Reviews for A Magical Childhood
jaqmaq77 chapter 10 . 9/7
And another chapter ends with me having a big grin on my face... I do like your S Snape.
jaqmaq77 chapter 9 . 9/7
My favourite character will always be Tonks, Fleur, and Bellatrix... Partners had all three... He's not dead yet was great - and Wind Shear, Delenda Est? Dolem Amster? and of course, the wonderful Earl of the North - which for some reason makes me think of a Lee Marvin movie about a Hobo on a train? Ah... Emperor of the North?
jaqmaq77 chapter 8 . 9/7
A really good feel-good story... I don't think I've read many in the last 20 years that had me smile this much. I wrote one around 22, maybe 23 years ago, and because of cowardly 'Guest' reviews I never posted another... The annoyance at the time was that I was making a reasonable living from short stories and serials in quite a few magazines.
Reviews can really hurt... Got to say, I'm really enjoying this one - Oh, old age... 23 years? late 1990s... wow... I was in my 50s... so definitely more... how time flies. Can't even remember what name I was using... think I was on Dos 3.1... and playing games on a commodore 128...
TennysonPoet chapter 11 . 9/5
I would love to read more
TennysonPoet chapter 3 . 9/5
So dizzy became winky.
Millie072 chapter 7 . 7/5
Vernon is dead, what happened to Petunia and Dudley? Please don't let the little monster go to Marge. There would be no hope whatsoever for him. Sirius is recovering faster than expected. Not sure Harry should be reintroduced. Let him grow up in peace for at least a year.
Millie072 chapter 3 . 7/5
Remus was a truly faithful friend. NOT! He lived side by side with Sirius for7 years then shared family & friends with him for a few years after, but had no doubt Sirius was guilty of the crimes he was accused of. No questions, just complete acceptance. The old cliche applies. "With friends like these, who needs enemies"? Will Cobbler reach out to the Goblins? He must have access to some money simply to keep the household. Intriguing story.
CharmedArtist chapter 11 . 6/12
This was absolutely lovely. Thank you for sharing!
IAriannei chapter 11 . 5/31
This was a really great fic! I'm glad I found it.
rigger42 chapter 8 . 3/4
I don't get why he can't talk about the prophecy with the subject of it or guardian ...
rigger42 chapter 1 . 3/4
I'm viciously happy that the mundane authorities got involved and it became a big fuss right away.
lostxinxthexdarkness chapter 11 . 1/15
Absolutely phenomenal fic, keep up the great work!
Mando-Vet chapter 1 . 12/5/2022
Re-reading this, and I forgot how good it is. Hope you come back one day to finish it.
DuckRandom chapter 11 . 10/5/2022
Such a lovely story I hope you consider continuing with a sequel.
DiagonAli chapter 11 . 5/23/2022
really lovely story
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