Reviews for Group Therapy
ALICE IT'S RAINing chapter 1 . 8/27/2010
that was brilliant, hope you write more humor fics cause that was one of the funniest batman fics ever

Jen Rock chapter 1 . 6/6/2010
Very amusing. Crane should have remembered who was in the room with him when he joked about killing the potted plant but I guess the inamtes are all so caught up in their own insanities that they forget how insane their "neighbors" are as well. Love the messages on Crane's cast.
Sunflare2k5 chapter 1 . 4/28/2010
For being a professor, Crane can be really stupid sometimes... :) Never talk about hurting the plants while you're anywhere in range of Ivy!
DancingInSunlight chapter 1 . 4/27/2010
I love Pamela's outburst.

Have you ever read Ionesco's Foursome short play? It's known as Scene a quatre in French.
The repeated line, over and over, is...

Watch out for the potted plants!

Any relation?
mushi6618 chapter 1 . 4/27/2010
XD Oh, sh t she went there...

Wow, just wow! I love this. Jonny got beat up! Hahahahaha! Go Pam, and I love how you wrote Harley in this. I think you write the perfect Scarecrow. You know there aren't to many fics out there, actually I think this is the first, that shows what would happen if Pam found out about Jon's "murder". Nice to see you took the idea an ran with it! ;p

The Illegible chapter 1 . 4/26/2010
Oh wow. I laughed a LOT during this fic. XD First time was due to Jonny's suicidal declaration "Well, besides that stupid plotted plant", which only led to more cackling when I got to Pammy's reactions. Heck, I'm giggling just looking over that scene again for this review-from the point where she starts demanding why to poor Jonno's "G-get off, GET OFF OF ME YOU HYSTERICAL WOMAN!"...and of course I burst out laughing even worse at her response to getting shoved.

"You…" she began in a soft whisper, bordering on a hiss "TOUCHED me…" An eerie serene silence follow afterwards before it was broken by shrill laughter.

I was very, very loud. X3

And Pam's signature on Jon's cast was priceless too.

So lets see. Your dialogue is wonderful, I maintain what I said on deviantart about your comedic timing being fantastic, and everybody is in character. Stylistically this was a pretty strong piece too, though there were a couple of patches that felt wordy, adjective heavy, or awkwardly repetitive. It wasn't overwhelming by any means-you have a very strong narrative voice-but it did get a little bit distracting at times. The first line could work for an example on what I mean by wordiness:

"Pamela Isley, or better known as "Poison Ivy", was never fond of therapy or deep Freudian discussions of any sort… or anything that didn't have to do with her beloved plant life, for that matter."

The "of any sort" doesn't really add anything to the understanding or form-just feels like extra words to me. It also distracts from what looks like a very good, deliberate repetition of "or". When it come to repeating linking words like "or", "and", sometimes "with",'s important to keep them pretty tightly packed, or they lose strength. Blank OR Blank OR Blank, as opposed to Blank OR Blank(insert words)OR Blank. It is possible to play with this of course, but that's been my experience. ;

An example of what I mean regarding adjectives and awkward repetitions can be seen here:

His face had a baby face complexion that made it difficult for his oversized glasses to stay on the bridge of his cute button nose.

The "face had a baby face" bit sounded a wee bit redundant in my opinion, and actually might go back to wordiness. Shifting it to something more direct, connecting him personally to a baby face as opposed to his face having a given type of complexion, would reduce said wordiness and give more power to your writing overall. Adjective heaviness comes from the combination of "oversized glasses" and "cute button nose" in the same sentence. Nixing either the "oversized" or "cute button" would even the flow out-plus the clipped trait could always be referenced later on.

Another part that felt really strong, meanwhile, was this smidge here:

"Before Jonathan couldn't even continue his remark, Pamela had him straddled with her hand in a viselike grip around his throat, fingernails just shy of tickling his jugular vein…"

Loved the way you used tactile imagery in the last bit, it worked phenomenally!

And your concluding line was just perfect too. :-) Really looking forward to seeing what you turn out in the future!