Reviews for Revelations
Mitis Lumen chapter 1 . 11/2/2010
How have I not noticed this before? Hah, Jeff. I don't think I know his name until you mentioned it.

This is a nice blurb about our favorite time traveler(s). Not only did you get characters' style, you also managed to avoid the dreaded "Featureless Plane of Disembodied Conversation." That's when characters have conversation but the author seems to forget that they still have bodies, moving through space-time (this is why good authors usually put some actions in between the conversations, like "furrowed her eyebrows" or "The Doctor winced as Amy punched him in the arm").

Glad to see you're still writing.
D.D.B chapter 1 . 4/27/2010
"Well, maybe I don't want to be a kissogram until I'm 80!" What a terrific Amy line! And Amy marrying for money...I can actually see her doing this.

I have a feeling there's more to Amy' marriage story-line than meets the eye. Leave it to the Moff.

Cute fic and creative idea!