Reviews for A Chance in Time
Proxima chapter 40 . 8/27
There are several grammar mistakes in this chapter.
Kushka chapter 42 . 8/26
Great story
GeekOfManyForms chapter 42 . 8/24
Wonderful story!
Guest chapter 42 . 8/17
i absolutely loved this story xx
Guest chapter 15 . 8/16
Technically she is twenty three now because in this chapter it says she was twenty two but apparently she was twenty two when she arrived in the past and her birthday was the same month as severus's and his birthday has long gone. So the is supposed to be twenty three.
ObsidianCobblestone chapter 20 . 8/12
Nevermind. I'm tired and I wish I could erase my reviews.
ObsidianCobblestone chapter 15 . 8/12
Also I just realized there was a rather snarky guest review before mine (that also coincidentally reviewed the chapter before mine) and just wanted to clarify that we are not related in any way. Even if I don't like a story, i would never be so lacking of manners.
ObsidianCobblestone chapter 13 . 8/12
I always love a good time travelling fic. Also I'm sorry for not leaving a longer review, but it's 4:00 am and you haven't updated this since 2010, so I doubt you'd care.
Guest chapter 12 . 8/2
This is a painful story to read. So very high school-ish. Yes, they’re in school but your writing them as if you’re in junior or senior high school. You tell more than show and honestly your story has basically already been done before and you brought nothing new to this trope. You and your beta miss all sorts of typos...grammar is learned in grade school...did you and your beta take passes the days that grammar was taught? You both cannot figure out possessive vs. plural. Yikes. Stay in school!
Guest chapter 11 . 8/2
Don’t leave the in a chapter. Just put a note at the beginning of the next one. Real authors don’t leav a chapter as an authors note. Sheesh.
elizabethrose1974 chapter 1 . 7/25
so beautiful! one of the best time travel stories I've ever read!
Guest chapter 6 . 6/21
I am enjoying this read so far, but I’m not sure I like the change that Snape hasn’t figured out the potions techniques by his seventh year... I mean, he noted them in his sixth year potions book... I was just hoping you would portray his love for potions to be a little more intuitive.
AnonAyame chapter 42 . 6/6
Loved reading this wonderful fic, you are a very talented writer~
JellyToastx chapter 42 . 5/28
I usually don't read time-turner fics, but I honestly do not regret reading a sentence of this. It has to be one of the most well done fics I've ever read! You've portrayed the characters very accurately, just like I imagine them to be like in my head. A beautiful story, that is now in my top-5-of-all-time. Thank you so much!
worleys91 chapter 42 . 4/24
wonderful story
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