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sugar n spice 522 chapter 39 . 9/7/2004
wow that was a lot of letters from Ron, well i cant wait to see what happens next
esperastic chapter 26 . 8/30/2004
umm hello! ive been reading your fanfic. and its quite interesting, though it lacks in plot
precariously chapter 1 . 8/19/2004
Hi! I want to rec this fanfiction at a website I'm making. Just giving you a heads-up so you won't be freaked out if you see it posted. :) Email me at if you have a problem with this. Thanks!

Kou Shun'u chapter 38 . 7/28/2004
everytime i read a chapter and look at the number of reviews i cant help but wonder. it makes me question the state and quality of minds that read fanfics. i guess i should know better with reviews and works i have come across. i dont whether to pity my fellow beings, question society, or just marvel at the greatness of my self and those that have discovered and praise your works worth more than gold. its a source of credibility; if i see this work mentioned by someone i automatically trust their taste and judgement. how can i not?

im always astounded but how much detail goes into every line and space inbetween. the intricacy is truly phenominial.


st. james. a fellow i liked and was curious about since his appearence. what an interesting and loyal character he is. all that knowledge and trust that he has in his possession. and of course my want of grasping such things from him-make him all the more worthy indeed.

now that we see physically what keeps malfoy together, it brings further into light the importance of himself to voldemort and batwing and we still dont know the exact reason why. well, you do, i dont. and salazar's condition being crucial to it threw me for a bit of a loop. but wow st james- i guess really to all those characters with that sort of faith put into malfoy. its clearly obvious by the company that willingly is at his side-what how just a person he has to be and not to doubt all that other evidence that is thrown at you. oh and holy f-ck just look at how smart and resourceful malfoy is-its a shame he didnt pull it off. however it brings the hw apparations into open much more quicker which of course i cant wait for.

the more you write,the more there is to be with it, my dedication on this pilgrimage shall never waver.


but in other notes- i remember a certain memo with the previous chapter about there being a number of chapters fully finished and available in the span of two weeks..though the time of release was much more greater. im just hoping that whatever had fallen into you path is cleared for your well being.

thank you and please write more soon.
Gonzette chapter 38 . 7/22/2004
Ah...awesome story...I was stuck through all 38 chapters last night and this morning...when I should have *probably* been doing my English homework fneh...
heikaru chapter 38 . 7/20/2004
yep, i like how this story is going -.- its really really good. update soon :)
heikaru chapter 31 . 7/17/2004
i love how everyone fears him... its not that i'mpower mad, its just... kinda funny...and they way they fear him... its like "come on stand up to the little bludger!"
heikaru chapter 25 . 7/16/2004
i was wondering about the ginny/pansy thing.. i suspected that she was gay, and was infact gonna email you asking... oh yea i first started suspecting when pansy or "p" (pff like thats fooling anyone :P) sent "g" a letter with love signed at the bottom... i overlooked it for awhile, then it started nagging at me, but now i know!
heikaru chapter 11 . 7/15/2004
now, if i was in hermoine's situaition, i would be so frustrated and so mad, not because i like draco, but b/c... its just UGH they are the dumbest stupidest most idiotic beings to ever walk the earth, i mean come on you bastards! sugar in the stupid tea... i honestly dont know what i would have done, poor malfoy... stupid lunkards...
heikaru chapter 9 . 7/15/2004
that was funny, i'm not sure if it was supposed to be, but i just had to laugh. i mean duh why the hell did you hand it over, but he needs to give it back, if he was smart enough to save his reputaition by giving it back willingly, then.. things would go better for him, and i understand the bond thing with the elf, i bet he'd save her without a second thought... and usually in the other stories, draco is well built and shit like that, but this works good too, just as long as he's not like bakura from yugioh.. *mutters to herself* or...clay aikens.. if thats how you spell the little shits name... i feel sorry for draco, i mean all these ppl just... its frustrating realy how ppl can treat other ppl like that and as you can see i've gotten off topic to compare this story to my life, but i'll shut up mom says i can ramble pretty good but i always know when i'm rambling so its like...getting on ppls nerves without knowing it but knowing it... get it? well this is a long review... guess i'll go now, i like how this stories going... -.- (has realized that she spelled story's wrong) oh well...
heikaru chapter 5 . 7/14/2004
see class thats what you call being stubborn, now what is the best remedy for such servere casses?

*a student raises her hand*


Student- i nice big kick in the ass?

very good! now what if he doesn't take the hint?

*a boy raises his hand this time*


Boy student- then slap the shit out of him, and if hes still a prick, then set him afire

i see ya'll have done your homework! early dissmisal for all -.-
heikaru chapter 4 . 7/14/2004
my my...such tempers... yes they must be red heads *has read somewhere that says red heads are quick to anger* coughcoughroncoughcough... anyways.. draco shouldn't be treated like that regarded he is an idiot and i probably would have slapped the shit out of him in person rather then sending him an anonomous owl, i still think he deserves SOME understanding... damn me i think everyone has good inside them except for a certain...R...*glares ruefully* :) anyway i like this story
heikaru chapter 2 . 7/14/2004
damn woman...those are alot of letters ... . but i like this story! i didn't understand most of the stuff in the first chapter, but ;i like how you got into what hermoine does, how she got there and how Sibil got there. most of the books i read are like that, i admit it took me awhile to read b/c i dont like ron that much, but then thats better for me.. 38 chapters of good material -.- heh *realizes she's sucking up* well anyway, i like how the letter thing explained stuff without actually explaining stuff . very cool.
Sabrina Weasley chapter 38 . 7/11/2004
Hello! I think this is the longest fanfic I've ever read and I'm loving it. I can't see where it's going but I can tell is a great story.

Keep writing!
Elladora696 chapter 38 . 7/8/2004
I have read this story from top to bottom, scrutinised every chapter, re-read every sentence, and *sniff* I have only found one serious error. (Apart from a couple of mispelling in the heart of the tension)



e-error is...

*Blows nose loudly*

No more chapters dammit!Its not finished!Update damn you!

*Bursts into tears*

*Large polar bear waddles up*

Podge-the-polar-bear: "She just needs more chapters, it all we were asking..."
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