Reviews for Code Geass:Power of the Emperors
lemonlover95 chapter 10 . 11/25
Why did you stop the story? I really enjoy it.
Guest chapter 6 . 11/4
I don't know who raped Nunnally. All I know is that tonight's the night that bitches die
SEEKER452 chapter 10 . 10/18
Sweet fic love human size knightmare frame cool idea and find i find one here lelouch get some pussy even if it sister that cool
Fai's smile chapter 10 . 9/17
I think Suzaku x Nunally is great pauring ( and he is going to be so whipped); but I think that Nina x Euphie is better then them being Lelouch's.
Guest chapter 3 . 8/13
Plz continue
Ghost024 chapter 4 . 7/23
Super Genius Lelouch in super human body... Run for your life...
void242 chapter 10 . 7/21
please continue the story!
zachary2 chapter 6 . 7/13
Lol 2nd to last end note HAHAHAAH! Cornelia x Lelouch pls.
Biblio388 chapter 9 . 4/28
Definitely think the Euphy and Nina with Lelouch idea has merit. Nina is so obsessed with the princess that I don't think she would have any problem going with him if she could have her at the same time. The NxS pairing is an interesting idea but I would like to see Lelouch give him a really scary talking to before it occurs. That would be hilarious. This is a review response to the tenth chapter questions.
patrick the almighty observer chapter 10 . 4/1
This is an odd yet rather enjoyable story. I do wonder who else he will end up with. I vote Nunnally if only because the story is kind of heading there any way. Susaku can have Euphy since I rather like seeing them together. as for Nina if she can be broken of her racist beliefs then she could make a great addition if only as some one that Lelouch can tech talk to.
Silver crow chapter 10 . 4/1
Please for the love of God don't put nunnally with suzaku or euphy with suzaku have him be lonely in this world I'm sure he'll live with out a girlfriend instead please put euphy and Nina in the harem and as a very big request put nunnally in the harem she's already kissed him and hell it's not technically her brother so you can get away with it and that's it please add the three previously stated girls to the harem and please update soon

Also ps add a older Kaguya as well and leila and ayano from the exiled series please I know I'm practically begging and being a pain in the ass but I hope you consider adding them
nicfoto5 chapter 1 . 3/8
For all those suzaku haters out there suzaku is a great character and you know what it turns out he was right the whole time because Britannia does change from within the system because lelouch becomes emperor and changes it. Suzaku one of the best characters and I personally don't like the lelouch-euphy pairing because suzaku diserves euphy so stop hating on suzaku, and if you think he's a dick because he hates lelouch for killing euphy then think how would you feel if the most important person in the world to you was killed and the person who did it although they feel bad pretty much tells you to get over it because it was necesary for a rebellion. Also i feel like through the last few chapters you've been hinting at adding nunnally to lelouch's harem and if you think that would make the story more interesting then go for it because it's your story not ours but i could be mistaken, I just hope you continue the story
thecatleader chapter 10 . 3/7
This story is so great I don't know what to say other than why didn't I think of this?
Matsukaze Tenma chapter 10 . 3/1
This is truly very interesting to read; I'm quite surprised that Lelouch in the beginning of this story was mute...and then Naoto and the driver who were Kallen's older brother and friend respectively alive

I wonder if they will join Lelouch or will Lelouch tell them about what he had done in a parallel universe?
Chronostorm chapter 10 . 2/27
Well I suppose NunnallyxSuzaku is fine as long as she is the top cause I just don't like Suzaku that much lol I would put Euphy with Lelouch Nina I don't really mind I could think of others but its mostly pairings for the sake of it ouside of Cornelia who I could see that happen with lol well keep it up.
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