Reviews for Oma's Choice
SSSra chapter 41 . 9/29
great story i loved it even though there was a few spelling errors in some chapters perfectly readable
Guest chapter 41 . 9/23
I would have loved to see a short blurb or even an omake at the end of the story that has the real fleur going to the alteran academy and her reaction to the fleur that spans both galaxies.
Sefera chapter 41 . 9/19
Vary good, and nvm.
Sefera chapter 16 . 9/18
I'm really enjoying this story, and I'm favoriting it. But I feel the need to point out that the 'ancient' or Altaren power battery is actually called a Patencia, and the name ZPM has something to do with the SGC understanding it's use of energy derived from subspace, or zero point energy, but that they couldn't at the time read Altaren, and hadn't yet, at the time, found the Repository. I don't think, though, that that was known when this was written, so please don't take this as a snuff against you. I'm really enjoying you work. Just my inner geek making me type this.
suziq968 chapter 41 . 9/11
This was really fun to read. I don't know enough about stagnate to really understand the destiny thing and of course, I worry about Harry and Chaya, but all in all a fun read. Oh, you have one typo that is either a weird replacement or understanding issue. Several places where you mean to say ridiculous you have ridicule instead.
suziq968 chapter 37 . 9/10
Half speaking to a Dalek. Half would probably die but the Dalek would definitely have a migraine.
suziq968 chapter 32 . 9/10
Kinsey is an elk. I LOVE YOU!
suziq968 chapter 29 . 9/10
Thanks for Fel. Now I have more to read. So far his stuff is great, he should go indie if no one is smart enough to publish him.
suziq968 chapter 28 . 9/10
This is so much fun and you totally fixed the non existent plot hole.
Simianpower chapter 39 . 8/21
Suddenly super!Harry's worried about being high-handed? What about Jonas's people? He stole all of their weapons because he felt like it. He's the dictator of the galaxy, but won't just come out and admit it. Sure, it's a benevolent dictatorship, for now.
Simianpower chapter 37 . 8/21
Wait, people were complaining about this battle being too easy? And not the entire rest of the story? There hasn't been a single instance of conflict in the entire 37 chapters I've read so far. It's entertaining, but it's certainly not a story of conflict or tension. It's a fan-wank.
Simianpower chapter 29 . 8/21
Wow, the SGC is completely incompetent in your story. With super!Harry saving them from everything that they saved themselves from in SG1 canon, there's almost no purpose to the SGC except as strawmen for Harry to save. They never accomplish a single thing on their own. You should have made the enemies stronger to merit the assistance and provide at least a modicum of conflict.
Deathmvp chapter 41 . 8/20
outstanding work on the story and thank you for posting this story it was in enjoyment to read posted from phone
Simianpower chapter 16 . 8/19
Much like the magic, the gate, ZPM, chair, and DHD repair/setup was WAAAAAY too easy. Harry has a bachelor's degree from MIT (granted, impressive at 14, but still), yet Sam Carter in canon couldn't figure any of this out and she's WAAAAY better educated and smarter.

So, the story got better. It's still stupid, still ridiculous, but when you're expecting that it can also be sorta fun. Total fan-wank with no conflict at all, but not a badly written one.
Simianpower chapter 5 . 8/18
Your Harry truly is an idiot.

1) Vernon isn't smart enough to burn the note, which is proof of what actually happened.
2) If he got caught, with nobody else able to get into his "manor trunk" he's just condemned Hedwig to death. And Peter, but who cares about that?
3) For all he knows Madam Bones' monocle is charmed just like Mad-eye's mad eye or Dumbledore's glasses. That's the LAST lift he should have gotten on.
4) If he wants to avoid magical society the last place he should go is the Cauldron. Delaying a trip to the bank just increases chances of something going wrong with Dursley, so doing the bank trip immediately and then just getting a hotel room would be a lot safer.

Maybe Harry should have wished/contracted himself smarter, but I guess that would be tougher to write.
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