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AngelOfMusic387 chapter 20 . 3/31/2009
Dammit, now you have me crying. Why did that have to happen? I mean, I'm sure you had a reason, but that was absolutely heartbreaking. I had prepared myself for Ryuuen dying, since you seen to be following the story pretty well. Heck, I had even prepared myself for Kishuku's family dying (though I'm really glad that they didn't). But Kishuku? I know there's a reason, but still...

I admit that a small part of me hopes that that reason is so that Miaka and Shun'u can get together. I always preferred them as a couple.

I will say that the ending scene, as heartbreaking as it was, was incredibly well done. There are no words to really describe it, other than to say that I almost felt what they were feeling. Oh, and that I was doing REALLY well at not crying until he hugged Shun'u.

I definitely look forward to reading the sequel.
AngelOfMusic387 chapter 10 . 3/28/2009
Good job matching the manga/anime while still adding your own twist to things. I laughed when Tama-neko said that he made Myoujuan stop and get cleaned p before he saw Shouka again. The fact that he changed in appearance that much in such a short amount of time never quite made sense to me in the anime.

And now to see what the other group of seishi is up to... Also, I'm eagerly awaiting Shun'u's reunion with his bandits.
AngelOfMusic387 chapter 7 . 3/28/2009
So Shunkaku and Koutoku weren't the twins that died. Of course they aren't. How could they summon Seiryuu if they were? That makes me feel better, at least. I really do like them.

Poor Chie. Who would do something like that to her and Doukun? I have a couple of suspicions, but I don't know for sure yet, so I won't say. I think that this chapter did a good job of illustrating how close the seishi/ketsu bond really is.

I'm enjoying that each ketsu's personality is so complimentary to their seishi's personality, each one strengthening the other's weaknesses. They really do seem to be soulmates in every sense of the word.

In case you haven't noticed, I tend to review as I read, even though I could potentially read the whole story and leave one review at the end. But I like this way better. Pretend that I was reading and reviewing as you updated.

Oh, and as a random side note, I like the fact that you made it so that their seishi names weren't synonymous with their real names. It's definitely helping me learn their real names better.
AngelOfMusic387 chapter 5 . 3/27/2009
So my theory is that they killed Koutaku and Shunkaku (Amiboshi and Suboshi), which is sad, because I really like the two of them. But then again, I could be wrong. *hopes* Oh well. I suppose I'll find out soon enough. That's the benefits of finding a great story that is already finished - I don't need to wait for updates. :D
AngelOfMusic387 chapter 1 . 3/26/2009
I think that I'm going to like this story a lot. It's a great idea to have animals bonded to each seishi. I love animals, and to have them be such a prominent part of their human's life is definitely good. I also like your idea about there being many seishi of each constellation. It's an interesting idea, and I can't wait to read more.
Purple Mouse chapter 20 . 1/24/2005
Amazing chapter, Kris - it takes talent to shift between comic and tragic without making the story seem bipolar, and you pull this off beautifully.

I was surprised to hear from "Zen Ryuen" that this was the last chapter in the story - what a way to end! I mean, I obviously knew you were going to continue, but the summer can't come soon enough. I guess it's like the original series - it's been a while since I watched the episodes containing the events of this chapter, but the murder of the Sou family is one of the first episodes of the second season, right? So your first "season" is over. And, like I've said before, this will completely change everything in the story from now on, even more than the ketsu or your revamping of the plot. For one thing, it might be less sappy than the original (which wouldn't take much, I guess: "Miaka!" "Tamahome!"). For another thing, having one of their own die so early will leave them with a completely different mentality when they set out for Hokkan; in the series, despite the death of Tamahome's family, everyone still seemed convinced of at least the seishi's apparent "immortality".

I still think it's dashed inconvenient for the seishi and ketsu to be bonded to each other so deeply, because when you think about it (and like you've demonstrated only too well in this last chapter), each seishi is only half as safe as he was before. Two chances to die, two chances to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. I haven't gone back through the story to look up exactly why this is, but I seem to recall it having something to do with one or the other going mad if their "other half" was torn from them - it would be really interesting if the bonding malfunctioned and the characters were left with a seishi or ketsu slipping into insanity. But I'll wait to see what happens. _

Anyway, brilliant job, heartbreaking chapter - I love how your Miaka is less ditzy than the canon Miaka, and I especially loved the way you captured Shun'u's reaction to Kishuku's death. I haven't listened to the song yet, but judging from Roku's review, I might drown in my own tears if I did - all the same, I might beg a copy off of you sometime so I can have an even better sense of the "mood."

