Reviews for Oma's Choice
raging fire storm chapter 41 . 7/28
awesome job. one question. what happened to the Harry and Chaya vs Anubis?
CCSakuraforever chapter 41 . 7/23
esta muy bueno el fics esta muy interesante mas los cambios en la historia más la ayuda contra los malos
Guest chapter 9 . 7/20
Since Flake is, in fact, Harry in animal form (and keeps at least part of his human mind), pairing him with Hedwig (who is an actual bird) would be considered beastiality and is both disgusting and very much illegal.
Kitsune Tora chapter 35 . 7/20
where is susan bones neice/daughter of amelia
madsloth chapter 6 . 7/12
pretty good story thus far, but I don't know if you really thought out the value of money here.

I think Harry's dinner at Toms cost 50 pounds. given as how I seem to recall the Weaseys eaten there at least once I highly doubt it cost that much.

Perhaps should have had it cost like 10 sickles no one is going to question that.
huntjd1 chapter 41 . 6/12
Your ending seemed rushed. I also dislike Harry's and his mates ending. As far as I am concerned the leaders of the ascended are guilty of aiding in countless trillions of murders. and should be utterly destroyed. your ending allows the evil ascended rulers to win by convicting Harry and his mate to endless battle with a evil partially ascended? How does that make sense? someone partially ascended equaling two fully ascended? I am sorry but I consider your ending to be an unlikely tragedy. Also I consider you an evil git to have the evil ascended rulers win.
Guest chapter 41 . 5/29
Amazing story thank you
Guest chapter 20 . 5/18
Harry is not good or pure in canon, he is plain stupid. He was supposed to be cunning enough to be sorted into Slytherin, but it seems that upon being sorted into Gryffindore, all cunning and intelligence left him. And Dumbledore seems to have been happy with that. After second year, Dumbledore said our choices define us, but instead of referring to something meaningful, he referred to the choice of Hogwarts house.

Actually the only one worthy of Slytherin is Dumbledore. He not only made Harry's life hell on earth, he managed to get Harry's respect for that. He manipulated Harry so that he would be willing to die. It seems for Dumbledore life was the current great adventure, and he didn't care for lives lost as long as the game was exciting and entertaining. Half the wizarding world was dead, Voldemort had almost won if not for some extremely unlikely circumstances? Who cares, it would have been boring to watch Harry if he had been better prepared.
JohnDopy chapter 40 . 5/16
Great story. My personal headcannon for the reason Harry can't use his metamorph abilities to change into another person/animal is because of the contracts he made. Spi cificly the one with a penalty of turning into what Harry would be like if given an ideal invironment at the Dursleys. his anamageious (I think I spelled that wrong) form is a special case as he took a chekhovs gun (Salazar potion) from chekhovs armory (room of whatever you want ever because reasons).
Guesswho chapter 16 . 4/28
I'm guessing that the ship is an Alkesh. Also, if he took the second gate then Sam and Jack would jump to that one in the episode where they originally get stuck in Antarctica.

So, he has the Ancient Gene. Okay. But the Ancients didn't call them ZPM's. The humans gave them that name. And I don't recall them ever finding writing on the walls of the Outpost. Just a thought.
Bearmauls chapter 32 . 4/27
Um, i think the people the Aschen conquered were significantly behind the Tollan on the tech scale. In the episode, they were kinda early 20th century. If you're anywhere near Tollan level, I don't think the Aschen would be all that impressive. A good trading partner, sure, but not the instantly-trust and accept gifts from type.
Dragon-Warrior-93 chapter 41 . 4/23
huh, that was a sudden and unexpected ending at least i can say it surprised me
Dr1zzy chapter 41 . 4/15
Great story not to fond of THE end
68phoenix chapter 41 . 4/11
good fic. I'm personally sad you didn't have fleur's reaction to the other fleur.
Umbra.Venator chapter 41 . 4/11
Awesome story, at first there were a few things that were iffy, but it but they didn't effect things all that much later on, personally I would like to see a sequel including the possibly the Ori or your Destiny Crew traveling to a new Galaxy :)
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