Reviews for Alisa III Chronicle: Sword and Knife
Vicious Pink chapter 4 . 4/6/2011
I like how you came up with a set of low-level mecha to make up for not having any in Rhys's generation. Hummers? Well, I think they work well with the names of the other robots series just fine, not not mention it just sounds military, too.

The opening battle scene was exciting, and I liked Sari pondering over the similarities between Laya's and Orakio's Laws. I also liked the conversation back at Dressos, and even though I'm well spoiled as to what, exactly, Lune is looking for, it's fun to read along and excitedly think, "Ooh, I know! I know!" Nothing like a good bit of dramatic irony. :)

Populating the rest of the Landen dome is something I would highly encourage in any PS3 fanfic, since the game is so empty, so I like your idea of villages and strongholds in the southern and western sections of Landen. I'm glad I'm reading this again. I needed some good Sari fic to brighten my day, and this is perfect!
Vicious Pink chapter 3 . 4/4/2011
This line: "Oh, and next time, when you hear furniture being knocked around, don't wait for me to invite you in." Haha, excellent, and so very Sari!

I think starting off with the Power Topaz is a clever and interesting way of introducing your story. The Power Topaz really was a bit of a mystery in the game, especially compared to the other jewels, which were more like keys. Didn't the pilot (old man/engineer/whoever) say something about the Power Topaz "proving their worth" and having ownership of it was why the group "earned the right" to learn the truth of their ship? I always got a kick out of that. The society of Alisa 3 isn't a merit-based culture, I take it. ;)
Vicious Pink chapter 2 . 3/21/2011
I have no idea why I never reviewed this, as I read it quite a while ago and it features my favorite Phantasy Star character, Sari. Fortunately not reviewing it the first time gave me a chance to reread it and enjoy it all over again. :)

Sari? Well, she's always awesome, but I enjoy your characterization of her and it seems to really fill in where the game didn't (I imagine she had a firm background in leadership and combat training, since the future of the entire Landen dome was something she was burdened with... eventually).

The story is excellent. It felt like a Brother Cadfael mystery to me (only with Phantasy Star magic). The supporting cast fits in nicely and "feels" like PS3, as if they were always there. Sari, as you mentioned at the end of the story, is wise beyond her years, but that makes sense to me, too. Finally, a female character from a fantasy fanfic with some brains! Great stuff!
GreatLight432 chapter 9 . 5/9/2010
This is poor, that I'm the first to review your fic. Anyway...

Great stories. They add a lot to the game (and it's SORELY needed). Don't mind your focus on Sari, and I fully agree with your thoughts...I've just gotten her in my umpteenth playthrough, and she STILL is a beast, as always!:D I do like your explanation as to why her battle sprite has her wielding two knives, but after the fight, she only has one.

And as a final note: Not sure if this is correct or not, but I'm probably one of the few who pronounced 'Ayn of Cille' as 'Eye-n of Silly', as opposed to what you mentioned in chapter 7.:)

Look forward to more! Any ideas on who you'll be doing a story on for the third gen?