Good luck with school, hope to see ya sometime soon! _
Alcarion chapter 20 . 1/23/2005
*blinks*...*blinks*...omg, you killed Kishuku...Wow...i love this story. You really are a wonderful author, you do the most unexpected things...i love it!.. This almost had me in tears, and i don't cry easily. You mean i have to wait until summer for this to continue...! that sucks but OH MY GOD YOU KILLED KISHUKU!you're not gonna kill all the ones who didn't die in the series in you fic are you? cos that'd mean you'd be killing 2 of my 3 favorite charcters...damn...oh i loved this...please, write more!
Windborn chapter 20 . 1/21/2005
*blinks* Good gods... Fantastically written, as always - I only wish I wasn't in such a hurry tonight, and had more time to let the emotions sink in. Drastic departure from the storyline, which was a surprise, since you've kept fairly close to it up 'til now. Still, very, very well done. Succinct in the farewells, without losing any of the emotions. Your writing paints a very realistic picture for the reader. Well done, and I look forward to the sequal. *goes away to cry*
nashie-chan chapter 20 . 1/19/2005
*sits in stunned silence* I don't know what to say. This has turned into a freakin' Greek tragedy. And I told myself that I wasn't going to cry...

...wait a second, Tamahome is gone? But...storyline...unable to compute...oi vay...
Shunyata Ryuen chapter 20 . 1/18/2005 would think, having read this chapter before and edited the hell out of it, it wouldn't pack as much of an emotional punch. Not so, as evidenced by the embarrassing pile of soggy tissues sitting next to my desk. :P I knew what was coming, I was prepared for it...and yet the way you portrayed it still hit into me like a blow.

Briefly, some of my favorite parts of this chapter:

(1) Shun'u suggesting that Kishuku is just tired after the fight, and Kishiku responding simply by closing his eyes. Excellent writing there-not only is Shun'u heartbreaking in his denial, but "Kishiku closed his eyes" is one of those great, succinct phrases that nevertheless gets across -everything- that it needs to.

(2) Houjun's farewell. Not only is it beautifully written, but it's spot-on character-wise. It feels right, and again there's that economy of words that nevertheless has the power to just...clench the heart. Excellent work.

(3) Shun'u's farewell. Quite a contrast to Houjun's, filled with anger and betrayal, Shun'u's farewell is wrenching in its blunt, emotional honesty.

(4) Ryuuen's line: "I hope the next world loves you as much as this world did." Man, that one really got me.

But you know, my favorite part of all...

(5) Miaka. We discussed this a bit when we were going over this chapter at the mini-SSO, but everyone else goes into the farewell scene looking for comfort moreso than offering it, and so there's a feeling of "I'm being strong for everyone else." But with Miaka, finally, he can let go, be vulnerable, ask for help and let himself be comforted. This is so perfectly described in the line, "He loved his brothers, but he trusted her."

Man, did you do that scene right. That last scene is beautiful, aching, and just...perfect. I can't imagine a more effective way to end this chapter-or the story. And that, by the way, is a surprise. Keepin' secrets, eh, Kris? _~ Well, in any case, I'll be looking forward to the next installment, and until then, take a good look at all you've accomplished here, what levels of emotion and love you've managed to portray, and give yourself a great big Nuriko-worthy pat on the back. Ya done good. _
roku kyu chapter 20 . 1/17/2005
You know, I have been trying for hours to get to this chapter, being consumed with excitement when I saw that you had finally posted it-but our beloved site has been playing hide-and-seek with Chapter 20 all friggin' day!

And now...well, I'm trying to find the words to describe what I'm feeling. Grief, shock at your last note, and an overall sense of awe at how masterfully you pulled off this very difficult and painful conclusion to one of my all-time favorite stories.

