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DarkSolaris57 chapter 67 . 9/14
After reading all 67 chapter so far I have to say harry is an a little snot. He is as bad as Dumbledore is with the greater good. Its always Harry's way or nothing. Tom is always suffering due to him and he could care less about his own brother. He says its from love, but it truly is not. Tom has to do what he wants every bloody time. Even their little deals with eachother always end in harrys favor in the end. Ultimately in the end when he is Antares he will be the insufferable Overlord who achieved all his goals. Everything has been stacked overwhelmingly in his favor. He will have his dreams overcome everyone elses because what he is doing is "right". I'm sorry for this pointless rant to you. I just find it unfair that he always wins when he should have lost. His failings and guilt are not enough t balance it out.
Anon chapter 67 . 8/18
This took me three days to read up to the update! Three days! Whereas a book of 300 pages takes me three hours! But anyways I am here for the slash, specifically tomarry, and I think Santi is a creep with his obsession for Harry, but understandable considering he and Harry are almost the same. And Harry is attracted to him (despite his milky eyes lol) since he saw santi grooming his hair possessively when he gazed into the mirror or Erised. Also the hella gay dream where Harry and the boys he finds attractive were riding pegasi LOLOL
And I find Kasmira a yandere but also female empowered, sadistic and I like how you make her still childish and immature with thinking herself above others. But despite her faults, and her own goals and motivations, I think she'll influence everything in the right tide - or rather, in Harry's favour one way or another. I love your writing and plot and ideas and omg I invested so much time please tell me you haven't abandoned this child or at least somewhere spill the beans and tell us all what you had planned and how it all wraps up unless Antares' arc is found on a separate link. Also man Harry upping Tom is amazing. Figuring out that Salazar and Godric are still alive - what a plot twist. Also you are so good with keeping me on the edge of my seat I seriously felt the tension and stress when Tom and Harry were arguing and Harry didn't get a chance to hear julien's warning. I love Julien, sweet lovely and broken, but anyways is he going to live or die now that Harry is interfering!? Also with Antares' birth that was hella disturbing when Tom transferred Harry's soul to the locket. Like that is messed up in so many ways no wonder why Antares kissed santi to dominate him - like basically toms twisted personality and actions influenced him to be even more cunning idk AHHHHH but anyways thank you for bestowing such a kickass story and also Alphard is so sweet and pure and I wanna see how it goes when narcissa brings Antares to meet him like how it would go hrrrrng
fish337 chapter 8 . 8/11
This story is so unique and clever it's such a pleasant change to most of the story's on this website don't get me wrong some story's are fab but some are not ...

Anyway what I love about this story is that Harry has his own personality and isn't a carbon copy of our beloved Tom Marvolo Riddle even if them story's are great your version is better by tenfolds, you have original chrictors with there own back story's and personality which is incredibly rare it has good vocab, original plot line (well as origanal as it can get for a fanfic) brilliant SPOCK and so much more love your wrighting - Charlie xoxo
Irl chapter 1 . 7/31
Don't worry i think she's alive
She updates her profile on february and she even has some stories in her favourite which were published recently
I'm really happy that you are alive ! And i hope you are well. I will wait patiently until your inspiration come back !
Love you and all your stories
wild-one08 chapter 67 . 7/28
What a horrible way to end the story lol . I can imagine where you were headed after having read this story for the 2nd time, and I will just have to be satisfied with my musings.. I have enjoyed all of your stories, even the death note one. I am saddend by your disappearance and hope that you have just left fanfiction behind and aren't dead. You have amazing talent for writing realistic characters and creating amazing scenes. Thank you for posting what you have of your amazing epic tales. I have enjoyed them all more than once and will alway hold out a small bit of hope that one day you'll post a conclusion, even in summary, that will let me know if my predictions are correct. :)
Guest chapter 67 . 6/29
the identity and fate of FirePhoenix8 is more intriguing and elusive then that of the legendary XXXbloodyrists666XXX
Random Lolz 74128 chapter 1 . 6/25
CANT WAIT TO READ! I LOVE Tom and Harry, the idea of them being brothers is AWESOME
guest chapter 67 . 6/21
Best depiction of Tom I ever saw. One of the best fanfic I ever read. This is the story that made me fall in love with Tom & Harry. But it's time to face the reality:

You have in your FAQ stated that you will let us know once you decided to abandon one of your stories. Just reminding you. Perhaps it's the time to admit it's over?

Sorry about being kinda cruel. Sorry. Have a nice day.
Fifi chapter 67 . 6/18
It's been almoat three years since the last update, but i still cannot get this fic out of my mind. Still waiting for an update, desperately.
Guest chapter 57 . 6/6
Damn you. I finally thought that I found a fanfic in which harry is with tom and stays strate. But noooo. Harry just thinks shagging is brother or his enemy is the best way to go.I wasted two days reading up to here, what a waste.!
ZoomStraightToTheMoon chapter 4 . 6/3
Bored of this. Harry is stupid but lovable, Tom is smart but an asshole. They mesh so well! I love how all the interactions are " Duh. Duh." blabbered Harry " Stop being a fool, Harry." Tom said doing his best Batman impersonation. Such character building.

This story had potential when you wrote that summary, but it died a sad and lonely death afterwards.
studentloss chapter 10 . 5/30
wow haha now i get were this is going. Antares is Harry,
Guest chapter 67 . 5/26
I'm actually so shattered that you haven't updated this in so long hahaha :'(
Mythological Stories chapter 67 . 5/19
Out of all the fanfics I've read, I think this will be my favorite,
I've finally managed to get to the end after binge-reading the past few days,

I used to skip over this fic when I saw it in others favorites but I clicked on it last week and I have never been more glad to have found a fanfic. I think partly, it's because the way you wrote made me feel for the characters where in other stories it would feel like nothing if they died, even the main characters. You had me laughing out loud with the bathroom scene with Alphard and Harry, scared when Tom turned around and said "I will kill you" to Harry, I felt like crying when I realized it was Julian's 25th birthday on that day.

The way you wrote made everything real. It made it real that it was a war, no glorification over it. The way you wrote Norway is the best example, how you didn't just gloss over it, didn't try to be vague, you went detailed to every extreme and every problem they faced, finding Hutchins how he was, loosing Tilly Toke, the group of Norwegian soldiers, finding the woman there, trying to make it back to Oslo, everything, it showed you the extremity of war, how it changed Harry's perspective on having Hutchins back,

I liked the more fluff parts, when he was with Alphard and the way Alphard acted (bathroom scene still makes me smile), the lake scene with Abraxas, potentially more with Tom,

I wonder how he would react if he found out they weren't related, if the thoughts he was having of Tom became more normal to him,

I know this hasn't been updated in a while, but that you haven't abandoned any fics, I think this will be the story I'll come back and reread always

Thank you so much for writing this
Guest chapter 67 . 5/9
I love this story so much. And I hate that you stopped writing it. Iam so angry right now. I hate the way I dont hate you. I want to be so angry at you! But how could I when you wrote the most beautiful story.I hope you do update it one day.
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