Reviews for The Great Big Blue Sky of Love
Vampire-Queen-Kazumi chapter 19 . 7/27
Ohh poor Nuts, but the poor lioness just wanted to bath you XD
LuffyLover27 chapter 30 . 7/15
Please make the sequel soon! I really love your writing!
HunnyBunny chapter 16 . 4/25
i hate it when spannar a girl... i prefer spannar and shoichi end up with tsunami also...
Rubymagez chapter 30 . 3/28
This is a good story though I'm still baffled at how Tsunami's going to handle all her guys hahaha :)
It's really romantic and it made me like the guardians' "loving side" even more.
More stories to come!
kksambo chapter 5 . 3/20
Love Hayato, that ever faithful cutie!
kksambo chapter 6 . 3/20
Aww! Love fem!Tsuna!
Guest chapter 6 . 3/20
I love this, so cute!
Undertheskys chapter 30 . 3/1
I LOVE IT. The story absolutely AMAZING. I could really feel that she loved each and everyone one her lovers. The action was great. Im looking forward to the sequel.
Undertheskys chapter 30 . 3/1
Hahaha Xanxus is right she got her self another one to add to her harem. Now the rest of the Shimon family now that Tsunami is a lover to all of them. Aww Enma isnt sure if he should like her pr not because she loves all her guardians. Poor Tsunami hurt cause of what Enma said, but shes not giving up just yet. Enma should know that Tsunami has a big heart, so of course theres room for him. Enma has accepted.
Undertheskys chapter 29 . 3/1
Im happy Enma believes in Tsunami not to betray him. Chrome has just found out Tsunami loves Enma and is willing to protect him for her. NOO TSUNAMI! She getting her bones smashed and broken. Enma know he loves her and hes now trying to save her. Giotto and Cozart saidthey honor that oath their will would become one and our flames will burn!" they have so much faith in their descendants. With her new ring a d power she and Enma can finally defeat Daemon. Poor Daemon at least he can rest in peace now.
Undertheskys chapter 28 . 3/1
Daamn Mukuro is very strong. Nooo Mukuro wants to destroy his finally has him whole again but now she has to lose him once more. Enma is so confused when Mukuro was talking to Tsunami. Yay their gonna work together to defeat Daemon.
Undertheskys chapter 27 . 3/1
Tsunami you can do it, you can save Enma. She kissed him to help him wake up. They saved him, her and Enma's relationship has been revealed to the guardians. Hehe Tsunami just added another one to her harem. Now they have to fight Daemon.
Undertheskys chapter 26 . 3/1
Damn Kyoya is good. Daemon Spade has just appeared. Least they know that Vongola guardians didnt kill Shimon Cozart.
Undertheskys chapter 25 . 3/1
Lambo switch with his future self. Yay Lambo beat him. It's Hayato's turn now. Hahaha Reborn has a camera and a microphone to catch what Shittopi said. Shittopi telling Hayato that Tsunami is a man eater and has relationships with other people besides him and Hayato's all like "yeah so, i already knew that" Hayato's confession was so sweet. Hayato totally kicked ass. Tsunami Nooo
Undertheskys chapter 24 . 3/1
They got their rings upgraded, and they got Vongola gear. The Vindice are at the island too. I hope they hurry and save Chrome and Tsunami. Show'em who boss guy. Come on Ryohei you can beat him. Oh dear, both got defeated now their getting taken away
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