for the next enstallment. Thank you so much for writing such a high-quality story, the amount of research and thought you put into it really does show through. I am a loyal fan.

I also see nothing wrong with your portrayal of Lila. She is such a one-dementional character, that it is nice to see someone take her personality to a different level. Now, don't get me wrong, on the show I can't stand the little *coughcough*, but it is refreshing to see this take on her. Her coupling with Brainy is "ever so" cute, and your anecdote about her dream was nicely added.

Amazing story development, I just wish it would move faster! But that's only because I wish you could turn more of these awesome chapters out! I honestly can't remember if I've reviewed before or not, but if I haven't, I'll let you know I've been following your story from the start, and I am dying for the conclusion. :)

-a not so newbie to the HA! world

BLFBH chapter 1 . 2/21/2003
Nfnat, please come on back to this story.I can't wait much longer! You have over 200 reviews, what's stopping you? Please.

Your desperate fan:

~~Briana LFBH~~
purplepincushion chapter 21 . 1/6/2003


*falls over laughing*
zali chapter 21 . 11/23/2002
hey there again!

Phew! And i thought i was gonna melt!

I need to go to the freezer and collect myself.

You know, it strikes me as odd that a guy like you can write such a fascinating story... i especially love the part where helga and arnold have this sort of secret communication and knowledge about each other that nobody else knows about... not even their bestfrieds(except Phoebe).

I think it's kindda cool though...

Anyway, keep up the good work! And drink a lotta milk. It helps relax your brain if ever you get the mental block out.

c"_,)_)_)_)_)_)_)0o Peace!
humble chapter 21 . 11/12/2002
Wow. Things are really starting to come together. And it makes me sad cause it seems the fic might be over soon. Ahhh... its been a good looooong story, some chapters take me an hour or more to read. I love ST:TNG, Data is probably my favorite character, I didn't even notice I had made that reference, it came so naturally. Now, politics and religion, good show. I know you and I are probably on the opposite sides of both issues, but I found myself nodding, "yep", "yep", "definetely", over and over again. Brainy himself seemed to see all sides of the issue, to the point where it aggrivated him(I tend to do the same thing which was another thing I was nodding yes to). God or aliens, me and my friends always say ghosts or aliens, but its pretty close. Too bad I never listened to country, but I love picking out the references I do know. That's another thing that makes it enjoyable to read. "C.G." as god was hilarious, I bet that whole scene made a bunch of early adolescent feel pretty guilty. My only gripe is that in that general area of two sections (right before the alarm went off), a nerve was hit and I started to squirm a little, it was just a bit too far for my agnostic, liberal self. Luckily, the rest of the chapter made me forget it. The story is so well done, if you wrote yourself an original novel, I'm sure it would get published, I'd definetely buy it. I'm done, peace, love, and happiness.
J.T chapter 21 . 11/7/2002

Thanks again, Wow! I mean I didn't think I deserved such a response, honestly thanks for taking the time to do it. It is cool, when an author adds a personal touch. Wow, see I told you your story's great, of course you might've of forgoten me through all of the 223 reviews you've gotten! And just at this moment, it shows n0 signs of subsiding! I've never seen a story get so many reviews! Honestly though, where have you been? It's about time you put another chapter up! This is one of the few stories I actually enjoy reviewing, and the first I've done continually. Well, come back with another chapter soon! Arnold and Helga!
Sleather Chonkers chapter 21 . 11/4/2002
I'm estatic to see that you've finally updated. Ah , I have so much to say but it's difficult wording things is'nt it?

You have crafted an incredibally compelling and fascinating chapter. It was refreshing to see the history of Arnold and Helga from the perception of others. It was also particulary interesting when Lila confronted the tunnel of love with Brainy. When I saw that episode , I gave little thought to the damage Helga had inflicted on our two heroes. However , after veiwing Lila's pain when she acknowlages that Helga very nearly killed her my heart was filled with pain.

Lila and Brainy were also given new life in this chapter. I loved how you high lighted how completally different they are when it comes to their personalitys. Lila , optomistic about the nature of the world and Brainy bitter and cyncial. They are so completally different that one can't help but feel that they ARE perfect for one another.I also enjoyed how you heightened the onset of puberty , the shower incident was incredibally funny.I giggled non stop when Lila said

“Anything I can do to help?”

“Could you hit me in the face?”

“No.” she answered immediately.

“Could you hold my hands to keep me from hitting myself in the face?”

“All right.”

That got me giggling for quite a while , imagining poor Brainy trying to force himself not to hit himself when thinking about Lila. The training bra joke was also rather amusing. Have you noticed that every one is turning their reviews into these mini essays were they voice their opinions concerning the Helga and Arnold saga? damnit even I'm doing it!

