Reviews for Sic Semper Tyrannis
Apakoha chapter 1 . 6/16/2010
So... This is what would have happened had Vossler's plan for Ashe to take the Empire's offer of "restoring" Dalmasca would have gone? It seems something like it. Very dark. It's pretty good, yo.
ElvenSailorGirl chapter 1 . 5/7/2010
This is absolutely lovely. There's something compelling about the way this is told in snippets, like there are things both better and worse hiding in the wings of what is happening to Ashe (though, I suspect very strongly that the latter are more prevalent).

Until the last line of the first section (and really until farther in than that) I thought that your Ashe was the one ordering the executions, which makes the last line confusing and resonating at the same time. I love that the ghost of Rasler does not approve of her silence (despite the fact that in game he in his ghost form seemed to want more death than any other character) and the description of Fran's song and its abrupt end is absolutely chilling. I find it strangely in character that Ashe, though guilty doesn't feel pressed to say anything, which was a surprise.

The introduction of Vayne in the second section (the Latin numbering is a nice touch as well, by the way) is so very ambiguous that at first I thought he was just another ghost, so when he actually can physically grasp the paper, it was shocking to me.

The dream is, to me, the most visceral section of this fic. The final line just makes it clear that Ashe is not what we know her to be, and her dreams are a punishment for that.

The beginning of the fourth section is a lovely duality, particularly in relation to end where is seems that Ffamran has died again as Balthier escapes. I really love the sadness that is in the dialogue here, the emotion makes the next section's beginning jar the reader, which is strangely positive here.

The ball to me is the only part that feels rather out of place. The end makes it cohesive, and particularly the line "She has dance with so many who seek to dangle her failure before her," makes it fully part of the downward spiral, but to me it seems to lack something.

The eighth section is so very frightening to me. That Ashe has so fallen apart that she's grasping at straws and no longer even trying to redeem herself (if, in this, she ever was, which I think is debatable) is frightening, because she is such an undeniably strong character. That she's lost and destroyed is a scary thing. That last line wraps it up perfectly and brings shivers down my spine.

So all in all, This is a great fic, and a great concept to boot. I don't know why you were unsure about it, because it's really quite lovely.
Trevor X chapter 1 . 5/6/2010
Well written weirdness. Glad it was AU... would have hated seeing things end like this in-game.
snappleducated chapter 1 . 5/3/2010