Reviews for The Sun On The Horizon, Book Three, N'Has'y
Hannah Lynn McDonald chapter 11 . 9/6/2014
And as soon as I saw that second to last paragraph, my grin spread wide and I started crying again.

You have written this series marvelously, and I look forward to part 4!
Hannah Lynn McDonald chapter 10 . 9/6/2014
Something quick that I forgot to post earlier: I love reading Jackson's parts while traveling and living with his rescuers. I always thought it was so nice that Daniel fit in and found a place on Abydos - which is why I hated the beginning of the series. You've written this interaction perfectly. Thank you


"General Hammond here."

I just couldn't stop smiling, knowing that Daniel had at last gotten through - that he had to have been going home soon. Of course, then the gate shut down - but what's new.

*smiling and crying*

Perfect. Just perfect.
That ending was spectacular and well done.

"Greetings, Earthlings."

Bravo! *claps* Bravo.
Hannah Lynn McDonald chapter 1 . 9/6/2014
just a quick question, where do you get your names from?
mandy153 chapter 11 . 2/2/2013
My God what a brilliant story Please Please continue
Guest chapter 11 . 12/17/2012
What a place to leave off!
Guest chapter 11 . 12/16/2012
The ending was perfect! It totally caught me by surprise and I love it!
Crystalyte chapter 11 . 12/16/2012
Ha! I knew Jack wasn't gonna let Daniel go that easily! Great chapter! So glad to see everyone finally reunited.
Sandmiller chapter 10 . 12/16/2012
I'm so glad to see you've updated! I was afraid you abandoned the story, but I can see that it is not the case. And then suddenly the cliffhanger. How'd Jack get on the ship? All this will be explained in the next chapter, I hope? I'm really sad I've already reached the end of the chapter; I really wanted to read more!
hotshow chapter 11 . 12/16/2012
This story was very good. It looks like here is going to be more, which I'm sure will be as good as this one. Thank you.
bechershaker chapter 11 . 12/16/2012
A new update! Its like an early christmas present! I love your story and I'm always hoping for a quick update. Can't wait what happens next. What an evile twist for Daniel!
Merry x-mas from Germany
fantasdancer chapter 11 . 12/16/2012
Oh bliss! I was so hoping for something fantastic to read and here it is. Congratulations on finishing book 3 of this amazing epic. I'm more excited than ever about book 4 now that Jack and Daniel are both in Baa'l's ... um 'care'. Absolutely adore this story and i'm so glad to see that you haven't lost your interest in this story. I can't help asking when your going to post chapter 1 for book 4 even after reading this brilliant chapter. Really can't wait.
midsummernightdreamer chapter 11 . 12/15/2012
This is by far the most satisfying fanfiction I've ever read. I always love the new chapters, and the layers that they add to the storyline are engaging and well-crafted. Thank you so much for continuing it!
Eilidh17 chapter 11 . 12/15/2012
You did it again! Another perfect chapter, nicely rounded off with such a brilliant cliffhanger. So very Daniel to want to rescue those who have cared for him for so long, and yet so very Jack to march in at the end. I'd hate to be Ba'al about now, because Jack isn't one for showing the Goa'uld much in the way of mercy.

I'm so glad you've blessed us with another chapter! XXXXX
wendylee chapter 10 . 5/14/2012
I found this story on another site which had not been updated in a while. Was afraid it would never be completed then found it here. Thank you, great story, will be adding it to my alerts so I don't miss the next update.
lalachoa chapter 10 . 5/13/2012
Love the series so far! Finally, Daniel is going home :) Any more surprises?
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