Any way this was an enjoyable , comfortable chapter and I loved reading it because I've enjoyed what you've done with Lila and Brainy. I was particulary moved when you gave insight into the death of Lila's mother. I have much more to say , but I really should not , thank you for saying you get ideas from me.. that made me feel very flattered.
Lucretia Boresya chapter 1 . 11/3/2002
ok, i tried this before and it didnt work, cuz SOMEBODY broke the connecty thing on the computator... anyhoo, you have alot of talent. i love yer vocabulary. I love this whole story, you are so great, i hate you, but in a good way (i always hate people who are better than me, don feel bad .) anyhoo, i love it.

Yeah, you turned me into a Brainy fangirl! arg, and ive always despised those durn fangirls, but looka me, im one of them. You make him seem so sweet, i jest wanna huggle him to death! so it seems i have 4 favorites: Arnold, Helga, Brainy and Curly! hehehe.

oh, you make this story so saaad, people are crying all the time! IM crying all the time, well, while im reading this at least... heh... but im not complaining, i love it! YOU ARE THE GREATEST!

- me, doi, who else would i be?
lildreamer8 chapter 21 . 11/2/2002
Oh my gosh! This is so by far the BEST fic I've read so far, keep up the awesome work.
Stoned Carson chapter 21 . 11/2/2002
Ok. Wow. Just fininshed reading that whole thing, all 21 chapters. It took me a few days, but I did it. And enjoyed all of it so far. I wish I'd discovered this story sooner; it seemed I was missing out.

First of all, can I just say how nice and cool it is for you to appreciate every single review? It's so cool when the author appreciates its reviewers that much.

Now onto the story. Ya know, it's amazing what one can come up with from a little show called Hey Arnold. I keep telling people how deep it is and yet they do not believe me or think I'm crazy. But it's true. All the backstories to explain how things are on the show and what may have happened behind the scenes of certain episodes - that's just amazing. To put so much thought into it. I think the Brainy character is brilliant (no pun intended). See, in the back of my mind, I always knew there was more to him than just heavy breathing. And you elaborated on his life perfectly - the backstory for his family history was so incredible!

Now, I wouldn't consider myself a Lila hater so to speak, but, like most, I percieve her as a manipultive *****. The only time I ever felt sorry for her was the epidode in which she debuted. But your portrayal of her made me see her in a more positive light.

The story of Helga in itself is very interesting. The way you explained her suffering was heart-wrenching. I identify with her for that. I think it's great how you portrayed the Arnold/Helga relationship. I'm on the edge of my seat waiting to find out what happens. Please update soon! I really think this is one of the better stories I've read here. I know I say that a lot, but there is a lot of talent and creativity here. I hope those who have "it" really recognize that.
Paradoxal Reality chapter 21 . 11/1/2002
A couple of subtle Craig Bartlett/early Arnold short things in here, I see! (I love looking for these little sprigs of hidden meaning!) Ah, so you've been on the HA! board? I've hung out there a time or two, but sometimes get frustrated with some of the close-mindedness that goes on. *shakes head* Suggest Lila is *not* the anti-Christ and people are practically beating a path to your door to wring your neck!

Personally, I think that Craig *intended* for Lila to be a bit chafing in the beginning, and then progressively show her in a more friendly, less threatening light. What I mean is that the audience would be resentful of her at first, but then like Helga, discover gradually that she was a pretty decent, sincere person.

As you say, it's much easier to hold on to a familiar point of view than to challenge your own pre-conceptions, though. Most people never question their perspective, so their views tend to be stubbornly Picasso-like- bent to fit into two dimensions. Some things are familiar and recognizable, while others become opaque and are usually dismissed out of hand for being "meaningless".

Lol, the Arnold/Helga interaction towards the end reminds me of a song, I think the title is "Under My Umbrella"..? It's nice to see Arnold's group popping up here in the foreground again! You know, one thing that's always bothered me about the Cheese Festival boat ride is the way the water depth fluctuated so rapidly from deep enough for Arnold to dive into- to ankle-deep.. That just bugs the heck out of me whenever I see that one. *shakes head*

Interesting new sides to Brainy and Lila... and Helga, that are starting to pop up. I'd be willing to bet that Lila is going to have to exorcise some personal demons pretty soon. I have a funny feeling that things are going to take an unexpected twist really soon despite all the foreshadowing and planning going on...

I've been thinking about Miriam more and more lately. One thought that occured to me just recently is that perhaps she *does* perceive how much of a "puppet" Olga became due (partially) to the sufflocatory reward-based attention she and Bob showered on her. The way she says "Don't make the same mistake I did" gives me all sorts of ideas about what all she could mean there. I wonder if she subconsciously pushes Helga away as an attempt to force her to be her own person instead of performing constantly for a sense of belonging like her sister?

Or... I could just be reading WAY too much into this! ; Uh, anyway... *scans back up page* Dear heavens, I'm verbose this evening! Er, anyway...

A complex yet deceptively simple treat, as usual!
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