This chapter showcases all of your incredible growth as a writer from the time when you first enchanted me over two years ago with the inaugural chapter. The beginning of this chapter was traumatic and poignant; the middle, with the dark plots of Ayuru and Shunkaku, tense and filled with foreboding; the action sequences breathtakingly vivid and realistic; and the ending-well, it was nothing short of brilliant in its heartbreaking intensity.

I can hardly believe it...and I'm still overtaken with grief at the loss of one of my favorite FY characters-yes, he is, so don't give me that look! Oh, and your choice of music; damn, now I'm gonna cry every time I hear that song!

Most of all, I'm going to miss BS&G very much-its sterling quality always made it a shining star on the Fushigi Yuugi main page. It's going to be a very long time till summer and the advent of the sequel-but I know that you'll make it worth the wait.

Thank you for gifting us with this work of art-and most of all, thank you for taking time out of your frantically busy life and crucial school year to keep us faithful fans enthralled.

Luck, Love, and a Fanfiction-Supporting Boss this summer!

Ja ne!


P.S. Oh, and the gods protect you from savagely blunt editors as well! :P
roku kyu chapter 19 . 12/19/2004
Sigh. Life has been fractal lately, but it's always a comfort to turn to good fanfiction-and of course, this story is one of the best.

You paint a wonderfully vivid picture of the summoning ceremony; one can almost smell the incense! I also like the incorporation of the ketsu 'prayers.' Perhaps my favorite touch here is the snapshot of what is concurrently going on in Konan-the ketsu killer invoking a definite chill.

The disastrous summoning was suspenseful and action-packed; I especially liked the contrast with the canon series in Koutoku's flute being their salvation instead of their downfall. Your Taiitsukun is also wonderfully in character, being unjustly critical of their misinterpretation of deliberately cryptic instructions (Babaa!) alternating with her helpful advice and gifts. That task, though, seems almost incredibly daunting; how does one convince another country to give up one of their wishes as a gift?

Now as for the Miaka/Kishuku scene: it has many good points, being almost painfully realistic in her approach and his rejection. The one thing that doesn't sit well with me is the timing: I mean, knowing what she knows, including the, ahem, virgin clause, why would she approach him now? Even if he said yes, wouldn't that open the canonical can of worms? There may be some other reason that isn't clear to me right now, but at this moment, my critique is Good emotion, strange plot-logic.

Ah, this is getting long,and as you know, I have another task that awaits me. I'll finish up by saying that I enjoyed the subtle sadness of the parting of Shun'h and Sute, the political ramifications of the failed summoning, the description of the Star-Gazing Festival-and of course, the shocking plot twist at the end.

I usually end by harassing you about another chapter, but...we both know that the delay is not your fault this time. Damn slacker beta-readers! But rest assured that I have dealt with all family and work-related complications for the time being, and I am getting to work on it Right NOW! Hope to send you stuff by tonight.

Ja ne!
Kimirei chapter 19 . 9/25/2004
*clap clap clap*

Oh my god...this story is real good! Please don't stop writing this ok? The url to your story has been sitting in my computer since don't-know-when, and your latest 2 chapters has made me look forward again to another chapter from you! )
Firnnoviel chapter 19 . 8/21/2004
OMG! (i realized that i haven't really been reviewing your story.;; sorry) BUT IT'S SO GOOD! and that last part's just sad !_! keep it up, i always luv readiny you stuff .
Shunyata Ryuen chapter 19 . 8/13/2004
Again, I must say how much I love the "twist" at the end of this chapter; jarring and shocking, it's nevertheless a perfect and satisfying resolution to the mystery of just what Taiitsu-kun told Miaka. The seishi are, as ever, immensely in-character, exhibiting both the growing closeness of their bonds to each other and their own individual personalities-and your dialogue is excellent. Oh, and I think the changes you've enacted since the SSO are working VERY well, although I did notice one typo (Faster than he would have expected it, Miaka jumped up and darting out of the room.) ...but while it's my duty to point out such things _~, I barely even noticed it the first time I read through this, as I was so caught up in the emotions of the scene. So...bravo. Excellent work, and I'll be VERY interested to see where all of this is going-not to mention how closely you'll be paralleling the series. Keep up the lovely work. KAMIKAZE ROKU-TACHI!
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