Reviews for Wanted: Perfect Mommy Candidate
samira vangola chapter 11 . 7/3
Nella Moonblood Royalle chapter 11 . 7/2
Oh ma globe this is such an AWESOME fic!
Really hope u wud continue this in d near future...ganbatte nee
Cant wait for d sasunaru moments x)
Imperitrici Vicssitudinis chapter 11 . 6/29
Thanks for the story. Please don't abandon it it's really a nice story. I hope whoever hurt Naruto gets their ass kicked by Sasuke. Thanks for such a cute Itachi (no red eyes either ne?). Good luck trying to get back on the writing train as it seems you haven't done so for a while (it's okay though). Thanks and please update soon.
Guest chapter 11 . 6/22
Really well put together. Too bad your not finishing it. I really enjoyed it...
alesfan chapter 11 . 6/13
Hello, l just wanted to say that I enjoyed reading your story. Its really cute, sad, and intresting. Little Itachi is so adorable, looking forward to Sasukes and Narutos development. Although, I got to ch 11 and relized that their were no more updates I'm still exited to read the next update and well... im going to be looking forword to the future and hope for the continuation of your sory. :)
Save Me From Candy chapter 11 . 6/11
Omg! This is so cute. Are you planning on continuing it?
jupimako chapter 11 . 5/28
That was such a fun story! I wish there was more. Thanks :D.
Asalea chapter 11 . 5/16
lovely story, thanks for sharing. I hope to see more one day!
Solo16 chapter 11 . 5/4
More please?!
Ai no Maneshi chapter 11 . 4/15
I wish Naruto would allow Itachi to call him Mommy.
Guest chapter 11 . 4/14
WhiteLadyBelladonna chapter 11 . 2/9
Will you be completing this story in the future? I hope so. I liked reading the story and hope that you will continue working on it.
mochilera chapter 11 . 12/14/2014
una historia muy linda :)
WolfieLiz chapter 11 . 12/8/2014
im anxious to se the next chapter!
bAbeonline chapter 11 . 11/18/2014
its 2014 plz update...i really want to where this story is going.
bu this i will be happy of u only update this once a year but plz update!
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