Reviews for Hunter's Guilt
DezoPenguin chapter 3 . 8/13/2010
A serious chapter (although enlivened a bit by Nei; she doesn't get much of a role in your stories, but she always makes me smile when she shows up). I think Rudo sees a lot of himself in Rolf-enough so that he's basically inviting Rolf to complete the comparison by the end, giving him the opportunity to step up and state that they have similar motivations for doing what they're doing. In any case, that's the impression I got.

Or perhaps it's more of a case that Rudo is looking for something sincere and meaningful to do, after he left the army, rather than chasing his tail doing ultimately pointless jobs as a hunter, ones that don't really solve anything and (like the Tiem job) spend more time emphasizing all the things going wrong with Motavia rather than actually fixing them, so he's more or less looking to Rolf for a statement saying, "Yes, these problems are endemic, the system itself is fouled up, and we're trying to do something better to solve it."

In any case, this was a good wrap-up to the story and well-suited in mood to the character and backstory. Four more to go...
GreatLight432 chapter 3 . 8/4/2010 know, I can't say anything different from what I've said before, and I really hate sounding like a broken record.:D

Again though, you keep me interested in this story(and your others) with the realistic elements(biggest example this chapter being Nei 'accosting' Rolf for his bag at the door...I can definitely see that in my mind). Of course, Rudo bitterly hanging onto his letter of dismissal, and his interaction with Nei and Rolf...

Well, there I go. Anyway, long story short(too late), you've done an excellent job. My question thus becomes: which origin story(along with Warming Up) are you planning on focusing on next?
DezoPenguin chapter 2 . 7/27/2010
Interesting take on the Teim situation, with her skill in battle bringing some logic to the question of how she was able to survive about in a place infested by the biomonsters that slaughtered the scoundrels who kidnapped her. I'd have appreciated getting to know her a little better, though, so we could see something of why she chose to basically bait her father into killing her, but that would likely have extended the whole North Bridge subplot to the end of Chapter 3 with the various dialogue necessary. Rudo's growing frustration with his inability to actually accomplish anything comes through well, so I'm looking forward to seeing what happens in the next chapter to help him transition into the calmer, more philosophical character you've shown in later stories in "Doctor, Doctor" and "Warming Up."
GreatLight432 chapter 2 . 7/26/2010
Greetings! It's your friendly, neighborhood reviewer!

Class S job as always! The little touches you continue to put in these stories is beautiful(Rudo's 'reactions' to Ryuka and Hinas), and I'm sure no one will complain about the change to the Darum incident...the way you played it out was MUCH more believable than what we got in the game.

Looking forward to more when you get them up!;)
GreatLight432 chapter 1 . 5/5/2010
Hah! Loved reading this fic. You really did a bang-up job of fleshing out the characters in one of the most bare-bones RPGs of the last few generations.

Nei strikes me as spot on for her youthful naivety, and Rudo and Rolf seem to be pretty accurate in their characterizations as well. The dialogue is definitely your strongest point, as I laughed more than once at Nei 'blabbing' info to Rudo about their mission.

Got more of your fics on my reading list, so expect a few more reviews for them.;)